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Greatest Ever Pulp Stories #4 - The People of the Black Circle

By: Robert E. Howard

Appeared in: Weird Tales (serialized) September, October, November, 1934

Character/Series: Conan

The king of Vendhya (the Hyborian Age equivalent of India/Pakistan) has been slain through foul sorcery. 398 more words

A Report on a Haunting at Number 11 Erskine Street, Aberdeen

I opened his door and switched on the light. Here is what I saw. Paul was standing in his pyjamas by the big bay window that stretched right across the far wall of his room. 214 more words


A Report on a Haunting and Other Stories

A Report on a Haunting and Other Stories.

Three new weird tales by Rufus Woodward available now to read for free.

Three claustrophobic tales of anxiety and dread, of hidden thoughts and buried memories, and of all the monstrous things that lurk inside. 362 more words


10.1.3 the prophetic sea of sleep 

The boy is having a vision in sleep.

He is tiny within the scene. The world is heavy, storm poised and bloated with dark grey clouds. 433 more words


Look. All books are weird when you think about it …. It goes without saying that real life is also weird.

Kelly Link


I don’t think you can distinguish science fiction, fantasy and horror with any rigour, as the writers around the magazine Weird Tales early in the last century (Lovecraft in particular) illustrated most sharply.

27 more words

Tolosum Treasure

Marko Matov, the local lawyer, had always had a deep interest in popular folklore.

Over several decades, he had acquired many acquaintances around Lake Ohrid who related traditional legends and tales to this amateur ethnographer. 2,994 more words

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