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Adventure :D

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 19 more words



Some people behave in a very creepy way there face pops up every now and then on your drop down list and you aknowledge them with a like on there site and they never leave a like on yours or a comment just a face on the drop down. 6 more words


I Could Not Be More Done With Pancake Art

By Stretch

At least once a week, one of my feeds on some sort of social media is plastered with the same video. It starts with a shot of an aerial view of a frying pan, and then sped up footage of hands use squirt bottles to create a well-known image out of all things, pancake batter. 518 more words

Current Events

Scream Queens Recap

Helloooooo Weirdos!  I am so very excited to try my hand at a recap.  Scream Queens season 2 is here and just as weird and fabulous as the last…and this time we have John Stamos and his murdery hand to ogle.   949 more words



“If you feel like a weirdo, its okay because weirdos rule the world.” -Aubrey Plaza

Quote Of The Day

Happy Fabulous and Weird Fall

Grab your leggings and carving knives, Weirdos! Fall is upon us!  If your like me, you have had a love for Fall long before Instagram exploded with #footballscarvesandPSL (#fuckingkillme #dirtychaioverPSL).   272 more words