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Excited.. Weirdo

Today i’m pretty excited after a startup with lazy mood. Idk why and how i turned on. Now i am bit of dude wazzup and hello baby!! 92 more words

Me And My Life

Why art school, weirdo?

Some might think that attending art school is a self-indulgent act, where you go to discuss bizarre abstract thoughts and only wear Dr Martens boots. It’s a strange place to explain, but I find it is a safe environment for the unknown. 1,071 more words


Dead Men Eat No Peaches: An Interview With a Cretin (and a new release!)

The first volume of The Minus Faction Omnibus is now available. It collects the first three episodes of the series (for less than the cost of buying the three individually) and includes some bonus art and additional materials, such as the following interview by my friend and colleague LJ Cohen, who asked some wonderfully insightful questions! 2,407 more words


Be (Freaking) Weird

Be weird. The weirdest you can be. Challenge the status quo, live by new standards. Standards set by you. Live your life. Take it into your own hands, we’ll clap cause we’re weird too. 100 more words


Get To Know Me Tag

1. Do you have a middle name?

Yes but seeing as how Im anonymous I cant reveal that

2. What was you favorite subject in school? 120 more words


Im Still Here

I know I haven’t posted since I created this blog but I’m still here. I’m just having a hard time getting started. There’s so much I want to post about. 58 more words


I'm not a nice person, really.

There’s a considerable amount of people who hate me.

I don’t really care about the ones I hate right back, like the woman who used to live in the apartment bellow mine back in Brazil and my crazy aunt… but to find out that some really good friends I love deeply or people I admire hate me just breaks my heart. 555 more words

I'm A Weirdo