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The benefits of focusing on happiness and health, not your current waist size!

Like many people my weight has fluctuated through out my life. On most occasions, only up and down by a few kilos, however there have a couple times where my weight has changed drastically. 801 more words


Let's Be Friends...

Top O’ The Mornin’ Y’all…

Okay, so before I unleash the contents of today’s rather snappy post, I just wanna say a mahoosive thank you to all who left such lovely comments & messages on yesterday’s post… 237 more words


Monday October 5th

Meditation and Mental Health …

Meditation isn’t all about spirituality. It is one of many ways to achieve a higher consciousness and connect to a more spiritual side if you choose. 669 more words


Classes Have kicked off Group Sessions Pilates Flo Sunday Sessions

Hey all!

So the classes kicked off last week to great success.

Group Sessions & also Pilates

The longer evenings & warmer weather make the outdoor training a-lot more inviting. 202 more words

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I just had the urge to cut myself. Again. It came from nowhere and now here we are. Again.

The urge has now passed and I am merely reflecting on things when something occurs to me: I do it every day. 221 more words


What's an off day?

So yesterday was the Trail Cross race/event. And since I ran a race yesterday, I figured I would reward myself with a day off.

Nah. 91 more words


The Manifesto

Hi there!

We are prolifesupply and it is our goal to provide you with all the information about natural substances that can possibly enhance your well-being. 120 more words