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October ordeals

It’s hard to think of words starting with O hahaha.

So things that have happened recently…
– finished CAs!! (For this week at least 😒) 445 more words


Dream Diary: Reuben and The Deformed Man

I am in an American TV show funded by a friend of mine, though, for the duration that I am in it, it is also reality. 248 more words

Reuben F. Tourettes

I had a dream last night.

Whitney Houston asked me to be her back-up singer.

She originally hired me as her costume designer.

I delivered her completed costumes to her dressing room hours before her show–and she was there to greet me! 203 more words


Lucid dreaming again.

My nap dreams are staying as vivid as the one I had last week.

This afternoon, I dreamed of being at a meeting my friend Erin was holding to reopen an old restaurant we both used to work at, and a bunch of folks from the industry showed up. 1,054 more words

The Green Penis

I stopped having vivid dreams after I discontinued the medications that were causing them, but I am still having weird regular dreams. I remember them hazily and most of the time they are nothing to ponder about. 335 more words


Longest and most telling dream in a really long spell.

I took a nap this afternoon, and dreamed three separate dreams, that wove themselves into each other with such grace it took me a long time to consider that I was actually dreaming. 1,573 more words


I really shouldn’t drink Vanilla Coke before I go to bed. I think it gives me weird dreams. o.O