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Screwed around with an old sketch. Put it on the flat-bed, scanned it in, inked & colored in MangaStudio. Used a photo I took in Iceland as the back-drop. Weird little dude. 


What time is it? Blogging time!

Hello internet!

It’s nice to be back in the blogging world. I started a blog on Blogger a little while ago and it was getting some hits, so I thought I’d start writing somewhere else. 405 more words


When you are always the odd one

Not very nice to be odd or different right?
Sometimes you are just weird.
And you dont know why.
Because you were born this way. 202 more words

Singles Mixer at Colton's??

I got a message inviting me to a singles mixer at Colton’s the day before Valentine’s day. Can you even imagine what that would be like? 40 more words


Hassan K. - Wahy

Artist: Hassan. K
title: Wahy
keywords: electronic, experimental, breakbeats, breakcore, weirdo, oriental, noise, surf, psychedelic, insanity,
reviewer: your dope dealer

Forget about that Special K that you do with your friends (or alone) to tranquilize that inner horse of yours; forget about that you put in a bowl of milk with added sweeteners… But make way in your memory for the one and only Hassan K! 718 more words



Your boobs are full of fat- radiologist
It’s like a dream for us- radiologist

We can see right through, perfect for us

Okay so that’s great news; so you dig the fatness of them, what now, they hurt more than a root canal, in my way all the time, my clothes hate them – I desire to punch them, often… 244 more words



Tiếng đàn piano ấy chất chứa một sự mê hoặc to lớn khiến tôi không cưỡng lại được. Nghe anh chơi đàn, tôi có cảm giác không đơn giản là anh đang chơi một loại nhạc cụ âm nhạc, mà chính anh là tiếng nhạc cất lên đó. 360 more words