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Invisible aliens

The Earth was invaded by aliens.

White gorillas were talking.

The cities were deserted.


I Had an Odd Dream

I had an odd dream.

I was back in high school and the entire school had been assembled in the auditorium for an important announcement. The principal took the stage and announced that it was his great honor to announce that a student from our school had been chosen to participate in the Olympics for the USA swim team. 519 more words


The Black Door

This dream is pretty short, but it filled me with a sense of dread.

It started off surreal — my fiance (R), brother (S), and I were driving walking the streets inside of this building. 812 more words

Teleportation Sensations

I was a young girl of about ten years old. I was tall and skinny with dark hair. I kept to myself at school, preferring my own company to the company of others. 799 more words

Lava and Socks

I don’t know what I had for dinner that kicked the crazy dream portion of my brain into high gear last night but geeeeeeeez. Actually thinking about it a bit more, it’s probably all the pollen I’ve been snorting. 321 more words


Time for another patent-pending Wacky Hindle Dream(TM)

Day 3. 21 pages, 10,264 words.

Last night I had a dream.

In it, there were four great waves of people fleeing from an indeterminate region before me, past me, and away up a long, steep ridge behind my viewpoint. 198 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Panaginip feat. Scarlet Snow et. al.

Nasobrahan ko ata panonood ng mga videos ni Scarlet Snow Belo sa Instagram. Di lang kasi siya cute, halatang matalino. Hay. Nacucute’an talaga ako sa mga batang marunong ng magsalita lalo na pag English, cheerful, at natural na madaldal. 199 more words