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Taking the Bite out of Hump-Day

It’s that time of the week again folks, the middle of it. For you this may seem like half way to your finish line that is 5 o’clock beers and relaxation, but for me it’s just an excuse to talk about humpback whales on my blog. 586 more words

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Swimming with SPINNERZ! My day in the sun with some of Hawaii's spinner dolphins.

Two days ago I went out with a few friends and fellow ocean enthusiasts in search of a rumoured whale shark and to do some whale watching. 878 more words

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Babysitting Hawaiian Monk Seals

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to help a friend babysit some of the state’s beloved Hawaiian monk seals. Currently this species is listed as critically endangered, with only 8-10 of them using the Big Island as their regular resting ground. 972 more words

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Learning Hawaiian Reef Life


I’ve been on the Big Island of Hawaii for just over a week now and so far it is as beautiful and diverse as I expected it to be. 803 more words

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Pictures from another 'killer' summer with killer whales

It’s finally raining in Vancouver. After months of sunshine I almost convinced myself again that this is the most liveable city in the world, but alas, I am reminded that this only holds true for half the year. 357 more words

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What animal weighs a tonne, has teeth in its throat, and larvae shaped like pin cushions?

The answer is… theĀ Ocean Sunfish! Or mola, mola, if you want to have fun with it.

It is the largest bony fish in the world… and has a face that only a mother could love! 717 more words

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Happy Hump(back whale) Day!

To get you through your Hump Day pains, some photos taken last month by your truly…

Each fluke is like a human fingerprint, unique to each whale, so next time you’re out in the Strait of Georgia keep your eyes peeled for this guy. 17 more words

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