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How Consent Has Been Manufactured For In Work Benefit Sanctions

There are many thing which could be done to tackle in-work poverty.  The most obvious being to raise in-work benefit levels.  Other measures such as rent caps or free public transport would make an immediate difference whilst longer term solutions could include a mass social house-building programme and the recreation of a militant trade union movement that was prepared to strike for better wages.  1,441 more words

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Like Feeding Time At The Fucking Zoo - Workfare Industry Hijacks In-Work Sanctions Inquiry

“ERSA believes it would be more appropriate to utilise the skills and experience which exists in the employment provider community”  The Employment Related Service Association (ERSA – the trade body established to lie on behalf of the employment provider community – better known as the workfare industry) 1,231 more words

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Suicides of benefit claimants reveal DWP flaws, says inquiry

‘Peer reviews’ challenge claims by ministers that there is no connection between welfare reform policies and deaths of vulnerable claimants


The reports were drawn up between February 2012 and August 2014, when Iain Duncan Smith was the secretary of state for work and pensions. 1,091 more words

How To Get Away With Murder: DWP Hides The Evidence In Suicide Reviews

Documents published by the DWP today hint that shocking neglect within the benefits system may have contributed to claimants’ deaths yet heavy redaction means there is little hard evidence. 438 more words

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Universal Credit Will Be Worse Than Tax Credits Says Think Tank Run By Tory

The DWP is attempting a defence of Universal Credit as criticism of the bungled reforms to the social security system grow ever louder.

The Resolution Foundation, a think-tank run by a former Tory minister, have slammed Universal Credit today warning that it will no longer make work pay for many claimants due to savage cuts.  1,224 more words

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Vile Tory Who Referred To Scummy Housing Estates To Speak At Workfare Industry's Annual Meeting

A hard right magazine editor who once referred to ‘scummy’ Scottish social housing estates and cheered unemployed people being forced to sleep under a bridge has been invited to be to keynote speaker at the latest tax-payer funded skive for welfare-to-work bosses. 380 more words

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How The Welfare To Work Industry Is Ripping Off The Tax Payer #esday16

The way the welfare to work industry scam works is simple.  The real profit in lucrative government contracts to ‘help’ people back into work is not made supporting the most marginalised benefit claimants or providing quality training.  774 more words

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