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How The DWP Is Trying To Hide Even More #fakedwpstories

Panic seems to have set in at the DWP after the department was caught out making up case histories to justify the use of benefit sanctions leading to the hashtag… 178 more words

Welfare Reform

These Statistics Tell Us Fuck All But One Death Was Too Many

If there’s one thing we can learn from the release of statistics examining the deaths of sickness benefit claimants it’s that most journalists writing about social security haven’t got a fucking clue what they are talking about.  1,151 more words

Welfare Reform

Iain Duncan Smith Is Still A Fucking Idiot - And Only We Can Stop Him

Incapacity Benefit for new claimants will go, replaced by Employment and Support Allowance with the emphasis on what a person with a physical or mental health condition can do, rather than what they can’t. 752 more words

Welfare Reform

#WEcan and We Did Fuck Up The DWP's Online Campaign To Promote Workfare

#cipdl2w #WEcan not be mugged off so easily pic.twitter.com/kVeH9728wo

— angry1 (@angry113) August 17, 2015

Once again the DWP have been reduced to a laughing stock on social media after…

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Welfare Reform

#WEcan Fuck Up The DWP's Online Campaign To Promote Mass Workfare

A whole host of corporate vultures have teamed up with the DWP to launch an online campaign celebrating young people being coerced into working for no pay for some of the richest companies in the UK. 313 more words

Welfare Reform

Fuck The Tories - The Fight To Save Social Security Gets Bigger Every Day

Fighting back against the bastards has never been more important, so here’s an updated list of some of the groups taking action against social security reforms.  911 more words

Welfare Reform

Six Reasons why Jeremy Corbyn could win the next General Election By James Meadway , previously published by Novara Media

Jeremy Corbyn, on current polling, is on course to win Labour’s leadership campaign.

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