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Sobriety due to sadness

Hi. It’s 4:08 am. I’m supposed to wake up in an hour but I just…I had a dream and it was so sad I am now fully awake. 715 more words


I don't even know what to call this dream!

This dream starts with me going to my friend’s camper.  I call for directions, and I’m on my way, but we end up meeting elsewhere.  Instead of her camper, we end up meeting at this really old, big white house.  360 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

My Nobody Listens When a Gatling is About to Misfire Dream

While on a bus tour (guided by Dean Butler of Little House on the Prairie fame) we stop at a tourist attraction, where the owner (John Schneider) resides with his very elderly, ill mother.  385 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

My George Clooney owns a Pet Pharmacy Dream

I have to go to the new pet pharmacy in town to get my pets some medication.  It’s the grand opening, and when I arrive, there are several people waiting in line.  140 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

Weird Dreams - Luxury Alone

For fans of Grizzly Bear, Beach House and Youth Lagoon. Weird Dreams is the nom-de-plume of Doran Edwards, a London-based artist returning nearly four years after the release of his band’s debut album, ‘Choreography’. 103 more words


another weird dream that doesn't involve cookies

i had this dream like yesterday or something.. idk it was weird

so in the dream i went to hot topic in a deadpool costume (yeah idk either) with my mom, my irl crush, and my friend, along with my friend’s mom… 442 more words