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Linus Trovalds mentioned in "Welcome to the NHK" manga and anime

Welcome to the NHK is an amazing manga and anime series. I’m a big fan of this series. I noticed a mention of Linus Trovalds and Bill Gates and couldn’t wait to share it. 88 more words

Good Anime Based on Japanese Novels

Anime titles based on light novels are a dime a dozen these days. An evolution of pulp magazines, light novels are short, cheap, and especially popular with the teen market. 1,328 more words


Azure Anime Review #3: Welcome to the NHK

By now, I feel as though my format for reviewing has been firmly established – it’s not quite reliant on a subjective analysis, and it’s based more on my own personal thoughts and experience with the show itself. 3,070 more words

Azure Anime Review

AniPsych: Being "Odd".

It’s finally time to take a look at the characters featured in Welcome to the NHK! I’ve had a couple comments saying they’d like to see some stuff about the series and the characters, so here it is! 868 more words


NHK ni Youkoso!

Welcome to despair, welcome to irony, welcome to tragicomedy…. welcome to life. NHK is a surreal attempt at capturing the human condition. It was, at a glance, a focus on the negative extreme of the human statistics: those unfortunate souls who have inexplicably built walls around themselves, who withdrew from society to succumb to shameless escapism in order to avoid facing their worst fear, reality. 428 more words


Discussion post: An anime that means a lot to you?

Hi guys, just something I was thinking about over the last few days when considering buying a few series of anime for the first time as a hard copy (I’ve always streamed). 432 more words