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Medtime vs. Bedtime

I am trying to keep myself amused at bedtime by playing with my own shadow. Almost like Peter Pan. It meshes with my nightstand lamp to create this light reflection off of my mirror, which ironically wouldn’t be there without my shadow. 1,127 more words

Just blah

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so. Just feeling nothing I guess. Just blah like I titled the post. I mentioned in my last post, the increase in Seroquel worked wonders for my anxiety but has added to my depression and days where I just feel nothing in particular. 74 more words


Bupropion Xl (wellbutrin)

This was my 3rd day. I have never taken meds in my life. So far my worst side effect is everytime i try to relax or go to bed i have an urge to move my feet. 76 more words

Today I Was Quite Proud of Myself

Most people would think much of it but people recovering from agoraphobia will dig where I’m coming from.

I walked to the mail box all on my own.  160 more words


Wellbutrin Experience

Ive never been on meds but i cant function anymore. So i just got a prescription for wellbutrin. Anyone had experience with it? Good or bad? 26 more words

Perhaps a dash of bipolar?

As with many major psychiatric diagnoses, it takes many doctors agreeing with each other to actually get a diagnosis you (and your “present” doctor can live with). 223 more words


A Change in Medication

I went to the doctor today as I have been every two weeks for a followup on my depression. In an uncharacteristic move I was totally honest with her…  I told her about how bad the last couple of weeks have been. 108 more words

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