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Pet Talk: 4 Reasons It's Time to Buy a Tarantula Friend

Quit wrinkling your nose like that- it’s not such a crazy idea, after all. You don’t have to be a spider-enthusiast to love and appreciate a tarantula friend in your home. 642 more words

All Of It

Did You Know Nicolas Cage Owned A Pet Octopus?

I guess when money isn’t an object like it is for Nicolas Cage, you can buy anything you desire – including an octopus…

That’s right. Never mind the yachts, the cars, the castles and even private islands…Cage’s most bizarre purchases have been on exotic pets. 192 more words


Rare 'Geep' Born at Petting Zoo

PHOENIX, AZ — Adorable and adorably rare.

It’s not a lamb and it’s not a sheep — this animal is a baby geep — half goat, half sheep. 90 more words


“You Have a WHAT?” 6 Small Animals You Might Not Have Considered to be Your Next Pet

When we think of getting a small pet, we typically think of adopting a bouncy little puppy or an adorable little kitten to love on, play with, and snuggle. 550 more words

I feel like Snow White

Today I ran around and did clients hair. Even though I don’t do hair to pay the bills anymore, I still really enjoy beautifying clients every few weeks. 397 more words

A Change of Heart

Thursday, November 15

Dear Diary, …. Ha no, no, I promise I won’t go down that road! This post here is a post of heartbreak and betrayal resulting in a different perspective on some aspects of my life. 314 more words

The Random Five - 3/23/13

This post is to share five random things that I learned this week. So in no particular order, here they are:

  1. There have been some weird pets in the White House.
  2. 272 more words
The Random Five