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Two Weeks On Bupropion (zyban/u.s. Wellbutrin) Plus Pristiq

I have been on Pristiq 100mg and Edronax 4mg (reboxitine) which is a noradrenalin reuptake inhibitor for over six years. I have come off it three times and needed to get back on it due to re-exposure to family dynamic. 66 more words

Taking Time For Myself... Or Else

It’s simple.  But it wasn’t.

At the beginning of 2015 I fought hard to get a grip.  I just couldn’t seem to grab ahold of my emotions and bury the negativity deep deep down so it never returns.   1,090 more words

Bipolar II

Wellbutrin Experience

Ive never been on meds but i cant function anymore. So i just got a prescription for wellbutrin. Anyone had experience with it? Good or bad? 26 more words

Negative Symptoms - Avolition & Apathy

I have negative symptoms.

If you don’t know what negative symptoms are, it’s the lack of motivation, a lack of interest, and lack of pleasure, and a lack of focus. 264 more words

Notes on Depression

This is more of a personal post where I will record observations about my depression.


So, like about 7% of the adult American population, I have depression. 1,166 more words


Addiction: The Hardest Thing About Recovery

Starting, not Quitting is the Hardest Thing About Recovery.


How has addiction impacted you and your family?

For me, it is easy to say that my father drank heavily and that I consider him an addict. 721 more words



This is not exactly about a conundrum per se. I just couldn’t think of a better word and I can’t always think of a catchy title for a new draft post. 31 more words