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Aliens.. Dinosaurs.. fallin' from d sky.. My Brain's So Creative.

I’ve got a little problem with my detoxing, my body rises in rebellion……….. like an addict, we’ve got the sweating, headache, heavyness, tiredness, soreness, muscleache….. I had to eat something cause I don’t have time for thissssss, I have a debate article to write, a novel analysis and a speech to do this week.. 131 more words


My Christopher Walken at Work Dream

I’m at work, along with my coworkers, and we are having a potluck.  Suddenly Christopher Walken appears.  It seems we need retrained on how to answer the phone, so the company has hired him to do so.  159 more words

Taffantastical Vivid Dreams

That Point Where Shit Makes Sense, and Then Stops

So, I haven’t really shared my recent astral shenanigans on here. It’s mostly been fragmented and seemingly random stuff, not enough to write about anyway. There have been some larger things, but they didn’t seem connected to my previous shenans which included zombies and whatnot. 2,320 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

So, I'll be late.

Thank you for removing my bus and replacing it by a bus that not only arrives a lot later but also only arrives twice each hour. 121 more words


Dream World Sucks

Dreams used to be fun, but *wham* ask the universe a few questions and dreams become hard work!  


How To Successfully Humiliate Yourself When You're Only Half Awake

Am I the only one who feels like when they’ve got an important date coming up the next day that when they sleep, they’re only half asleep? 814 more words


Dreams, Are They Real?

I don’t know why I am dreaming of someone, I always think maybe the message it’s just time to let it go or move on so or he/she is still on my mind or any other message. 406 more words