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Nature is cruel 2

It was strange enough that I had been thinking about how indifferent we seem to suffering and the chick presented.

I was genuinely wondering how odd the mechanism is that we can go about our business and deliberately ignore the destitute and yet be a superbly generous body of people when it comes to tv charity appeals like, “children in need”. 363 more words

Weird Adventures

interested in ufos?

The following is taken from “A Celtic Miscellany” and was said to have been written in the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries, by an unknown Irish author. 176 more words

The Basement Nurse (Frog Wilman #2)

Hi there, so I played a bit more with Frog. Frog had Ponytail Nurse move into her house which is nice and all. But also a bit bad because Frog doesn’t want to settle down with one man. 415 more words


The Wonderful World of Frog Wilman

Hi everyone :)

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of posting. I’m currently rewriting The Talented, but I feel like sharing some of my recent Sims shenanigans. 548 more words