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So I think I’ve been watching too much SOA.
For those of you uninitiated, SOA stands for Sons Of Anarchy, the show which just wrapped up its 6th season, about a biker gang and their mischievous antics. 377 more words


Weird Dreams

I keep having these intense, weird ass vivid dreams. They make hardly any sense at all and seem to play out like mini-movies. Lots of detail. 195 more words


Where Do I Go?

Do you want to know how weird my dreams can get? 

God is cooking scrambled eggs on a gas stove.  A small speck of egg flies out of the pan, shooting through the hole between the next burner and rim.   70 more words


The Dream About a Chair

I dreamed I was in a room.
The walls were blank.
And the floor was bare.
I was waiting for a chair to appear.
I wanted to sit in it. 31 more words


Freaky Dreams

I get these every so often and they freak me out. Not sure why they happen but it’s annoying. Your dream starts off normal, relatively speaking, and then all of a sudden it’s as if you’ve woken up yet you haven’t really. 153 more words

Stupid weird dreams

My head is jumping from topic to topic. Having a hard time settling in on just one.

I had this awful nightmare last night, a dream in which I was setting up for a performance in a big empty space that was like an airplane hangar, but was part of a school. 749 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Omg. I did it. But I feel like such a horrible person. Aghhhh okay short term pain better than long term pain right.

Although there seems to be a slightly misleading impression coming out but at this particular moment I can’t exactly refute it so. 70 more words