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I found myself in lost places; in a sea of blurry faces.
I’m getting tired and I need someone to rely on,
I felt the branches of the trees looking at me, 92 more words



I have this OCD thing where I can not have multiple tabs open on my browser unless I really, really need them all the time (No “I’ll need this in an hour” no no no, I close it and re-open an hour later) and I can not stand having unread emails or drafts. 418 more words


Weirdo Wednesday - The Dinosaurologist is in

Not every stranger I meet is a weirdo & not every weirdo I meet is a stranger.

This is the tale of someone I wish was a stranger but at one point I had to see every day. 1,493 more words


Weird Crap Guys Say to Me #7.

Salutations, pals. So something cool has started- I’ve been getting Facebook and text messages about weird crap that has happened to you guys as well. Today’s post is from a frequent reader. 9 more words


Weird Crap Guys Say to Me #6.

Hey, hi, and hullo. I am back from a hiatus has been wine and Game of Thrones induced. Should you find yourself not a fan of GoT…. 738 more words


You're Not Weird, You're Simply Unique

The shittiest thing about being different (or in the layman’s terms, a ‘weirdo’) is this :
No matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re okay, you don’t care, you can handle this, at least once in your life you’ll stop and think — ‘maybe I should just change myself’. 369 more words

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