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So much has been taken from me, and then there is a lot that I destroyed by my own hands. I should have never done all those drugs, it was the stupidest thing that I could have ever done in my entire life, because now I am living this frenetic sort of subsistence-level lifestyle that I don’t enjoy at all. 1,543 more words

kill me already

We’re snowed in today and my follow up visit with my psychiatrist is postponed to Tuesday. The Wellbutrin sample he gave me runs out on Friday which means I’ll go back to the generic until I see him. 153 more words


My 'Medicine' Was Making Me Sick.

Disclaimer: I struggle to keep house plants alive. I am not a medical professional and the articles on this blog reflect personal decisions I made for myself, sometimes with the help of (and other times against the wishes of) a medical professional, but are in no way ‘recommendations’ or prescriptions for others.¬† 2,024 more words

new year

well, another year has passed me by.

they are letting us stay up until midnight here in the psych ward; usually, we must go to bed at ten PM. 559 more words

July 28, 2017. FRIDAY. 20:37

7. S7. Unit 7. And then the feeling dissipates. Endless walking, back and forth between Gatineau and Ottawa, and then down to the Glebe. 1,269 more words

Falling .

Down, down, down–
Into a black abyss.

TRIGGER WARNING – This post contains information about the current status of my mental health, which includes depression, episodes of darkness, etc. 618 more words


Drugs, Man

I tried everything… going to bed earlier, keeping a positivity journal, exercise, but nothing helped. There was this shroud surrounding me everywhere I went, pouring negative thoughts into my head and keeping me in a constant fog. 896 more words