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The Eighth Word You Can't Say on TV

Most kids start cussing in elementary school.  In the fifth grade, I was reluctant but under pressure from two friends (one of which was a girl), I uttered my first cuss word and worked steadily on my technique throughout college. 1,147 more words

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The Dukes of Smith County (AKA: Dude, I lost my muffins)

In high school, as middle class suburban kids, we had it pretty easy much of the time.  We went to school, hung out with friends, did homework, went to the lake, watched TV and on occasion tried to make a little cash.  1,095 more words

High School Years

I Want to Suck Your Blood (and maybe have some babies)

This story is about the time I inadvertently dated a Vampire.

After spending seven or eight years in the TV business, I was starting to get burned out with the constant work.  1,817 more words

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New Book Explores, Unpacks R-Rated Bible Stories

By Carl Stagner

Though both children and adults love the Church of God classic, Egermeier’s Bible Story Book was clearly written with children in mind. By contrast, a new release from prolific author and Church of God theologian Barry Callen is a Bible story book neither for young eyes, nor for the faint of heart. 610 more words

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Maybe the Grossest Story You Read All Day

I was an odd child. As with many children, I had more energy than good intentions.

In the third grade, I had some wax lips. I might’ve gotten them for Halloween. 155 more words


"Homesick for Another World" by Ottessa Moshfegh

Pub. Date:  Jan. 17, 2017

Publisher:   Penguin Group  

If you enjoyed Ottessa Moshfegh’s book “Eileen,” you will enjoy her latest book, “Homesick for Another World.”   1,033 more words


The Ten Weirdest Tales From Mythology

Mythology- Greek, Norse, Egyptian, etc.- can be pretty weird.

These stories will make X-Men: Apocalypse look positively ordinary. 

10. Once Upon a Time, Atum (Egyptian) 1,472 more words