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Welcome to Pretty Dang Dyspraxic!

Hi, I’m Rosaria, and I’m Pretty Dang Dyspraxic. I’m 21 years old, I live in the small island country of New Zealand, and I have a disability. 149 more words


Just Turn Left at the Mountain by: Andy Smart

Check out Just Turn Left at the Mountain: Multi Entry Trials and Tribulations Meandering Across Chinese Borders by: Andy Smart in the Online Book Store… 34 more words


The shocking Truth

In Egypt, many people usually when they see a beggar on the streets, they tend to look the opposite side, give them a small amount of money as an act sympathy or judge them by saying that they can improve their living standards by searching for a job. 571 more words


Welcome to our new students - 03/05/16

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope you enjoyed your well-deserved long weekend! I hope you made the most of it, as we won’t be getting another long weekend until October! 108 more words

Student News

Balada Keset

Katanya, “Jangan terlalu welcome, nanti dikira keset.”

Tapi nanti kalo nggak welcome dibilang sombong dan punya dinding yang terlalu tinggi untuk ditembus.

Tapi begitu dindingnya dirobohin, ya dijadiin keset deh.

Dyuhhh, akika bingung deh~~


Starting from the Bottom

Why hello there beautiful people! Welcome. I’m so happy you swung by for a visit. ‘Wow, she sounds nice. What’s with the bitch thing?’ Let me explain. 1,059 more words