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May 29: A Minute to Ruin It

You ruin it for me every single time.

I say she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

You say, a minute later, that she’s got a nose job done and is a cold bitch. 117 more words

Weird Stories

May 27: Only Plots Today

TheĀ bhel puri wala who didn’t sell enough paper cones to please the doctor on Government payroll who could have saved his son.

The bruised mother who walked into a post office, instead of the… 80 more words

Weird Stories

May 19: All in a Day's Work

They were lost and Nikhil knew it. Mansi was at the wheel, humming ‘Eye in the Sky’ along with the car’s stereo. She didn’t know they were lost and was enjoying the road trip far more than Nikhil was. 620 more words

Weird Stories

Incredible! Woman Saved From Hunter's Bullet By Her Bra

A 42 year old German woman, who was on holiday in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania near Berlin was saved by her bra on Friday the 7th of August when the rogue slug was fired as she and her husband were enjoying a bike ride. 211 more words

Weird Stories

May 15: What's Leaking Out of Kumar?

January 12, 2005. The day the leak began. Kumar was in his office, sitting at his desk, running the last batch of test cases, when he felt it. 765 more words

Weird Stories

April 20: Somebody's Got to Do it

I hate multiplexes, I thought to myself, standing in the queue minding my own business when somebody in the next line touched my arm. I turned. 338 more words

Weird Stories

April 15: The Fat Man

The fat man ran a lot. He ran in the sun, the rain and everything in between. When the dogs chased him, he ran faster. When the auto driver bullies honked behind him, calling him names, he ran on the pavement where the stone slabs were uneven. 81 more words

Weird Stories