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Quick Smoked Salmon Feta Cheese Salad

Basically I have a lot of feta cheese at home…a lot of it. If you ask me why I bought this much I will tell you I did not…my mum did ehhhhh so I wanted to use it again in a recipe maybe one day we will finish it :) So I took a look at the fridge and saw what else I had and did this fresh salad as a starter. 85 more words


Why Should I buy from you? You May Ask This is Why!

We use reusable products and they can be recycled. We also don’t put harmful chemicals in our products. making it safe all children to play with!


Hey... Its my first time blogging..!

Hey there people! Its my first time blogging something. I made this blog or whatever we call this just to get going. Still trying to figure out how this ish works and not yet clear of what I shall be blogging.. 39 more words

First Blog

Feelin' the loveĀ 

I am overwhelmed by all of the love and blog support you’ve shown me this week. It’s been wonderful to see my phone blow up with notifications about new followers, comments, and likes. 124 more words

Hello World!

Hello World,

Welcome to ‘Makeup in Heels.’ This blog is all about makeup, fashion, boys and life tips on being a girl (just keep in mind sometimes I could be wrong because even I’m not perfect). 136 more words


Hello world!

OK, So I’ve been a member here for many years, but never bothered to create anything.

Times have changed, so thought I would begin the process.