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Day 27 May 7th

I feel the way I did pre-medication. I grabbed coffee and walked around with a friend this morning. I wasn’t present. The entire time I plotted my escape. 97 more words


Day 6 April 16th

Easter morning I was surprised with an Easter basket and an Easter egg hunt with the kids. I spent the day with my boyfriend’s family in Philadelphia, and ended the day exhausted in a good way. 115 more words


Day 3 April 13th

10:00AM- As am I decreasing the Lexapro, I can really feel the Wellbutrin kicking in; energy is plentiful. As the day went on feelings of self-doubt crept into my mind. 101 more words


Day 2 April 12th

Work was rather stressful today. I finally made it out at 8:30pm and was home by 9:00pm. Despite the ups and downs today, I didn’t have a single panic attack. 108 more words


Day 1 April 11th

I have been taking 10-20mg of Lexapro and 150-300mg of Wellbutrin for the last 3 years. I never thought this day would come but for a long time, I didn’t need it to. 137 more words


Wellbutrin, 28 Days Later

It’s been four weeks on Wellbutrin, which is where you ought to start noticing improvement, or the absence of. I stopped taking Ativan because it was making me suicidal. 586 more words


I know what your thinking. No, I am not about to talk about alcohol. Although I could really use a drink, I have been trying out the sober life and although its been about 98% successful, I can say that with in Trump’s first one hundred days, I have been sober for 98 of them. 512 more words