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Degrees of Perception

Way back in 1970, when I finally received my degree, I was astonished at the language, the words used to announce to all and sundry my entry into the select world of the degreed. 868 more words


Weird Words – 5 surprising word origins you'd never guess

As a writer, I’ve always been interested in how language changes, develops and evolves. How words change their meaning because of the way we use them. 373 more words

Weird Words

A Word for the Turds Birds

If you want a chance to use a word that will turn some heads, find something that is bird-like in its appearance and observe its turdiform features.Taking its meaning from the bird family  38 more words


Weird Words — from "totes" to "selfie" to "lol"

Man in 2016: “Could you Facebook me that selfie of us asap?”
Man in 1916: “Could I what you that what of us what?!”

Once upon a time, “text” was only a noun, “tweet” was just something birds did, and there was no such thing as a “selfie”. 431 more words

Weird Words

Weird Words of Wisdom!

One who steals a little, is hanged;

One who steals much, goes by carriage!


Weird Words of Wisdom!

One is received according to one’s coat;

one is dismissed according to one’s brain!


Weird Words of Wisdom!

To the Merry man, every weed is a flower;

To the afflicted man, every flower is a weed!