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The Weirdest Dating Apps

Check out a list of the weirdest dating apps.

If you are looking for a new app to help you with your dating problem, these might NOT be for you… 199 more words


Weirdest & Worst Nightmares

I ve had total insomnia with nightmares for 3 consecutive years now, nothing new there. I take sleeping pills which sometimes help and sometimes don t. 78 more words

The Weirdest Things People Have Asked Doctors

What are the strangest things patients have asked doctors?

You have to imagine doctors hear a TON of crazy things each day . . . nothing brings out irrational behavior like a health scare. 147 more words


Curious Collections: 15 of the World’s Weirdest Museums by Decoradoc

You may wonder why anyone would pay income to gaze at collections of dog collars, toilets, packets of ramen and mammalian penises in jars, but one particular factor we’ve learned from this list of weird museums is that absolutely anything can be collected and put on show. 17 more words

The Weirdest Excuse For Being Late To Work

Check out some of the weirdest excuses for being late to work.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 23% of us show up late to work at least once a month, and 14% are late once a week. 171 more words