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Lyfe is hard, yo.

I have discovered the pain caused by self-control and the feeling is like when you’re so hungry your insides hurt.

Five Stages of Grief.

Denial: “I don’t want them. 112 more words


40 Days - Day 4

The opening to my study this morning poses these questions: Are you making progress? Are you a better person today than you were a year ago? 717 more words

Essential Oils


I have subjected myself to a total disregard of my health and well-being.

I continue to do so as I speak.

I do not want to follow this pattern of self destruction anymore. 11 more words

Making Plans...

I woke up today with my plans all chalked out for the beginning of the weekend i.e. Saturday. Having woken up late was itself a sign that today will not go as per my plan. 1,252 more words

Self Awareness

The Seeds We Sow is How They will Grow

If you plant corn in a field you expect corn to grow and be harvested.

It is a straightforward natural law that what we harvest what we plant. 437 more words

Emotional Health

What I am Hoping to Achieve

Hey Everyone!

I have kept coming back, and restarting a health and wellbeing blog, not because I am trying to be vain, or self absorbed, or that I am all into fashion and beauty, because I am not. 229 more words


Why I don't do "Diets" and the reason I started #NIMB.

I often get asked what “diet” I am on. It’s a valid question and in this day and age where there are so many to choose from it only makes sense to assume that – being a food blog – I too would be associated with one in particular. 515 more words

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