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Hambledon Trip #1 – Could An English Winery Visit Live Up To The Hype?

I’ve been impressed over the past few months about how often English and Welsh wine are in the headlines. Sparkling wine from these shores are scooping up countless international taste awards, and are now being exported round the world. 400 more words


Can Le Petit Ballon Find A Place In The Tough UK Market?

The people who arranged my trip out to Romania asked me to come along to a couple of evenings in London recently. They were showcasing a client of theirs who are in the mail order wine business… 374 more words


Chinese Wine To Hit The Shelves Soon?!

I’ve seen this article this morning from Off Licence News. Long and short of it is that they’ve interviewed the head buyer for Conviviality Brands and he’s said that… 337 more words


Right, You’re In A Wine Aisle, How Are You Feeling?

It’s got to be one of the biggest complaints from punters. They’re just after a half decent bottle of wine when they pop their head into the wine aisle at a supermarket, and whack! 282 more words


Innovative Natur

Rot, weiß, und jetzt blau. Die Weinindustrie wird aufgerüttelt dank sechs Spaniern und ihrem blauen Wein. Für Wein-Liebhaber, oder genauer gesagt Millennials, ist Gik ein neuer Wein, der nach  dem spanischen Baskenland benannt ist. 46 more words


When The World Goes To Shit, It’s Time To Invest In Sin!

In my previous life working in finance they had this saying. In times of recession there’s only one thing to invest your money in. Sin! 309 more words