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Weird dreams

The art of dreaming remains a big mystery, although research has shown us the various stages of sleep which have been mapped out by characterising the different types of frequencies emitted from our brains, there is still no straight-forward answer to why we dream. 296 more words


Chapter 8, Page 229 of 365

it’s bad when you start having dreams with elements from a video game or two that you had been playing. Damn Minecraft! I got caught up in the Minecraft craze! 14 more words

1, 2, 3, you and me!

So rag ended almost a week ago but guess who’s been sleep deprived until now hahaha but now I’m waiting for my math mod to start and I don’t know a single person here and I think this mod is grossly male dominated so whoopee now I have time to kill!! 2,129 more words


Laugh About It

A short conversation with my friend during a recent low:


The second step in the Twelve Step program is believing that a power higher than yourself can restore you to sanity. 136 more words


Song of my day: Power Dreaming

Hey everyone! I had this strange dream that I WAS Tom Cruz and I had Telekinesis… So of course I’m kicking bad guy butt as I always do, with my powers and as I’m doing so Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde is playing in the background. 38 more words


That Weird Dream I I Had Last Night...

I was in a huge pool filled with what looked like orange soda. Apparently it was my birthday and I was celebrating with all my friends(My birthday isn’t due for another month). 229 more words

What Dreams May Come #1

I’ve decided that whenever I have a strange dream I’m going to write it down, here’s the one I had last night. It involved five men I had grown up with and we will call them; A, B, C, D, and F… 222 more words

Dream Explanation