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#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness - Day 15 - Developing Mindfulness in Children

Developing mindfulness has a lot to do with shifting of perspectives. Humans have some deeply laid neuropathways that allow us to fall into a habit of reactions. 175 more words


The Office Well-Being Executive Manager

The corridors of corporate life used to experience it at least once a day, typically around 3 PM. Those of you with a longer memory say it also occurred in the morning, but alas, those days are reluctantly gone, possibly, never to be repeated. 531 more words

GOALS & LIFE - The Natural Order of Things

Dream big. And, haven’t we heard – to be successful we must set both short-term and long-term goals? But are goals and what we want out of life – our dreams – the same thing? 309 more words

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

At What Age Do We Feel Our Highest Level of Psychological Well-being?

I surely want to experience my highest level of happiness with my body before my 7th decade and highest feeling of psychological well-being before my 8th decade. 78 more words


Laugh for a Good Cause

I am a firm believer that laughter breaks up stagnant energy in a person. Or a room. I am usually the one who awkwardly laughs when no one else does if a room gets too serious. 161 more words


Revisiting Accessibility

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, good health, well-being and love.

Money does, however, make happiness, good health,well-being and love more accessible.

A Patient Voice

#21DaysOfSummerMindfulness Challenge -Day 14- Developing Mindfulness in Children

As you will remember, mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment. Children and adults alike can find this purposeful focus extremely difficult. Our brains are humming with a million different thoughts. 163 more words