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About Me; Ariel

Hi, I’m Ariel. I’ve been called weird before, and sometimes even creepy. But who hasn’t right?

I suggest like a million things for the blog (and like 90% of them get turned down.) And try to get us to try new ideas (which isn’t always easy with three different kinds of people.) It’s like I tell the elves living between my ears: sometimes it’s good to flex your thinking muscle. 334 more words


Mood swings, self-loving problems and relationship issues II

27/5/2015 Wednesday

Hey all!

How are you guys? :D

Well, I hope you’re feeling super duper great (or just an okay great)(whichever is fine). I’m not feeling too cool myself though :/ Well, for the past 3 days, I’ve been kinda sad, angry, pissed, happy, high, low, etc, where my emotions changes extremely quickly :/ Yeah… I even pms a lot on Kawaii-kun nowadays :( (and I feel super duper bad about it, but being the super nice guy he is, he keeps telling me it’s okay) 608 more words

Here we go...

Okay so I don’t know if it ever happens to you, but in the middle of the day/night I am constantly and without any warning stricken with some random thoughts and problems that I just need to solve. 72 more words


Besties and Exs and Relationships


You know that feeling of love? That feeling of being loved and getting loved back? That really awesome feeling you get like when you know that someone out there super duper cares a ton about you? 643 more words


So yeah, this is my blog. I have no idea how that thing works and I’ll try to figure it out. I’m going to talk about concerts I go to, music, travelling, and life in general. 162 more words


Wanna make it big in this world? Be average!

I have been diagnosed many things in my life. As I was saying earlier, “weirdo” is one of the big ones. It pretty much sums up many of the other names I have been given. 895 more words