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Cinematic incidents

We went to see Suicide Squad at the weekend. My experience of it seems to be on par with a number of comments I’ve seen about the film. 1,293 more words

What is with the Sky over the Iceberg?

Hello CP Peeps,

I was out at the Iceberg practicing with some other ninjas.

When I started noticing more then how good all of us ninjas were. 123 more words

Club Penguin

The Madness of the Mundane

Sometimes I truly wonder, with all that I have witnessed, with all the things that I know lurk beneath the gentle exteriors of the world we think we live in, if I am truly mad, or if it is everyone else who suffers and it is only I and those like me who are free? 496 more words

Weird Happenings

Possible new information about the scratching...

This is why I keep this blog – or try to keep it up, at least.  I do have readers, people who follow my rantings and know the truth, who see the things that are out there in the shadows, between the cracks in the ‘normal’ world… 145 more words

Weird Happenings

October is Mystery Month

With Halloween approaching, I thought this a good time of year to reveal some of the local “weird” stories reported by residents over the years. 285 more words

Village Journal Jottings


The dream came suddenly and my senses were jarred by the switch from black nothingness to waves of heat and a rancid smell.  I was barefoot on hot, rocky ground, and the sky was full of ash – I felt hot cinders bounce off my skin.  405 more words

Weird Happenings

New Trap Cam footage... but the trap cam was destroyed

It was early morning and I awoke from a dark, swirling dream of half-formed figures and terrifying sounds.  I awoke to a shrieking in the real world, a horrible, shrill sound that split the quiet of the pre-dawn morning.  227 more words

Weird Happenings