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Ass Crack Monday (and Other Mysteries of the Universe)

(photo by Malcolm)

“And remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future.”     –Criswell, narrator for Plan 9 from Outer Space… 466 more words

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An incident with a mousetrap...

As the scratching in the walls continues, I’ve been trying to set traps to catch the mice or rats that have invaded my home.  First, I tried those glue traps, the ones that stick to the mice and trap them.   155 more words

Weird Happenings

The Liberty Hall Universe works in mysterious ways!

We have over 250 years worth of archives, ranging from paper receipts to a Christian Dior dress and literally everything in between! But every once in a while, we have people call us and say “hey…I have something that I think belongs to you.” 413 more words

Historic House

The Scratching Continues...

The scratching behind my walls hasn’t stopped – I hear it all the time now…  It must be mice, but how many are there?  There must be so many, to make so much noise.   141 more words

Weird Happenings

They're in the walls....

When did it start, a week ago?  It seems that way, a week or so I guess.  Scratching.  A constant scratching sound coming from the walls, the floors, everywhere…  It’s constant, I hear it all the time now, scratching… scratching… scratching…  day and night…. 17 more words

Weird Happenings

From Beneath

The thick blankets of dirty grey snow are finally receded, revealing the streets of Providence glistening with dirty melt water and gritty with sand.  I walked along today under the heavy grey skies, Easter Sunday, with churchgoers milling about church parking lots and posing outside the First Baptist in their finest clothes.   509 more words

Weird Happenings

Woe Is Me

I swear. My life is far from dull and when it rains it freaking pours in the most odd ways. Lately, I have felt that the universe has single handedly targeted as it’s little rag doll of entertainment. 149 more words