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Ann Curry: I Learned To Cuss In The Newsroom

The host of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ on PBS learned a lot at her first gig in journalism, when she was the only woman in the TV newsroom. 19 more words


What to Watch: 02/27/2018

Anthologies are growing on virtual trees these days, and the latest delves into the unknown (at least publicly) as its first season tackles the 1990s hip-hop beef between Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur that ended in the murder of both parties. 510 more words

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What to Watch: 02/13/2018

We’re headfirst into the center of the Winter Olympics: on the main stage today we’ve got ice, ice, and more ice–whether that means dancing on it, achieving gymnastics on it, hitting a hard sphere into a net with weirdly shaped sticks, or sliding down it on your back whether alone or in pairs. 285 more words

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There are not many television shows that catch my attention.   “We’ll Meet Again,” is an exception.  This PBS show, hosted by Ann Curry, explores the journey of two people who are affected by significant events in history and then reunited years later.  36 more words

Episode 20 - Guys, I'm a Coffee Plant

What’s the worst way to make coffee? Imagine it now. Got it? You’re wrong, this is way worse. Today Science talks the history, culture, and science of coffee. 48 more words