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Andrew Witty's Zyban Drug Linked To Dozens Of Deaths

LONDON, UK — January 16, 2007

“Wellbutrin XR is an important new medicine for doctors and patients in Europe,” comments Andrew Witty, president, GSK Pharmaceuticals, Europe.

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Perserverence is a day to day decision not to give up.

Day 2 with no meds is harder than day 1. I have a general headache and every few hours a sharp pain shoots through my head. 489 more words

It's time. 

I wrote a few months ago about going off of Wellbutrin and how scared I was. My doctor wants to see how much progress I’ve made in the last 3 years. 411 more words

Uncomfortably numb

I’ve been taking 200mg per day of Lamictal for several weeks now. I feel very…mediocre. I don’t feel great, but don’t feel bad either. I have zero motivation to do anything. 576 more words

The Curious Case Of Lauren Stevens And Exhibit 329...

Comment left on Cafepharma website by (what I am assuming to be) – a GSK whistleblower: “…


“you didn’t go to the Lauren Stevens trial in Maryland May 2011.

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Two Weeks On Bupropion (zyban/u.s. Wellbutrin) Plus Pristiq

I have been on Pristiq 100mg and Edronax 4mg (reboxitine) which is a noradrenalin reuptake inhibitor for over six years. I have come off it three times and needed to get back on it due to re-exposure to family dynamic. 66 more words

Wellbutrin Experience

Ive never been on meds but i cant function anymore. So i just got a prescription for wellbutrin. Anyone had experience with it? Good or bad? 26 more words