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Oh great, another teenie movie. *sarcasm off* That’s what I thought when I heared about “The DUFF”. Then I heared something about the male cast. Robbie Amell was starring. 482 more words


Creature Feature

I am currently researching the case of an elusive Creature’s peculiar behavior. I have taken a particular liking to said Ceature’s charms, smile, looks, wit, and demeanor. 1,394 more words

Rapping Out some Weird Thoughts. Sometimes you just gotta rap it out.

Here I am, sitting in this room. You can’t see the room, but it’s just another room in the world.

I have thoughts that are dying to come out of me. 549 more words


Three Years Later

So, three years ago I made this blog for fun. I was in high school and completely lost interest in it. For one, I was lazy to say anything. 527 more words


Too hot!

Too hot! That’s what it is right now. Not as bad as before but.. Seriously. I washed my hair yesterday and it already looks like it needs a wash… So much sweat. 283 more words