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Dream 2

Last night I dreamt I was staying at this really nice hotel with pink walls and enormous picture windows. I was there for work, or something business related and I had to pack up all my stuff to leave. 79 more words


What's coming up, dreams.

So in the past few weeks even more dreams of 2’s wings being torn does seem to be from Aluminai who is trying to attain the strength of an Overseer, how, why? 1,413 more words

Dream 1

A few nights ago I had a dream I was living at my mom’s house while Mr. J was deployed somewhere inaccessible. None of the cats were there, otherwise this dream would have been more awkward than it was, so I decided to adopt a dog, I think, the dog just kinda showed up. 163 more words


Terrifying realities.

Here is a fact from a dream I had not too long ago you can actually look up, where I talk with the white rabbit from American McGee’s Alice game, I state pretty much that even though you can lie to everyone, even manipulate and warp your own mind so that whatever truth is reality, to yourself you cannot lie about what is but the truth, no matter how much you are indoctrinated, no matter how much you are sheltered, the truth, the facts of life, or even who you are as a person, will and always shall find a way to come back to haunt you. 1,548 more words

Pre-event Dreamscape

Regardless of what competition I am getting ready for, or for which sport, about four weeks from the date, I start to have incredibly realistic and invasive dreams about the event, and in every single one of them, it’s going terribly, terribly wrong. 1,156 more words

Fruit Loops by Happy Cannabis

The Fruit Loops strain is a complete enigma for me at this point…

Before I get too far into my description of this strain, I think it’s best for me to first explain my process for product reviews at The Painting CoffeePot. 463 more words


Weird dreams on stage!

Me, my mom and sister are on horseback with my mom riding. We are not sure about our destination, but she is not budging even a little on her decision to go supersonic. 207 more words

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