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Party Like It’s 2015!

2015 is lining up to be a great year to be born in. If your mum and dad are so inclined as to buy a nice bottle of wine to have with you on your 18th, or your wedding day, or whatever, you could be in for a treat. 271 more words


La Bodega Des Frenchies!

Apparently London is France’s 6th biggest city. That just means that the population of French guys and girls living in London would make the 6th biggest city in France. 196 more words


Blast From The Past – Culinary Backstreets Tour in Barcelona!

I was sat here earlier flicking through some old photos and doing a bit of editing of stuff I haven’t got round to. I came across a load from… 256 more words


Anything To Check In? Well Funny You Should Ask!

When I was out in Catalunya with Timmer of Catalunya Wines, he was pretty keen on making a video of the day. I’m about as comfortable on camera as I am sitting on a nail, but he’d arranged a top day, so no way I could say “no”! 230 more words


A Modern Winery In An Old School World

This morning the wife and I jumped in the car and headed for a short drive through the mountains. We went to visit a bloke called Paolo who runs a winery and also stocks… 350 more words


Betrüge dich oder Lehre dich!

Was US-Forscher herausfanden als sie 20 Testpersonen in den Magnetresonanztomografen schoben und ihre Gehirnaktivität beobachteten, während die Probanden Wein tranken.

Die Forscher reichten den Testern den gleichen Wein zwei Mal – zunächst mit der Information, es handle sich dabei um eine teure Flasche, danach sagten sie, es sei ein billiger Fusel. 191 more words


20h33 Blog - Why Bring A Bottle, When You Can Bring A Magnum?!

I’ve entered that stage of life these days where I go round to mates’ houses for dinner parties. You don’t hang out anymore, sitting there with a beer and playing Fifa, you have dinner and drinks. 305 more words