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#NWTW 57 – How Do I Describe Carbonic Maceration?

When I found out that Fermentation had won the vote this week I was bit stuck to begin with. Every alcoholic drink at some point goes through some form of fermentation, so… 279 more words


#NWTW 57 – F is for Fermentation

Fermentation has only gone and blood won it! That last minute electioneering from Wine By Ari has sealed the deal and it’s your pick for week 57. 146 more words


Mahler Symphony No. 4 in Berlin (1956)

Mahler Symphony No. 4
Elfriede Trötschel, soprano
Berlin RIAS-Sinfonie-Orchester
02/12/1956, Berlin

Beethoven Overtures
Prometheus (05/31/1960)
Egmont (06/02/1960)
Philharmonia Orchestra

WSET Studies #6 – Preparing for Your First Tasting Exam

So I managed to pass Level 2 well enough, so before I got out of the hang of it, I thought I’d sign up straight away for the Level 3 course… 230 more words


#NWTW 57 – What Could F Be For?

A lovely time on the wines last week, maybe not so much in the shops buying the food. Will have to remember that for this week. 86 more words


-- #NWTW 56 -- What We Thought Of English Still Wine Week

Is it annoying if I start this post off with a quick rant? I was in the middle of a town just 50 miles from the North Sea coast and it was… 385 more words



Gestern hatten wir total tollen Champagner.

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