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Weird Word of the Week - June 19, 2017


: to taste and savor

While Dahlya likes to “degust” looong, juicy, weird words, Booker prefers to “degust” Dahlya’s Juneberry Swirl Punch, made fresh in her diner every day, and Grandmop and Grandpop’s Bee-Nutty Snacks made fresh in each day in their Bee-Nutty Shop–both located in the heart of Juneberry Square. 59 more words

Weird Words

Virgillya Primproperly, guest in Book 4, Weird Word Day

Mrs. Primproperly is a school teacher, and spends her free time as professional weird word speaker. During the summer and on weekends through the school year, Virgillya Primproperly—who is very prim and proper— is often found contending in weird word contests around the globe. 104 more words

Weird Words

Mayor Malarkey of Juneberry Square, guest star in Book 4, Weird Word Day

There are SIX unique real-life animals illustrated as guest stars in Weird Word Day, book four in the Booker T. Bear learning adventures series. One of those six characterizes the mayor of  Juneberry Square: Mayor Aundiam Malarkey. 87 more words

Weird Words

Weird Word of the Week - June 12, 2017


: a rock type formed from volcanic ash

In book one of the Booker T. Bear learning adventure series, The Adventures Begin, Booker and Dahlya meet a strange life-form created from a hot lava storm! 47 more words

Weird Words

Weird Word of the Week


a rough sketch or draft

(as of a picture or a poem)

Dahlya’s favorite snack to eat and serve at her diner is looong, juicy WEIRD words. 31 more words

Weird Words

8 Little Known Words to Describe Me



  • In essence, a lover of words, me, the reason I felt a need to make this list. The joy I feel when I see a new word and discover an unknown meaning.
  • 334 more words

Word You Can't Believe Is a Word: Smellfungus

Just looking at this word makes me laugh. But it is a real word, at least according to Merriam-Webster, the American Heritage Dictionary, and a few other sources. 181 more words