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This Blog is Exploring Dreams around the World

Dreams are portals to the unknown.  This blog is meant to collect and explore dreams from around the world and to turn them into visual art.   62 more words

More than meets the eye

You know when you have those dreams that leave you feeling weird and uneasy? That was last night. First I was dreaming about a sword fight. 305 more words


My Keanu Reeves Dream

For years I’ve had a recurring dream starring Keanu Reeves.

In the dream I am trying to get to him, trying to get his attention. We are usually surrounded by people at some event. 300 more words



The always say that dreams have meanings.

Normally they are a world away from that we actually dream about.

Deaths mean births and so on and so forth. 770 more words

Last night's weird dream

Normally, people don’t remember much from their dreams. I on the other hand remember a lot.

So last night, while I was sleeping, I had this dream where me and a friend of mine were walking through the city of Magnolia in the world of the anime Fairy Tail. 419 more words



I have been registering my weird dreams on this blog for a while. So here’s another one that I had. I don’t ever have normal dreams, do I? 375 more words


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weird dreams today. really fucking weird dreams today.