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A fight, a wedding, a race, and a bus

It starts with me at my husband’s room. He is working on his desk and I can’t remember what was wrong between us. I just know that we weren’t talking and that we are mad at each other. 688 more words


Vivid Dreamer

Weirdness. I keep having a dream of a giant man dressed as a woman. He puts me on a shoulder and holds me like a one armed backpack. 367 more words

LAFF on Sunday: Accidents In the Home.....

They say that (Ok, I’m not actually sure the percentage) of accidents happen in the home. According to a quick google search, (because it’s me and I want to get this up before midnight ;-) and besides it’s the internet so you can believe anything you read, right?), the number one listing of accidents in the home is from… 171 more words


My Other Selves

I woke up in the night and realised that I exist in multiple places. I can visit myself and learn from myself at will as each version of me holds something that I need to grow. 363 more words

Storytime: ~Weird Dreams~

Aloha humans! So, the other night I had a really weird dream. I can’t remember all the details, but I’ll list off the stuff I do remember. 516 more words


Weird Dreams #12 - Endangered Dragon Protection Program

A hearing is held in Ilios (straight out of Overwatch) discussing a bill that supposedly protects dragons as an endangered species. Unbeknownst to the humans reading it, the bill is an attempt by the dragon queens Jyvora and Calipsa to try and control a group of dragon rebels. 51 more words

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