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MBQ: Craziest Thing That Happened On One Of YOUR First Dates?

Saw this headline today: “A Guy On a First Date Saved a Man From a Burning Car!”

Here’s the story, a 21-year-old in Canada was driving a girl home after a first date earlier this month, rolled up on to the scene of an accident and had to pull a guy from a burning CAR. 257 more words


The Weirdest Interview Questions

A new survey found the weirdest job interview questions people have been asked this year.

Sometimes companies ask crazy questions in job interviews, to see how people think on their feet. 130 more words


I find myself making the stupidest faces, doing the dumbest things, and making the weirdest noises, all to make my daughter laugh. What I’m trying to say is, I’m a triple threat.


If it’s just money you want,

you can get paid for the weirdest things.


The Weirdest Dating Apps

Check out a list of the weirdest dating apps.

If you are looking for a new app to help you with your dating problem, these might NOT be for you… 199 more words