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Man climbing giant building with no safety gear will have you fearing for his life

This man's pursuit of the highest clutches of London is arguably art in itself
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121only Weird

Office workers get feeling they're being watched - then spot who's spying on them

Imagine looking up and seeing this
Weird News 121only – intelligent News Magazine

121only Weird

CREEPY CLOWN CRAZE: A Truly Impressive Corporate Media Campaign

Another week, another barrage of “creepy clown” propaganda from the Corporate Media.

The Corporate Media obsession with clown stories continues unabated.

One has to give the media credit: the number of variations on the “ 901 more words

End Time Deception

This guy let a wasp sting him and what happened to him is not shocking

A guy who wanted to be famous had a Wasp known as the Tarantula Hawk sting him! The Wasp stings Tarantula’s then eats them so this shouldn’t shock anyone. Spoiler: it herts!

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Weird Car Wash News For The Month Of October

October is just about half over but already we have a month’s worth of weird news to report.

A man in Comanche, Oklahoma was arrested by police after s… 290 more words

Car Wash Crime

Could mysterious hexagonal clouds in Bermuda Triangle caused by 170mph 'air bombs' be behind centuries of bizarre disappearances?

It is believed these deadly blasts of air that can flip over ships and bring planes crashing into the ocean could be behind the vanishing of at least 75 planes and hundreds of ships … 6 more words

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Man makes gruesome discovery after finding 40 dead cats 'stacked' in freezers he won in auction

The bargain hunter, who has not been named, paid $150 for the two pieces of kitchen equipment
Weird News 121only – intelligent News Magazine

121only Weird