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Why the Left Isn’t Talking About Rural American Poverty

From In These Times:

Within the popular American conscience—arguably a close reflection of the mainstream media—there are two favored focal points for discussing the problem of poverty.

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Welcome to the year of the Fire Monkey!

I am the seasoned traveler
Of the Labyrinth.
The genius of alacrity,
Wizard of the impossible.
My brilliance is yet unmatched
In its originality.
My heart’s filled with potent magic… 502 more words


The "Self" Illusion

In Western culture, it is a commonly held notion that what makes up the “self” are things such as our name, our physical appearance, our personality, our place in society, our place in our family, our role as a worker, and on and on. 579 more words


Struggle is a Source of Strength

Suffering is not bad. If you understand it rightly, suffering is a cleansing. If you understand it rightly, sadness has a depth to it which no happiness can ever have. 855 more words


What Is The Self?

Each philosopher that I have come into contact with has utilized various ways of understanding the “self”. The theories that I found most practical in terms of realizing the self are those of Owen Flanagan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Buddhist philosopher Dogen, and Chris Jochim’s interpretations of Dao philosopher Zhuangzi (in no particular order). 2,647 more words


A Beginner's Guide to Buddhist and Daoist Philosophy

I was naturally drawn to Buddhism and Daoism as particular areas of study because, well, they both seemed to “get it”. Because of this natural inclination to both philosophies, I questioned what it was that they might have in common in terms of their understanding of the nature of reality, as well as what humans can do to understand this reality (and what we’re doing wrong). 722 more words