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I'm Somebody Now!

When I applied for graduate school, I filled out applications for at least 6 different schools. Every institution required similar and also different entrance criteria – transcripts, an admission essay, an interview, personality tests, and of course, the application itself. 260 more words

Escape the Ordinary 

Escape the Ordinary

Be crazy, let loose and have fun

Live life the way you want

Don’t let anyone tell you how to do you


Baby Billie

Here it is something I felt like writing about the most absurd person I know.

Absurd because she’s completely different from everyone around her: different notion of time, different lifetime goals, different energy, different vibration and, may I say?, different tolerance to alcohol. 192 more words


The Wonder of Ivy Podcast: Episode 11 - Weird

Happy Sunday! This week’s episode is about being “weird” and how you shouldn’t let that stop you! Make sure to listen and share with anyone you feel would benefit. 29 more words


Misfit: Learning the Power of Never Fitting in

I think many of us at one time or another have felt like an outsider. We find ourselves in seasons where we feel like we’re on our own, that we don’t have that community that we all so desperately need. 1,433 more words


Something a bit different for y’all this week my loves- A poem!

I remember the first time I was called a weirdo. The words stung like a knife. 243 more words


I'm Dating A Weirdo

Before dating my current boyfriend, I had 3 dating deal breakers that I had no intention of negotiating on. They are (or, I guess, were): 923 more words