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Seasons of the Soul...

It sometimes seems as though the coming of spring can give us a new lease on life.  There’s something about sunshine and all that “green” that can suddenly snap a winter funk.  177 more words


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Hello future readers!

This is a test, I will write more later! Just making sure this gets posted where it needs to now!

What's up Stardolls

This is my very first post. I’d like to welcome you guys to my blog. I hope we’ll have a great time together. Because it’s a new blog, if some of you want to join the writing team, you can comment this post. 33 more words


Welcome to the blog!

For as long as one person has followed the direction or behaviors of another, there have been leaders in this world. From the earliest days of Man, when the Hunter who was best able to feed the tribe was viewed with higher esteem, to the present day, the role of leader has served as an integral building block to human societies. 977 more words



Welcome to Cider & Mint!  With this blog, I hope to inspire others to find joy and encourage people to add spice to their life.  Join me on this journey will I too learn, create, and explore new adventures and the simple things in life.  Thanks for visiting!


Welcome Letter


Without further adieu I bring you, The Philosophy Nutt. The goal of this blog is to promote philosophical inquiry into a broad range of subjects. 335 more words