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“no matter how far the author has gone into the wilderness, the auteur will find him.”

Creative Writing

Speculum Gothicum: Four Dark Tales

The four dark tales here gathered represent Gothic at its literary high-point. Inexorable doom, cursed life, a grim setting, and nameless horror all find their place. 105 more words

Some Thoughts on Conan + Margaret Brundage

Though I read and talked about Kull some time back, I have only recently started reading Conan. Beginning at both ends, I’ve been reading the Del Ray collection “The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian” in bits on my lunch breaks and have just finished the 1977 edition of Red Nails over the last couple days at home. 571 more words

Awright. Now Listen Up.

Rolling Physics Problem is a strange combination.

While the superfical intent is to be about the Rolling Phyics Problem that is artful motorcycling, as often as not it is also about the literary art. 519 more words

Ripping Yarns

Jirel of Joiry

Why is Jirel of Joiry, one of few bona fide woman pulp Sword & Sorcery heroes, so comparatively obscure? Is it because Jirel is a female protagonist? 779 more words


Available Books & Items at the NY Tolkien Conference II

It is our hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th of July! In less than two weeks on Saturday July 16th the New York Tolkien Conference… 499 more words