GMWRAG representation on NAWRA

In light of this particularly sad post and its associated job advert we did of course inevitably forget to post the third part of the equation. 69 more words

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Sticking with sanctions - although we'd rather not!

Our friends at NAWRA have alerted us to the little known fact that the National Audit Office (NAO) is currently carrying out a study of the… 69 more words

Welfare Benefits

Research Highlights Impact of Benefits Assessments

Research jointly undertaken by Mind in Croydon and the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London has now been published. The study, entitled “Only Making Things Worse, A Qualitative Study of Wrongly Removing Disability Benefits from People with Mental Illness”  highlights how going through the Work Capability Assessment process has a negative effect on peoples’ mental health. 180 more words

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The next GMWRAG meeting is in Manchester in June.

GMWRAG previously advised that our next meeting would be in Manchester in June. This is correct but the date we gave you was not. We said the meeting was taking place on Thursday the 16th of June 2016. 210 more words

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Vox Political: DWP Admits It Could Be Partly Responsible for Benefit Deaths

Back on Thursday, Mike put up an article about a very cautious and heavily guarded admission by the DWP that it might be culpable for the deaths of some of those killed by their system of benefit sanctions and fitness-to-work tests. 252 more words


A few examples of the issues just one BHT adviser has dealt with this week

A colleague this week told me she had had a “What the f**k” moment when reflecting on her work.  It was her way of saying things are going badly wrong with the fabric of the welfare state.  326 more words


The reaction of a colleague to the Queen's Speech: offering a dose of reality

I have a colleague who prefers to remain anonymous, who sends me emails which speak from her heart, or her sense of frustration. She emailed me about the Queen’s Speech which I wrote about earlier in the week.  284 more words