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"Weirdo" Doodle Art

Because it kind of looks like one. At least a weirdo in the floral world.

This drawing can be found on Amazon ($9.95):


Stepdad Thanksgiving

(originally published in Neologism Poetry Journal, Summer 2017)


What you want

This is in accord with the royal wedding from last weekend. And girls, since there are not too many princes left in this world, just settle for a good regular person, one that makes you laugh.

Mother's Day

As I think about things,

my feelings,

the worst parts about

what it is that I am…

I try to remember

that I am just working my way… 67 more words


Getting Chickened, Again.

I like to refer to the place where my metal chicken is installed as a “Gated Community”.

One February morning I was hauling out the recycling and was startled by THIS intruder. 361 more words

I brought my spoon

I brought my spoon

and pillow


because I wanted

wrongful attention

I went to the ice cream

and opened two

five gallon


containers… 87 more words

Steven Humphreys

What would you do if you weren't afraid of doing something?💭

The cockroach story…

I have a phobia from cockroaches. I don’t know what that phobia is called. I actually always start screaming and shouting whenever I see a cockroach. 123 more words