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To the moon - Alice - to the moon

SpaceX to send two paying customers around the moon next year


A Blast (off) From My Past

The image below is a screen capture from one the videos in the previous post on today’s SpaceX CRS-10 launch.

Life comes full circle. In a… 417 more words


If at first you don't succeed …

SpaceX CRS-1o aborted at T-13 seconds today

Tomorrow is another day. History is being made.

Go SpaceX


Free Gold

Seriously. Free gold. It’s free.

I recently posted that Goldmoney had reported their financial results for the third quarter ended December 31, 2016.


At the end of the post I included… 768 more words



Sci-Fi Short Film “2084” presented by DUST

Made me laugh …

“2084” by Taz Goldstein

In the year 2084, the fate of mankind will rest in the hands of a total moron.



Prius 13 Update

Previously on Prius 13

    “I warned you not to stir the oxygen tanks,” my service writer replied.

    Houston, we have a problem.

    I noticed one of my warnings lights was on as I drove through the parking lot.

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