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Fuck The Tories - The Fight To Save Social Security Gets Bigger Every Day

Fighting back against the bastards has never been more important, so here’s an updated list of some of the groups taking action against social security reforms.  911 more words

Welfare Reform

Six Reasons why Jeremy Corbyn could win the next General Election By James Meadway , previously published by Novara Media

Jeremy Corbyn, on current polling, is on course to win Labour’s leadership campaign.

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A brief history of social security and the reintroduction of eugenics by stealth

From KittySJones, previously published here


Our welfare state arose as a social security…

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DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

Fears that the psychological treatments to be introduced in Jobcentres will amount to little more than unscientific quackery look well founded with the appointment of a so-called stress and anxiety management company to provide service for claimants with a mental health condition. 625 more words

Welfare Reform

Jeremy Corbyn - the Cat Among the Pigeons!

Jeremy Corbyn – The Socialist King of Labour and England

Here’s something to make you smile. The artist taxi driver’s brilliant rant about the Telegraph’s claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s election would be good for Tories. 84 more words

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Dangerous Trade Deals Threatening Democracy and Rights

UNISON have produced a useful document on international trade deals. The European Union is currently negotiating three major trade agreements that could have a profound impact on public services, regulation in the public interest and employment and labour rights.

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Striving For Revolution, Let's Bring The Bastards Down

If you take a step back for a while then the view is grotesque.  Next week a Government led by people born into vast wealth will introduce new laws that will plunge many of the UK’s poorest children into desperate poverty and imminent risk of homelessness.  1,020 more words

Welfare Reform