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The Weird Old Lady with One Globe

She was 8 years old.

She checked her first pocket.  The grocery list was still there.  She checked her other pocket. The money was still there.  557 more words

What Makes YOU Smile

Distracted by Nothing

Do you ever get distracted by absolutely nothing? The other day I was having a guitar lesson and I just completely zoned out. My teacher asked me if I was okay, and when I said ‘sorry, I got distarcted’ I realised that I wasn’t actually distracted by anything. 119 more words


On Creepily Watching Drunk People

I fell asleep very early (yum) and woke up at 4 am. Got some water, looked out my window, and saw a young man standing at the door of the apartment building across the street. 164 more words

Winter came, spring is coming.

Winter came, spring is coming.

I have been working for hours on new things. Comic strips, drawings, posts and others.

At long last, I am finally able to launch this blog but also to launch The Dunnos Project. 19 more words


Who Knew Childish Gambino Was Actually A Hilarious Stand-Up Comedian?

In the music world, we know actor, writer and pretty much genius, Donald Glover as Childish Gambino. We’ve all heard CAMP and Because The Internet. We’ve seen him on NBC’s Community. 45 more words


To all the weirdos out there

You have become a reader, a travelling companion as I unveil myself to the world. I will progressively show more of myself until the whole world knows my particular flavour of weirdness! 86 more words


Smegma Johnson another alias for Matthew Berdyck

Admission that Matthew Kane is really Matthew Berdyck, a willingness to lie and create multiple fake names to harass people.

Matthew admits to stalking someone across the country. 19 more words