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Maybe it's just the snow...

As the snow-filled winds howl against my windows, icy fingers slipping through crack and crevice to chill me as I lay in the dimly lit living room, I remember stories from my youth, tales of the Yeti, the abominable snowman, even the bumbling snow monster portrayed in that old children’s holiday show we watched very year, huddled together under blankets and stuffed animals.   548 more words

Weird Happenings


When we recognize and embrace the ‘otherworldly’ or the ‘fantastical’ it is considered delusion, a sickness of the mind that bends and warps ‘true’ reality so that we are unable to choose between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imagination’.   274 more words

Weird Happenings

Symbols and Messages

I made a number of friends and acquaintances recently during a stay in a local medical facility, recovering from a long illness of sorts.  Many of these acquaintances were there on a regimen of rest and revitalization, working on overcoming the overwhelming nature of our modern society.   809 more words

Weird Happenings

I Just Want to Make It to Graduation Alive

This is what it looks like when a car hangs out in the median with no headlights on, then pulls out into you, causing you to swerve and spin about 10 times on the rain-dampened highway: 447 more words


News of the Weird: Australian Woman Falls into Large Sinkhole as Ground Gives Way While She's Hanging The Wash

The earth swallows a woman in her own backyard. To make matters worse for her, the hole created when the earth collapsed filled with water and it took a while before neighbors heard her cries for help. 264 more words

Things that happen to me

I’ll post about the progress of my vacation in a mo… but this deserves its own, special post.
So, in case I never mentioned it before, I have this… 307 more words

Daily Stuffs

Something's wrong with Chad... it's scaring me

Ever since the incident the other night, Chad has been acting strange.  He’s been locked in the basement for a day and a half and he didn’t want me down there, but he left suddenly, muttering something about not finding the right color… I had no idea what he was talking about, so after he left I headed down into the basement to see what was going on… 110 more words

Weird Happenings