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Dream Journal #14

I’m so glad I decided to jot these dreams down early this morning. I would have completely forgotten most of the details.

Somewhere in my REM cycle, I was applying for a job. 708 more words

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The Fish Keeps Dying

When I sleep I have very vivid dreams. I always have. Sometimes I remember them sometimes I don’t. If I don’t remember them I wake up with that feeling that I should know something but it is just out of reach. 238 more words

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Dream Journal #13

My favorite number! … My mother is turning in her grave. She hated that number. It was bad luck for her.

Speaking of 13, I was 13 in my dreams last night. 431 more words

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My Monkees/Costumed Intruder/Lost Dog/Taco Dream

So, I dreamed I knew The Monkees, and they (as young fellas) got booked at a biker bar in the South by an agent. I had to tell them it was a biker bar, and although I know some bikers who like the Monkees, this was likely not that kind of group. 151 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

Dream Journal #12

I died last night. Not literally. But, after a stressful walk up a few icy steps, my nerves were dead, and I needed a drink. And then I fell into the soul sucking depths of my recliner once again – before 7 pm. 779 more words

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Dream Journal #11

Finally, dreams worth talking about.

Last night’s dreams (in the early morning hours, of course) were once again set at my parents’ house.  It’s getting old.  718 more words

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Dream Journal #8

I hate dreams about school.  But, I’m guessing it happened because my daughter left to go back to college yesterday.

At least this dream wasn’t as bad as my usual.  318 more words

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