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Life update- Swedish blogpost update, Bipolar madness, skiing and well being


I thought I would make an effort and start blogging in swedish as well as english, so from now on you’ll see the each blogpost in Swedish in the second part of the blogpost. 748 more words

Mental Health

Refugee children's play: Before and after migration to Australia

Author(s): Kelli K. MACMILLAN ; Jeneva OHAN ; Sarah CHERIAN ; Raewyn C. MUTCH




Play is vital to children’s development, health and resilience.

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It's Hard Work Getting to Happy 

I truly envy the ultimately fulfilled. You know those people; the ones who practically glow from happiness and contentment. These are the people I aspire to. 618 more words


Not A Breakfast Person?

Try Adding a Home-blended Protein Shake to Your Morning Routine & Feel the Difference

Many of us aren’t quite ready to dig into a well-rounded breakfast before heading off to work and launching into our day. 359 more words


Woman Dies and Comes Back To Life with This Incredible Message for Humanity*

Woman Dies and Comes Back To Life with This Incredible Message for Humanity*

Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita entered another dimension, where she experienced great clarity and understanding of her life and purpose here on earth. 192 more words


Transnational families and the subjective well-being of migrant parents: Angolan and Nigerian parents in the Netherlands

Author(s): Karlijn HAAGSMAN ; Valentina MAZZUCATO ; Bilisuma B. DITO



Studies on transnational families argue that the subjective well-being of migrant parents is negatively affected by living separated from their children.

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Exploring the associated factors of elevated psychological distress in a community residing sample of Australian Chinese migrants

Author(s): Jie Hu, Zhiqiang Wang




Chinese migrants have a low utilisation of mental health services but a high proportion of involuntary admissions to mental health services in Australia.

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