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Always the weird kid

I wasn’t sure where to express these thoughts and then i remembered i have a blog for this very reason! Apologies for the strong language throughout. 916 more words


It's Tough Being Me

Where as other girls constantly plan their weddings even the ones who are single as fuck,

Planning their white wedding, their pristine white gown already chosen, coiffed hairstyle planned, long trailing veils with diamonds studs, pink reception dress already made… 484 more words


Guess Who's Back....

If there was a Hallmark card for my return to blogging, it would be in the condolences section.

To those of you who know me and read my previous material, there’s no way for either of us to get that time back so let’s let bygones be bygones. 495 more words



Stop saying you’re weird

and different.


You’re just like everybody else

and no one is quite like you.

Stop acting bashful,

‘I’m such a weirdo’, you titter, 153 more words


We Need to Talk About Jughead Jones

Riverdale is back this week, after what seems like a million years. But can we talk about one thing real quick? Jughead Jones.

Riverdale spoilers follow. 343 more words




That’s just me. I am not kidding.

Mom used to say “you look homeless and hopeless”

And I would just say “creative people are messy, the artists and poets…” and bam!! 420 more words


Washington 2018 Part 1: Help! There’s a Crazy Man on the Flight

This past Tuesday, I caught an early flight to Seattle. I was ultimately going to visit my family on Whidbey Island, but I’d be spending the first few days in Seattle on my own. 1,525 more words