Just how common is benefits stigma in Britain?

To (loosely) coincide with my paper on benefits stigma coming out in the Journal of Social Policy, I’ve written a short summary on the LSE Politics and Policy blog… 100 more words

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Europe, welfare migration, and hypocrisy

Taxpayers don’t like coughing up big amounts of money so other people can choose not to work. And they really get upset when welfare payments are so generous that newcomers are encouraged to climb in the wagon of government dependency. 158 more words


Just stop.

Don’t you just love the Tories. Their next election slogan should definitely be ‘The Conservatives – the party that goes on giving’.

Day after day we get to read announcements about their much flaunted austerity drive and where the axe is going to fall next. 680 more words

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Tax Credit Payments Limited to Two Kids


Have you noticed that it is always the poorest or the most needy who seem to be the last to receive any kind of pay-out. Often you hear of food parcels and monetary gifts headed their way and then these seem to be intercepted en-route, never to land into the hands of those who could really use it.. 160 more words

Tax Credit