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Welcome, to the Scarlet Vixen Blog!

Greetings earthlings, welcome to my exciting blog. A place where I get to share my daydreams and weirdest experiences with you.

Feel feel free to feed your mushy brains and share your thoughts with me. 12 more words

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Weirdest, Most Unsual Deaths Ever

Death is inevitable. There’s no escaping it. It can arrive in the strangest ways possible. Don’t believe us? These 25 weirdest deaths will leave you wide-eyed with disbelief. 703 more words


This Year's Weirdest San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

(Source: kotaku.com)

San Diego Comic-Con 2016’s begins with this evening’s preview night, when many of the most desirable collectible exclusives will disappear. Then there are there are the exclusives that’ll likely make it through to Sunday, like 24 karat gold Iron Man and Guan Yu Stan Lee. 678 more words


The Weirdest Things People Have Been Caught Doing At Work

Here are some of the weirdest things people have been caught doing at work.

A new survey asked more than 2,000 bosses for the weirdest thing they ever caught an employee doing on the clock. 81 more words


13 Of The Weirdest Things Camp Counselors Have Seen Kids Do

Whoever said kids are like tiny drunk adults could not have spoken a more accurate truth. There are few things in life quite as entertaining as the pure, unfiltered, curious and adorable messes we call children. 1,361 more words


The Weirdest Question Each State Googles

What weird question do people in every state GOOGLE more than anyone else?

The website Estately.com just analyzed Google searches from the past 12 years to figure out what WEIRD QUESTION people in every state Google more than anyone else. 119 more words


Book Review/Giveaway: My Weirdest School #4: Mrs. Meyer Is on Fire! Ends June 6th

About the Book:  In this fourth book in the new My Weirdest School series, the students of Ella Mentry School are learning about fire safety. Mrs. 416 more words