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The Weirdest Products Shopped For In Every State

What WEIRD product does every state shop for more than anyone else?

The real estate website Estately just did a study of Google Shopping searches to see what WEIRD product every state is shopping for more than anyone else, and the results did not disappoint. 83 more words


Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment In Economic History?


It is an unfortunate reality that most people tend to be oblivious to massive sea changes in geopolitics and economics. You would think that these events would catch the immediate attention of everyone as they happen, but usually it is not until they realize that the microcosm of their personal lives is subject to the consequences of the macrocosm that they wake up and take notice. 1,615 more words

Daily News

16 Of The Most 'WTF?' Barbies That Have Ever Gone Into Production

In honor of National Barbie Day, it would be fitting to do a retrospective on all of the ways the doll has evolved and changed along with our society, and all of the ways that Barbie has contributed to the development of America’s youth. 1,053 more words


The Weirdest One-Hit-Wonders Of The 1980s

A list of the weirdest one-hit-wonders from the ’80s includes…

The ’80s are famous for one-hit-wonders, and a new list breaks down the WEIRDEST one from each year in the decade. 321 more words


Here Are The Weirdest Things People Found Hidden In Their Parent's House

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your parents home? For those of us who eventually got out, you may instantly be filled with a dose of nostalgia… or maybe the thought of that place makes you want to cringe. 259 more words


15 People Shared The Weirdest Dates They've Ever Been On And They Did Not Disappoint

When life throws you blind dates, online hookups and speed dating, you’re bound to run into a cringeworthy, yet unforgettable story. That’s probably because people in general are weird or socially awkward and dating is one of the… 503 more words


15 People Reveal The Weirdest Question They’ve Been Asked In A Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview normally involves a higher-than-usual level of stress, somewhere up there with public speaking. Unless you’re some kind of mind reader, you cannot possible predict the outcome of employee “tryouts.” No matter how much you prepare, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. 436 more words