My doubts about the value of Housing First

There is a growing consensus that Housing First is the way to go in combatting homelessness. Housing First is defined as “an approach that offers permanent, affordable housing as quickly as possible for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and then provides the supportive services and connections to the community-based supports people need to keep their housing and avoid returning to homelessness”. 757 more words


Scottish Welfare Benefit: Using the New Powers

The Scottish Government last week announced the first use of its new devolved powers over welfare benefits. The 2016 constitutional legislation gave Scotland power over specific benefits amounting to around 15% of all benefit spend in Scotland as well as powers to top up and create new benefits in most areas (though not pensions) which would be funded from within Scotland, as well as discretion to amend specific benefit rules in certain ways as they apply to the application of Universal Credit. 538 more words


Minding Money's First Year

“I was not confident dealing with money, in fact my lack of ability to manage my money has contributed to suicidal thoughts for most of my adult life…   82 more words

Welfare Benefits

A PIP assessor speaks

The following BBC Radio 4 programme has been brought to the attention of GMWRAG via Rightsnet. The link below should take you straight to five minutes in when a PIP assessor does indeed speak. 21 more words

Welfare Benefits

New year. New opportunities. Total lack of imagination on post titles.

Who knew we’d start 2017 on such a positive note eh?

GMWRAG is pleased to start the year of running rather than walking with two job opportunities within Salford Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Service. 671 more words

Welfare Benefits

Universal Credit training in Hastings

BHT Training is running two full-day Universal Credit courses (the new ‘all-in-one’ benefit that all types of working age claimants are potential candidates for) for people who support clients in the Hastings area: 207 more words


Small but significant.

It’s only small thing but we here at GMWRAG think it’s significant. The numbers who view this latest iteration of the GMWRAG web site grew steadily from its creation in the latter third of 2009. 217 more words

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