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OMG! These weird laws could get you punished if you break them

Its strange the different laws that obtains in different countries.  If you think your country has got stringent laws, these ones are bound to leave you speechless. 293 more words


Incredible!!! Woman Creates Perfume Of Late Husband To Keep His Smell Around Her

A woman, Katia Apalategui who was stricken by grief from missing her late husband so much, to her to an extent that she  found herself sniffing his pillow to keep his memory alive. 260 more words


OMG!! Scientists Say Watching Your Wife Give Birth Could Kill Your Libido

Before the advent of the modern world, people present during childbirth was almost completely restricted to midwives and doctors. This is completely different now as a lot of women want their men to be present through the pain and ordeal of giving birth. 977 more words


Funny or Weird? Meet Dad Who Makes Daughter Wear Shirt Of Him Flexing His Muscles To Scare Boys Away

A dad who appears to be overprotective has divided the internet community on whether the message he sends is a brilliant or stupid one.

The overprotective father hopes to ward off potential suitors for his daughter by making her wear a t-shirt with his picture showing off his muscle-bound body. 260 more words


First Photo of Bruce Jenner in a Dress Outside His Malibu Home

I should be ashamed of myself for posting this, don’t you think?

See Pictures Of The Woman That Earns A Living By Showing Off Her Fat Tummy

52 year old Gayla Neufeld, 52, is full of surprises and one of those is that she makes money from, wait for it her tummy flab! 1,132 more words


Is This The Real Kermit? Meet Frog Specie That Looks Exactly Like Kermit

In an unprecedented move, Marine biologists have discovered a new specie of Frogs that has an uncanny resemblance with Kermit the Frog.

Marine Biologists in South America discovered a green glassfrog with bulging white eyes and a protruding jaw – the same exact features as that of the famous TV star, Kermit. 186 more words