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Weird Words – how brand names become generic

I have a Numatic Hetty HET200 Vacuum Cleaner. Do I call it that? No. It’s a hoover.

When I dig it out, I don’t “vacuum” the flat. 531 more words


Weird Words of Wisdom!

All the world’s a camera –

look pleasant, please!

~North American.

Weird Words of Wisdom!

To be a complete man one should have spent three years at a public school,

one at a university…

and two in prison!


Weird Words of Wisdom!

Nobody’s family can hang up the sign:

‘Nothing the Matter Here’!


Weird Words of Wisdom!

Buttered Bread falls on its Face!


Weird Words – Brits vs Yanks

A few hundred years ago, English-speakers sailed away to the New World, taking our language with them. Since that time, a whole ocean has separated us, so the English language on American soil was inevitably going to become a different beast. 558 more words

Weird Words

Word of the Month - April

Tittynope – n. a small quantity of something leftover.