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How Lord Fraud's Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

Fuck entrepreneurs.  Seriously.  Fuck them.  Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots squandering their trust funds and boring everyone shitless with their latest wacky idea for raspberry fucking flavoured baked beans.  1,121 more words

Welfare Reform

Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

Repeatedly over the last few months the Tories have cheered that there are more people working than ever before as if this was some kind of fucking miracle.  874 more words

Welfare Reform

George...I think I've found out where the moneys coming from.

Reposted from Commons debate – Daily Hansard

Take it away Lisa …

UK Poverty

2.30 pm

Lisa Nandy (Wigan) (Lab): It has been almost five years since the coalition Government took office, so we are far beyond the time when it was even remotely credible to claim that everything that has happened in this country is the fault of the previous Government. 3,506 more words

Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform Has Failed - And These Latest Statistics Prove It

Welfare reforms have barely made a dent in the number of long term benefit claimants figures quietly released last week revealed.  There are just 91,000 fewer people who have been on an out of work benefit for at least three of the last four years compared to 2010 despite grandiose claims that a million new jobs have been created during the period. 422 more words

Welfare Reform

Screwing the unemployed in the North of Ireland

Belfast Plebian

One development in the North of Ireland that has come into existence largely unmentioned is Stormont’s new welfare to work programme. There have been quite a few of these in the past, New Deal, Steps to Work, but this one is more than just a hand me down modification, it fits with the now. 2,233 more words

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Middle Class Solutions To Working Class Problems Is Why Charities Like MIND Keep Getting It So Wrong

Iain Duncan Smith must be pissing himself.  A report released at the end of last year by mental health charity MIND could not have gone further in endorsing the core ideas that lie behind his bungled and brutal welfare reforms. 1,432 more words

Welfare Reform

Money For Old Rope ... How The Work Programme Poverty Profiteers Are Fleecing The Tax Payer

If there is one place that a culture of worklessness really does exist it’s in the offices of the companies running Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme.  943 more words

Welfare Reform