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Flowery Bitters

Thorned bushes have your heart then?
When wirey brush scrapes your thigh,
and climbs until you cannot reach,
will you then think again on your position sailing from the sky? 104 more words

A word, by any other sound, would be as strange

[WP DP re-posted a prompt today about word use. The response I posted to another WPDP word use prompt also fits this prompt]. 1,003 more words

Daily Prompt

25 Weird and Interesting Little-Known Phobias

25 rare phobias – how many of these do you suffer from?

It’s well-known that a fear of spiders is ‘arachnophobia’, but what’s a fear of wasps? 277 more words


Flippin' Nora

Flippin’ Nora
Is a gymnast of sorts
You should see the way
She can bend and contort
Like silk and a spring
She’s abundant with grace… 7 more words


Word of the day for Monday

They say if you use a word 3 times in the right context, then it’s yours for life! I’ve been doing this my whole life and found it works. 43 more words


Word of the Day!

Make it a great day everyone!

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