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The Weirdest Excuses For Being Late To Work

The weirdest excuses people have used for being late to work include…

According to a new Career Builder survey, the three most common excuses for showing up late to work are: bad traffic, sleeping through your alarm, and bad weather. 185 more words


Phillips Phunny: Goat Makes Weirdest Noises

Another SCREAMING GOAT VIDEO is going viral.

Our fascination with screaming goats isn’t over. Here’s a new one where the goat doesn’t really sound like a person. 25 more words


The Weirdest Gifts People Have Gotten From Their Secret Santa

A new survey found the strangest things people have gotten from coworkers in gift exchanges.

A new survey by CareerBuilder asked people for the weirdest thing they ever got from a coworker in a gift exchange. 70 more words


85-Year-Old Man Marries 25-Year-Old Lady And Shared The Weirdest Night Ever!

The internet has a lot of stories that people would like to read. The people spend more time surfing the net as a lot of informative and amusing stories are being uploaded over the social media sites. 18 more words

The Weirdest Things People Have Found On Their Significant Other's Phone

A new survey found 41% of people have gone through their significant other’s phone and found something weird.

A new survey found 41% of people admit they’ve dug around their significant other’s phone, and 12% have found something that made them take a break from the relationship. 83 more words