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Strange Fruit

written in 2016

I am all angles and elbows


I am the forgotten tire, bobbing in a swampy, neglected tide

Trees cover themselves with leaves… 125 more words


111.2017 - Evening

Bubbs is taking another no bubble, bubble bath because someone forgot the bubbles again. OOPS. He’s having a blast because I’m finished washing his hair and body so it’s all playtime with his bath toys for the next 5-10 minutes. 85 more words


Watching “Steven Universe” and “Vanderpump Rules” on my Ikea couch that easily turns into a double bed,  I “accidentally” let the neighbor’s cat in the house again and she’s not mad about the head scratches.   627 more words


things zac says when he's sleeping


*scares the crap out of me, I think there’s a murderer in the room, try to work out what’s going on, are we ok, are we alive, is he hurt…*

“Chaddy. Chaddy, Chaddy, Chadstone.”


An Easter Funny

Atticus has his own little way of getting comfy and making a little doggie nest. I think he missed that class in Puppy 101.

Talk soon Lovelies!


War on Thought

From birth up here we are taught

Lad there is a battle to be fought!


The enemy is thinking,

do not do it a lot… 56 more words