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Day Four

The ability to wake up easily seems to have left me. I set my alarms, but I can’t convince myself to MOVE. Once I’m up things go much better, but I just can’t shake the sleeps. 525 more words

My Whole30 Journey


Okay so to start off, this dream wasn’t actually somebody-anonymous-kissed-me-on-the-cheek weird but actually a good weird. I have no idea how it started and most of the dreams I remember start abruptly and suddenly (of course no one would give me a hint, silly me). 404 more words

Scaling Rock Mountain

Have you ever climbed a rock wall?

Well, I have not. Unless you count the time I made it 3 feet up the rock wall at the university I attended. 556 more words


Hair Today...

…and gone tomorrow.

I’m not afraid of monsters or spooky things in my dreams. I actually find them kind of fun; even when I’m not lucid dreaming, I somehow know that these things can’t harm me because they are not real. 311 more words


Weird Dreams

Unbeknown to me, I’ve been having weird dreams as of late.

I’ve been trying to think of interesting things to blog about that are (A) Interesting in some way and (B) actually worth reading about. 549 more words

My Dancing with John Travolta Dream

I am in the living room of a house.  Along with me are my kids, my grandkids, and John Travolta and his wife.  Mrs. Travolta and I were chatting away when John asks if I remember when I understudied for Olivia Newton John in Grease.  157 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams