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Dark corners... Sunshine

We all have those days where we retreat to the dark, comfy corners of our mind. The place where we crouch in the corner allowing the least happiest of moments to come out and play. 332 more words

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This is what it's all about:

Hello there!

You can call me Jay. I’ll be your host for as long as you decide to grace this blog with your presence. This is my first real blog, so I’ll be playing around with things and testing the waters for a while; I don’t necessarily expect many people to see this, but if you come across it and you like what you see, fantastic! 271 more words


The Beginning

3, 2, 1…..LIFTOFF!

Wow, I created this blog about a year ago mainly for the purpose of improving the ranking of my website on search engines. 325 more words


Blogging, yeah!

So I tried something like this a while ago. It was a little blog that barely got past ten days of activity? Even less? I’m determined to keep this going, no matter what. 173 more words

About Author

You got mail!

Hey ya’ll 😊

I’m all excited. First post on my new blog 😁

So there’s no real purpose to this first post. It’s more of a welcome and general gist of what I’m hoping to blog about here. 67 more words

First Blog

The choice.

“He wasn’t afraid because he thought she wasn’t the one… He was absolutely terrified because he knew she was.”
I heard this line in a movie and it got me thinking; why do we run away from what\who we love instead of just living every moment as it is? 710 more words