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Weird Dreams #7 - The Smoking Dream

This is not a story but a personal (and common) phenomenon within my dreams.

I quit smoking in August 2016 after having smoked half a pack a day for my entire adult life (and having smoked irregularly for much of my teen life). 193 more words

Dream Journal

Mission Impossible

I’m Tom Cruise’s partner and we’re both some sort of agent who does something; I don’t even know what to be exact. But we have the agent-like/spy-like skills. 440 more words


Weird Dreams #6 - Step Families and Bees

A teenaged girl finds herself without a family and under the care of her step family. Unlike your typical Cinderella story though, this family wants nothing more to make their adopted daughter comfortable. 83 more words

Fiction Writing

Weird Dreams #5 - Ancient Temple

May 25, 2017

Several teenagers travel to the inside of a temple for the sake of a college course of indistinct nature. From the inside, they can see painted markings and walls of water but they never see the outside. 98 more words

Fiction Writing

Pre-beta dreams

So I had even more vivid dreams last night. I dreamed I was visiting my parents (something I haven’t done in like 10+ years), and my period came pretty explosively as soon as I sat down on a toilet, so I didn’t need to bother with a beta test. ¬† 271 more words

The Beginning of Weird?

Last night I¬†experienced something I will never be able to again…well, perhaps I might.

I took my growing baby out of me and held HIM. 349 more words