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It Rained Earth Worms In Norway For Some Reason

Every once in awhile, the weather likes to pull fast ones on us. Sometimes it inspires a random Bostonian to dress up as a Yeti… 178 more words

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FUKUSHIMA EFFECT? ‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the U.S.

Source: AGU

The one common element in recent weather has been oddness. The West Coast has been warm and parched; the East Coast has been cold and snowed under. 189 more words


From the jaws of the lion

March this year came in like a lion, with snow and gale-force winds.

‘Oh well,’ we thought, ‘that means we can look forward to a balmy end of the month. 697 more words

March madness.

March is a weird month.
Yesterday was sunny, extremely windy, and in the low 70s.
On Sunday, temps climbed into the low 80s.
Today was like late November, cold and rainy, temps in the low 40s. 34 more words


Bostonians accept their fate as Canadians

I cannot believe the weather Boston has been having!

It seems they just finish cleaning up snow when another snow storm hits.

Here in Canada, Manitoba has seen temperatures as low as -36c/-33f. 308 more words

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Mysterious Orange Snow Falls on Russian Town

I survive winters by abiding by these three simple rules: enjoy the white snow, drive carefully in the grey snow and… 330 more words

Earth Changes

Valdemartín times three in the day

Day after day of bright sunshine in central Spain. Practically no significant precipitation since mid-December. We continue to have pretty weird snow conditions in the Sierra de Guadarrama. 260 more words