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The weirdest events at Cannes, where the world's top marketing gurus are gathering to guzzle rose and bask on yachts

At the Cannes advertising festival, an annual gathering of award-seeking creative superstars from the ad agency world, along with a sea of media executives, marketers and ad technology vendors, the networking can be intense and the inspiration overwhelming.  52 more words

The Weirdest Names In The News For 2017

Here are some of the WEIRDEST names in the news so far this year.

An annual list of the weirdest names in the news came out recently. 38 more words


5 of the weirdest and most unexpected graduation speakers of all time

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The spring semester is winding down for college seniors across the US, and graduation ceremonies will take place throughout May and June. 921 more words


The Weirdest Things Flight Attendants Have Seen

Here are some of the WEIRDEST things flight attendants have seen on flights.

“Business Insider” posted a list of the weirdest things flight attendants have seen like… 30 more words


The Best, Weirdest Mario/Zelda Crossovers

(Source: kotaku.com)

Illustration by Sam Woolley

Late last year, it was revealed that Link would become a racer in Mario Kart 8. But that wasn’t his first Mario rodeo. 1,197 more words


Accidental Death

The weirdest things happen to us by accident all the time. I remember reading about air crashes and how they happen. I watched a lot of videos downloaded from You Tube about the causes of these air crashes and the discoveries of the investigators seeking to find out how they happened.  901 more words


The Weirdest Minor League Baseball Team Names

A list of the WEIRDEST minor league baseball team names includes…

“USA Today” ranked ‘The 10 Weirdest Minor League Baseball Team Names.” And yes, these ARE real. 121 more words