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Welcome one, welcome all!

Have you ever had ideas buzzing round your head like children at the ice cream counter of a restaurant? Well, this blog is an attempt to release some of those children into the wild (or back to their parents) with a smile on their face and an ice cream in hand. 351 more words


The Worlds Craziest Electricians

Originally posted on tnr.co.uk

It’s fairly safe to say that the majority of us don’t work with the daily risk of electrocution should we fail to perform in our jobs. 1,405 more words


Let's trip!

Hiya and welcome, fellow travelers,

This is my first post to simply test the features and shift from a complete WordPress novice to a more advanced WordPress novice. 35 more words



FASHION is a statement, not a style. FASHION does not have to be worn casually, nor outside the runway. FASHION is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages… 44 more words



Well, it seems as though you’ve come to visit my blog! Wonderful. Now, I keep my ritualistic killings to the left, stories and poems to the right, and art and music below. 34 more words


Hello world!

Of course I decided to start this post with a PHP reference… but anyway, hello world! Welcome to my website/blog, I had plans for creating a website for quite some time but I could never find the time to make one.. 77 more words