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normal dreams are for normal people . . .

Which I think says a lot about me in general.

I’ve never had a normal dream in my life, they’ve always been weird.

I wouldn’t say it’s a curse or anything, I’ve just never had normal dreams. 295 more words

Weird dreams and other things

Breakfast yesterday morning consisted of Donuts. Hey at least I ate. I almost never eat breakfast. I know it’s bad but in my eating disorder mind it makes perfect sense. 220 more words

Delayed Friday the 13th mood

(Disclaimer: read at own risk, full of directionless ranting and incoherent negative thoughts)

Sigh haven’t been in a blogging mood recently idk why, I think it’s because I’m supposed to be having it now but it’s delayed HAHA okay moving on… 1,521 more words


Miley Cyrus and hotdogs

I was at home and some new neighbors were there visiting us. My chihuahuas were going crazy so i picked them up and handed them over to the neighbor guy and told him he could have them (i would never do this). 605 more words


I schmooze a lot of people – not just my clients – and over the years it has paid dividends.  I now have connections in police and fire departments, town and village boards, and across various service industries. 1,362 more words

The Eiffel Tower, 42, and honey.

I was in a plane , fully geared up to jump out with another person. A random guy but he said he had an uneasy feeling about jumping. 372 more words

Psychic attack....

Dvina and husband Frank moved to their new home in April the year before last. Within weeks of the move Dvina started to have “weird” dreams – and they only occurred when Frank was at work on night shift and Dvina was alone. 792 more words