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Yonah Mountain Winery

One of the closer wineries to the Atlanta area, but definitely not lacking quality, is Yonah Mountain Winery. The Georgia mountains are not only picturesque, but known for their wine. 167 more words


Should parents let their kids have a go at wine?

There’s been a few bits and pieces in the UK press recently about parents allowing their kids to drink alcohol with them at an earlier age than 18… 308 more words


What’s The Point Of Alcohol Free Wine?

I feel like I need to be apologetic as I start this. This isn’t going to be some balanced “well, on the plus side” kind of piece. 375 more words


Getting Slowly Back Into Beer

As I don’t have any bricks and mortar yet with 20h33, I’m doing farmers markets and drinks markets at the weekend to supplement the wine dinners I do at different restaurants round London during the weeks. 318 more words


The Booze 4

I’m in training at the minute to run the Marathon du Médoc. It’s a full marathon, so 42km, through the vineyards of the Médoc in Bordeaux. 255 more words


Working Together From The Get Go

One of the most striking things about this Vineyard Olympics that I went to in the week was that it happened at all. The atmosphere between the vineyards was fantastic. 353 more words


The Vineyard Olympics

I get pretty lucky to get invited these days to some pretty cool events. Following my trip to Hambledon in Hampshire a few weeks back… 332 more words