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The Placebo Effect

If I were to rate my days (and that’s exactly the sort of thing I would do) yesterday was a nine. Not a ten because I was at work, and I didn’t go running, but I’ll take my nine. 669 more words

Mental Health

Most of my mom's friends are medicated and they keep trying to get me on drugs

One thing they (the schools, teachers, my pastor) always say is “Don’t do drugs!”

But I was just thinking today (and yesterday) about how all of my mom’s friends always try to tell me about Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Ambien, and Abilify.   219 more words


Sympathy for Alcoholics

I’ve been thinking about this the last two days, as I struggle with this urge to drink – not a lot, but there is this urge, a strong need wit’s which I’m not as familiar. 303 more words

I have been slapped, punched, shoved, had chairs and tv trays thrown at me. Been called horrible names, lost a lot of important things, burned my flesh. 134 more words


Lessons in mixology

My psych put me on Wellbutrin for the first time over the summer, when I was feeling pretty gloomy and not handling it very well. I had told him, obviously, about my BP2 diagnosis, and he didn’t really agree with it. 403 more words

It's All In My Head

Drugs and honeymoons

31th of November.

I was working at family practise and depression was one of the most common disease people attended for. There are a lot of different psychotherapies, that i heard about, read about, and never tried or have enough knowledge about. 627 more words


Living versus Existing -being on psychotropic medications long term

Since I was a young child, I had always suffered from depression. At the time, it was likely situational. I’ll spare the details, but there was a lot of alcohol involved, a lot of violence and a lot of terrorizing pretty much everyone in the household. 852 more words