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Dream Log – March 23 2018 – Muddy Messes & Childhood Home Randomness

The first thing I remember is being at a cabin in the woods with a bunch of my family, and some strangers as well, who were making me uncomfortable. 1,213 more words

Tracey Tobin

Short and Brief.

I caught a pretty bad bug here in my town said to last a while so in a nutshell I’ve had some incidents aside from the fact of right now being sick. 900 more words

Dream Log - March 9th 2019 - School Daze & Halloween Horrors

The first thing I recall is that I was back in school, a very common dream theme for me. Unlike my usual school dreams, however, this was the first day of school rather than somewhere in the middle of the year. 1,494 more words

Tracey Tobin

What Does It Mean When Dreams Don't Make Sense?

Last night was a night of restlessness and odd dreams. What does this mean when our subconscious goes haywire? Is it the residual stress from the day? 258 more words


02.26.2018 Weird Dreams

Last night, I dreamt that Cha Taehyun held a press conference that I was somehow able to attend. At the conference, before all these photographers and reporters, he takes off his shirt. 65 more words

February 2018

Don't "Judge" Me...

I woke this morning my head filled with the vivid dreams I dreamt last night. As the boys ate breakfast and I packed their lunches, I described my dreams. 885 more words

Dream Log - February 19th 2018 - Family Exploits & High School Headstrong

What are your feelings about dreams? Are they meaningful or complete nonsense? Are they our brains trying to work through the compiled information of the day, or just random firing synapses shooting back a series of random garbled information back at us? 2,117 more words

Tracey Tobin