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Guest blog: Top 5 anime that focus on real-world issues

Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners)

Synopsis for Part 1: Fukan Fukei (Overlooking View)

A detective agency searches for clues to find out the reason behind the strange suicides that are occurring quite often lately. 405 more words

Studio Ghibli

Welcome to the NHK! - Coming Full Circle

Welcome to the NHK! has been on my favorites list as far as I can remember. However, the reasoning behind that is a bit complicated in comparison to the other shows that garnered the same distinction. 1,861 more words


Feeling Inspired - Characters That Changed Your Life

Snap Discussion is the weekly round table discussion on a topic relating to Japanese pop culture as selected by the almighty Snapodile. Each week the SnapThirty team will weigh in with their thoughts on that week’s topic all with the hopes of providing some interesting and perhaps even conflicting view points on the matter at hand. 2,046 more words


Going Down The List: NHK ni Youkoso!


I’ve written about Welcome to the NHK before, and I wrote about it quite comprehensively! So comprehensively, in fact, that I don’t really have anything to add regarding the story of the show, which is why I’ll try to do something different. 398 more words


My list of top 10 anime so far.

EDIT: Wow I cannot believe I messed up and forgot to add the other number… Thanks for pointing that out. Anyway here’s the completed list. Enjoy while I go cry in my bed for my failures. 2,519 more words

Beneath the Bold Eyes: Welcome to the NHK (Video Review)

Beneath the Bold Eyes is back and here I take a look at a hectic anime that explores the life of an otaku shut in and his sense of worth in the world. 11 more words