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Wise effort

You know how sometimes, the harder you work at something, the harder it seems to get it right? The farther you get from it and the longer it takes, the more frustrated you become, and then…it gets even harder to get it right. 336 more words



I was passing through the school library when I heard a small voice.

“Are you Mrs. Heidi Jones?”


“Did you used to have cancer?” 362 more words

The flow of two: well being

Share this, share that
give that, give this
take a stand, give a seat
walk through, walk around
hear whatever, offer curiosity
inform, ask, inquire, learn, grow, heart open… 15 more words

Cluttered Closet

Handling Anger in a Healthy Way Part 2: Emotional Triggers

Call it irritation, frustration, despair, agitation, anxiousness, impatience…the list goes on. Anger masquerades as so many different emotions that it is sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what we are experiencing. 621 more words


Meditation With Eternal Benefits

When I think of meditation, I think of praying and reading the Bible and it is something I start every day with. I find great value in replacing the worldly junk that fills my mind with the promises of God. 570 more words

Meditação para fortalecer os chakras ~ Meditation to keep your chakras fit

(Please scroll down for english version)

Hoje partilho aqui uma ferramenta muito valiosa no que toca a conhecer e fortalecer a nossa energia individual. Foi com a prática diária desta meditação que consegui começar a ter noção da minha energia, onde tenho bloqueios, onde tenho fragilidades e onde tenho tendência para ser mais forte. 1,915 more words

Life ~ Vida

Abraham Hicks~It's all in you're Vortex!

Watch this video below if you believe in the Law of Attraction.  Abraham Hicks is where the Law of Attraction begins.  Her teachings are to do with everything is energy.  45 more words

Positive Living