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Today's defeat

I’ve let him down, my mum down, my brother’s down and myself down. I ran away from my problems thinking that they weren’t going to follow me, but they did. 1,198 more words

How To Adult

Things Zac Says When He's Sleeping

“There’s a lot of Australian’s in Australia.”

(A pause while I work out in my half asleep state if that is what he just said) 14 more words


City Light Girl

You are the ray of sunlight that knows darkness equally well
Striding through the bright lights of the city
That dispel darkness intermittently
I am the sadness of an unreal home… 57 more words


More Stories of Courage

Marjorie Bard, a senior citizen that has fallen victim to the Matthew Berdyck online stalking has even more to say


here she is trying to actually help the homeless, not exploit them for a movie… 83 more words

Matthew Berdyck

There Are So Many Unanswered Questions In The Universe...

Why would knowing where Johnny Depp and Beyonce live one of them?

I ask this because we got an audit from a vendor that we use at work. 86 more words


I always knew I wasnt like the other kids. I couldn’t help but be that but a lot of the time I just wanted to be like everybody else. 364 more words

It is easier said than done

When you don’t fit in with the majority, being yourself could be hard. Choosing to go on your own path which is not already paved by the majority needs courage and passion. 192 more words