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Tempest of Taste

In the end, we were lucky; we didn’t lose power.But two weeks ago it was a distinct possibility.  It only takes a little ice on the wrong line or tree limb and we would’ve been in the dark and the cold. 546 more words

Corned Beef

I don't force my kid to hug and kiss anyone. And you shouldn't either.

It’s hard being little.

Being forced to go to bed when you want to stay up and play. Being asked to eat food that you’ve never seen before and you’re DEFINITELY sure that you’ll hate. 878 more words

clinginess bordering on weirdo/creepiness

okay, that’s a bit of a 😶 title. I know. But it’s something that I’m plagued by.

I write a diary – which is another attempt of me getting my thoughts and feelings out – on days I remember to anyways. 405 more words

The Magic of Omegle

​Ahhh~ Omegle. The place where online predetors try and get underage kids to do sexy things. Or in other words, the land of d**ks for men who don’t understand that PornHub exists. 1,130 more words


Bullying isn't okay

I’m honestly tired of going to school just to be looked at in a strange just because of how I dress. So what I wear dirty converse, black jeans, black shirts and hoodies?

81 more words
Bully Victim

Weirdo Wears Winter Wares

Winter/ cold weather style is a great way to show off how fabulous and weird you are.  Being a midwesterner myself, I resigned to the fact that once mid-November hits, Hell will be frozen over until April and will be a PMSing bitch immediately before and after.   639 more words

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