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How San Francisco Is Urine-Proofing City Walls [WATCH]

Don’t try peeing on San Francisco’s walls, because they will splash you back. San Francisco has begun covering walls around the city with a pee-resistant paint that makes urine splash back on to the pee’er. 15 more words


Man Jumps Fence At Zoo To Pet Mountain Lions, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

A man jumped the safety fence at a zoo to get close enough to pet some mountain lions! See the video he took and why he got arrested… 81 more words


Is Conan O’Brien Stealing Jokes From Twitter?

Robert “Alex” Kaseberg is a freelance writer who is accusing Conan O’Brien and his comedy show — cleverly entitled Conan — of stealing jokes from his Twitter account. 555 more words

Millions of Mayflies Shut Down Bridge in Iowa Caught on Camera

SABULA, Iowa — Emergency crews closed a bridge that connects Savanna, Illinois, with Sabula, Iowa, over the weekend due to thousands of mayflies obstructing traffic. 156 more words

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Knucklehead News: International Mysteries


Every Monday and Thursday, Billy Z tackles the stories you may have missed. This morning he shared stories about Cuban technology, threats to the U.S., and a Mexican manhunt. 35 more words


good move @starbucks lifting lifelong banishment

You have most likely seen the story of the man who was banned by Starbucks because he was asking people to move their cars out of handycapt spots when they don’t have the plackard on it? 269 more words

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