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From Beneath

The thick blankets of dirty grey snow are finally receded, revealing the streets of Providence glistening with dirty melt water and gritty with sand.  I walked along today under the heavy grey skies, Easter Sunday, with churchgoers milling about church parking lots and posing outside the First Baptist in their finest clothes.   509 more words

Weird Happenings

Woe Is Me

I swear. My life is far from dull and when it rains it freaking pours in the most odd ways. Lately, I have felt that the universe has single handedly targeted as it’s little rag doll of entertainment. 149 more words

As the Snow Melts

I found myself walking down an unfamiliar side street yesterday.  It’s strange, but in a city as small as Providence there are always unfamiliar side streets; narrow alleys and hidden grottoes full of old shops and weathered old homes that you may only find once and never see again. 699 more words

Weird Happenings

What did happen?

It’s a question I ask myself often, in the dead of night, listening to things slither and crawl in the darkest corners.  I know there was a box, a steamer trunk.   289 more words

Weird Happenings

The Community Synchronicity Journal

I’ve been lurking and posting around reddit for a while now, subscribed to r/occult and r/philosophy among other subs, but there’s this one page that I really found interesting. 112 more words


Maybe it's just the snow...

As the snow-filled winds howl against my windows, icy fingers slipping through crack and crevice to chill me as I lay in the dimly lit living room, I remember stories from my youth, tales of the Yeti, the abominable snowman, even the bumbling snow monster portrayed in that old children’s holiday show we watched very year, huddled together under blankets and stuffed animals.   548 more words

Weird Happenings


When we recognize and embrace the ‘otherworldly’ or the ‘fantastical’ it is considered delusion, a sickness of the mind that bends and warps ‘true’ reality so that we are unable to choose between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imagination’.   274 more words

Weird Happenings