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Last night's weird dream

Normally, people don’t remember much from their dreams. I on the other hand remember a lot.

So last night, while I was sleeping, I had this dream where me and a friend of mine were walking through the city of Magnolia in the world of the anime Fairy Tail. 419 more words



I have been registering my weird dreams on this blog for a while. So here’s another one that I had. I don’t ever have normal dreams, do I? 375 more words


Chapter: April, Page 118 of 366

weird dreams today. really fucking weird dreams today.

seeping venom

i dreamt about you a few nights ago;
the things i wanted to say to you, the things i didn’t want to do with you, the words that i should have said but never did. 211 more words


My Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, Reunion Photo Dream

This is my dream about Michael J Fox, Tom Hanks, and a reunion photo op.

Michael J Fox was undergoing some new experimental treatment for Parkinson’s.  361 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

Moose Meat and Tequila Talkin'

My bf and I met online, but instead of lots of back and forth chat, we decided to meet at a local Japanese restaurant for dinner.  162 more words


The Serpent Dream

The Serpent Dream is one I probably tell the most. It’ll also be the first dream retelling on this blog!

This was actually a pretty long time ago, so maybe I had been rereading Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets? 92 more words

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