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New Wine This Week 60: The Verdict on IGT Week

I’d like to start this post by asking for help from people. How on God’s green earth do you cook an artichoke??? I popped it in the stew with the tomatoes, olive, and beef shin. 283 more words


Reading, Writing and Plotting

A second week free of teaching, and it’s a rather refreshing change to have the time back to really dig into my studies.  Normally by Wednesday I’m panicking that the week is over almost bar the teaching, but now it’s a mid point with plenty of time to work on other areas. 765 more words


Franciacorta, Amazing Italian Bubbles, And It’s NOT Prosecco

Last year, when I was out in Italy, I started seeing lots of Franciacorta knocking around the local bars. Made up in Lombardy (the region of Milan), it’s a sparkling wine made in the same method as Champagne and Cava. 296 more words


Klein? Nien! - Vienna/Bratislava

Klein, klein, klein! I saw my name all over this city! For those that don’t know, in Austria they speak German, and my last name is German. 2,986 more words


Panic in the Wine Aisles!!

On Friday night I popped down to Sainsbury’s in Camden to go pick up the food and wine for this weekend’s New Wine This Week. I have to admit I still haven’t done it as yesterday was the 17th of May and my Norwegian wife was in charge (it’s Norway’s national day). 155 more words