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Comedy HAtline

Just got a call from a blocked number. I always answer those cuz, ya never know, could be the FBI or something. To my surprise there was a person on the other line who introduced himself as “John” which I felt was a lie. 275 more words


Terrified Employees Smashed A Burger King's Windows After A Prank Phone Call Gone Wrong

Customers who showed up to get their breakfast at a San Luis Obispo, California Burger King yesterday were shocked when they discovered that the store had been brutally vandalized.  392 more words


Who's Your 'Text Door Neighbor'?

By: Rob Stone

Have You Contacted Your Text Door Neighbor Yet? Apparently it’s the biggest new trend going on. Forget meeting people on Tinder or Twitter. 92 more words


WTF Series- WTF Episode 3

It was Christmas morning, and the children were excited to open their presents.

They rushed down the stairs and made their way to the Christmas Tree. 48 more words

WTF Series- WTF Episode 2

It was a normal day in school.

The teacher was putting up the notes on the board while the students took down the notes in their books. 126 more words

WTF Series -WTF Episode 1

As they sat at their tables, eating their supper, a stranger made his way into the restaurant.

He had messy brown hair and a scraggly brown beard. 112 more words

WTF Series- Coming Soon

For the past few years I’ve been struggling with ‘writer’s block’. I have many ideas in my head but I’m not able to complete any of them. 75 more words