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21 People Told Us The Weirdest Places They've Ever Had Sex

There’s something so incredibly thrilling about having sex in a place other than the bedroom. It’s exotic and new. Not to mention, the excitement that you might get caught is one of the oldest turn-ons in the books. 319 more words

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9 insane laptops you never knew existed

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

When you’re buying a laptop, you may look for a model with a design that reflects your personality.

If your personality is a little off-center, you may want to check out these… things. 860 more words


21 People Shared Their Weirdest Bucketlist Item That Might Actually Be Achievable

Everyone has a bucket list, those essential life experiences they hope to one day have before their time is up. Many people will attest to their desire to jump out of an airplane or travel overseas, but the truth is not all bucket lists are the same. 1,005 more words


Would You Eat Here? The World's Weirdest and Most Wonderful Restaurants | Apartment Therapy

OMG! I’d love for some of these restaurants to be in New York City.

Going out to eat isn’t just about the food. It’s about the whole experience, and a big part of that is the restaurant’s design. 50 more words

The 10 weirdest things people have encountered in ’No Man’s Sky’

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Just about everything in the space-exploration game “No Man’s Sky” is generated by an algorithm, which makes the process of discovering entirely new worlds so exciting. 313 more words