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A Serene Escape at Pañpuri Organic Spa

Last week I was invited by Pañpuri to experience the latest two new organic body treatments at Pañpuri  Organic  Spa, a one-of-a-kind haven in the heart of Bangkok.  707 more words


Know yourself... The beginning of being Hypothyroid

When you think of stress, what do you think of? Probably your job, school, or a toxic relationship you’re just not strong enough to leave. If you asked me today, my answer would be short and simple – … 1,220 more words

My Public Journal

So You A Hustla Huh? 

Oh boy, your ego saw this title and you clicked on it and your ego is jumping through the roof right now confirming “Hell yeah I’m a hustla!” LOL I can’t even be mad at it. 1,181 more words

This guy's relationship tips: don't let anything outside of you two dictate your relationship

This specific entry is about letting one’s cultural, social, and familial environments dictate, directly or indirectly their spousal relationship. If you’re not ready to examine the sources of your thinking about your spousal relationship, then don’t bother wasting both of our times… 3,473 more words


The way of the warrior

Many disciplines have a concept of Warriorship, and despite how it may sound, a the way of the warrior is not concerned with martial prowess or aggression. 82 more words


The "ideal summer body"

The summer is only two months in and all I have seen are my social media friends discuss exercising and the need to lose weight. Every other day someone new on Facebook or twitter posts their desire to start losing weight. 670 more words