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The Dirtiest Word At The Wine Shows

I’ve been doing this blog for a couple of years now and still enjoy writing it. Lucky that, isn’t it? I started it off as just something to do to stop me losing the plot entirely at the end of my old career, but as time went on I felt a bit more into it as something I do. 274 more words


Bigging It Up In Bordeaux – The Intro

A few weeks back I trooped off to Bordeaux to enjoy my prize for winning the Millesima Blog Awards. I flew out for the 6 days of Primeur Week to have what turned out to be an incredible experience put together by the fine folks at… 321 more words


Remystifying The Demystified

I saw an interesting article yesterday written by one of the UK’s most respected wine writers. Victoria Moore was writing in the Telegraph about whether it’s really a good thing we’ve got all these writers and bloggers trying to demystify wine. 259 more words


Massive Congratulations (You Jammy B@stard!)

It’s finally time to reveal the winner of the Lazenne WineCheck competition. It took us a while to organize a good time to deliver, but now he’s got them we can reveal that… 72 more words


Natchez Hills Winery

Natchez Hills Winery is another Nashville area winery, located off of I-24, making it another ideal stopping point along our way from Atlanta to St. Louis. 140 more words


Marathon Training With A Difference

I’m one of those people that needs a challenge set otherwise will power alone sometimes falls a bit short. And never more so than with my exercising. 213 more words


We’re With You Bones!

Just saw an article in the week about a mosaic they’ve uncovered in Turkey. It’s apparently from some rich fella’s dining room over 2,ooo years ago. 170 more words