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A Bizarre Legal Loophole Let A Man Get Away With Ejaculating Into This Woman's Coffee

For six months Pat Maahs thought the coffee at work didn’t taste good. In her own words, she thought it was just “spoiled.” Unfortunately for Maahs there was something much more sinister going on. 262 more words

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Police Looking For A Man That Slaps People When They Sneeze!

Being that it is the first day of spring and many people are highly affected with allergies, it’s probably a good idea that this man is no where near! 157 more words


Florida Police Have Arrested The Serial Butt-Grabber Who Allegedly Preyed On Women's Butts For Months

Meet Kenneth Lopez, a 20-year-old man in Florida who allegedly went around grabbing women’s butts. According to Broward county police, Lopez targeted several women in two different neighborhoods, then grabbed or slapped at least four of them. 200 more words

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thirty-one books I should recommend more often


Nine out of a hundred. Mum posted an article listing 100 books you should read before you are 20 to Daniel’s timeline (an insightful and inspiring list, I will add), and I had read nine stinkin’ books out of one hundred. 611 more words


Japanese artist indicted for attempt at making kayak in image of her Va-Jay-Jay. Strange but true story.

It’s getting weird in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese officials have indicted a local artist for “distributing obscene data.” It’s a “crime” that could cost the young woman $21K and land her in the hoosegow for a couple of years. 110 more words


A Letter To Fear Spreading Idiots. Shut Up.

WARNING: Please, be able to think for yourself before reading this. Brace yourself, ladies and gents. It’s about to get really, really, real in here. Hell, you might want to wrap aluminum foil around your head first, I’m trying to help you. 1,418 more words

Turd World IQ: Potato Found Growing in Columbian Woman’s Vagina After She Used it as Contraception

Sometimes we bloggers get tricked by a hoax, but I don’t think this is a hoax. The source is generally reliable and I can easily picture a woman of limited IQ doing something this dumb. 219 more words