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Walnut, acorn, almond, chestnut, hazelnut. Those are all nutty-sounding names for nuts. But filbert? Where did that one come from?

Filbert is an alternative name for a hazelnut. 192 more words

Weird Words


Ever come across the word callow? It’s a relatively common English surname: the actor Simon Callow and the painter William Callow. It also appears as a place name in England and Ireland: Callow, Derbyshire; Callow, Herefordshire; Callow, Shropshire; Callow Hill, Worcestershire; Callow End, Worcestershire; and Callow, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. 206 more words

Weird Words


What comes to mind when you hear the word harrowing? Unless you’re involved in farming, you likely think of a harrowing experience, something distressing, painful, or terrifying. 410 more words

Weird Words


If you’re familiar with sailing, snooker (billiards), or window blinds, you’ve probably heard the term headrail. On a sailing vessel, it’s the railing extending from behind the bow to behind the figurehead. 270 more words

Weird Words

Excerpt: Mooner (or vampires and lumberjacks rock my world)

Today, I feel like vampires. So vampires it shall be. Well…lumberjacks that run into vampires, because in my world that combination is a beautiful thing and it’s still my birthday week, so there you go. 1,060 more words


First Post! It's About Words!!

Having an ever expanding vocabulary is a huge part of writing and life in general, at least in my opinion. I love ‘weird’ words a lot, or rather just words that are not commonly heard. 91 more words

First Post

Speaking English, but somehow a different language

…an example of a conversation that may or may not take place on this planet..

me: Hey, do you want bacon with your eggs?

Jack: (slurping noise that sounds like he’s sucking down a bowl of Jell-o) 175 more words