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Dream Journal #15 and #16 — Guns and Musical Numbers

In the first dream, Nathanael and I were sitting in sacrament meeting at church. A little boy walked up to the podium on the stage to sing a musical number, and I was surprised that someone so young was going to sing by himself. 665 more words


Hell if I know

Hello, God.  I’m back for round 5

Are you sure it’s round 5?

Hell if I know.  It’s round something.  It feels like I’m on the losing end of a boxing match. 547 more words


What have i been thinking?? + Dreaming of charming old men + Breaking Bank

I haven’t been updating for the past few days and i feel terrible about it! I’ve been nursing my eye infection which is turning to be a real pain in the head which means that i have to (well i really should but i tend to play it by eye lol) refrain from using anything close to the eye area like mascara, eye shadow, eye liner which is totally out of the question or even undereye concealer which is crap because my eyes have been so inflamed lately what with all the rubbing and “ 906 more words


June 29, 2015

12:20 pm

Last night I had this weird dream that I attended some sex party. Everyone at the sex party got mad at me because I refused to cheat on Logan. 72 more words

Comatose sleep guilt 

I took a 100mg quitiepene on Friday. Usually I have a tolerance for the medication even if it’s been a long time since using it. But teamed with my slight over use of codeine, my increased alcohol, the overwhelming stress and anxiety and the slight relief that things are finally moving and the lingering cold symptoms I collapsed and slept almost comatose. 482 more words

Benadryl hangover

Took some benadryl last night to help me sleep, and the usual hangover took the entire day. I didn’t really feel more awake till almost 3 pm. 48 more words


Good Wednesday morning! I am tired, but feeling decent today. Slightly queasy (what’s new, right?) but nothing too much to complain about! Actually, I am really excited because my sonogram is today! 403 more words