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Thanks For All The Cheese

I’ve got to say melted cheese is AWESOME!

I say this because I was happily tucking into my breakfast upon my arrival home from work and this mornings breakfast was a cheese toastie so I was chewing away thinking to myself ‘ain’t cheese great’ as I enjoyed every mouthful and my two cheese toasties became one and then none I wished for another cheese toast, fortunately because the loaf I bought was smaller than the regulation size I’d already prepared another two cheese toasties. 374 more words


Cafe con leche

De la esencia fuerte en tu mirar nació una obsesión

Con el primer beso y el carro hirviendo en pleno invierno

Un poco de leche mis manos pasando por tus ojos acariciando los sueños que guardas en tu mente… 80 more words


Fetching the Lost Inspiration (2)

We were looking at the statute — coal mine worker with hammers in their hands, the less than a year ago statute standing each side of the bridge, guarding Sieg. 313 more words



I dream of her as a delightful display of post modern style

A graceful energy brought to the brink of destruction and saved

Blank canvas to write poetic verses about while kissing sweetly… 147 more words

A Walking Contradiction

My Instagram bio states that “I Am A Walking Contradiction”. This is true.

This quote is so entirely me that it’s scary.

A lot of the attitude and vibe I tend to give off comes from growing up the way I did (will discuss this in another post). 298 more words



So I was kind of decluttering pictures and files from my mom’s laptop and I saw random pictures of me doing weird random things/pose. I thought I’d share my weirdness with you, haha! 48 more words


Only me...

I think the hardest thing about being an adult, sitting here, watching a movie with my friends in my living room, is pretending that I wasn’t dancing around like an idiot to Taylor Swift, like, ten minutes before they got here…

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