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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

The Pew Research Center said in 2015 that 18 percent of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost.

I’ve seen some particularly weird things in my life and I’m not saying that I have or have not seen a ghost, but I have seen some ghosts. 103 more words


Cinematic Incidents 2: The Jackie Incident

A quick update to my post about random incidents at the cinema.

Today we went to see Jackie at the cinema. A good film that may have been overshadowed slightly by two incidents – at least for somebody who collects random cinema incidents. 193 more words

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb ScareĀ In Bristol

When travelling abroad or even exploring in your own country, have you ever found that weird or strange things happen to you?

My better half, Scott and I, often find odd things happen or we find ourselves in strange predicaments when travelling or having days out. 527 more words


Horrors from the distant past

Some years ago now, I wrote a horror/action short film. Although filmed*, one of the DV tapes – the one with the big reveal – was corrupted (possibly down to some eldritch power summoned by the filming). 69 more words

Cinematic incidents

We went to see Suicide Squad at the weekend. My experience of it seems to be on par with a number of comments I’ve seen about the film. 1,293 more words