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 I was a little nervous not knowing how Liam would react with another little human being in our home, but it wasn’t too bad.  Before going into the hospital I bought Liam one of his favorite toys from the Disney character movie, Cars.   208 more words

Mitchell Boys

419 - Will Ferguson

“The human memory is a salamander, though; it squiggles from point to point, slaloms its way improbably up walls and across ceilings.  A ripple of colour, appearing and disappearing at the same momentum an orange head trailing a fluid blue body.   464 more words


I'mma Read Them Books - Arielle's Stack

I’mma read that book.

I’mma school that book. 

I’mma get take that book to college.

I’mma give that book some knowledge.

I’mma read I’mma read I’mma read… 326 more words


Welcome to Bookstravaganza, Baby

admired Bookstravaganza from afar last year. Then I met founding ‘stravaganzer Matthew Stepanic and invited myself to join for 2014. I have zero chance of “winning,” as in, reading more books than the other participants – most of these kids are ten years younger than me and are current or recent English majors, whereas I’m a haggard mom who hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in five years – but winning isn’t the point. 308 more words


Bookstravaganza 2014: The Christmas Book Flood

For those who know even the slightest thing about me, they know that I’m basically obsessed with all things Iceland.  In 2014, following the onset of a direct flight from Edmonton to Reykjavik, I made two separate trips to Iceland, the first in April for a long sight-seeing trip and a writers’ retreat, and the second in November for a music festival (writing and music – my two big things).   289 more words