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Booooooo Wellbutrin

So yeah….that thing that I said before about the Wellbutrin being an awesome drug….yeah….no.  Now I remember why I stopped taking it back in 2012.  Agitation, irritability, aggravation, wanting to beat the shit out of anyone, etc.   94 more words

Bipolar Disorder


I saw my psychiatrist today and made adjustments to my meds. We decreased Wellbutrin from 450mg to 150mg, increased Seroquel from 75mg to 150mg, and stayed the same on Lamictal at 175mg. 44 more words


Wednesday is not Blue Day

I hate that I am more able to function properly when I remember to take my medication. I’d like to believe that I don’t need meds. 264 more words


Looking for the Winning Combo

Even though I know that finding the right meds is no walk in the park, I thought I would have been one of the lucky few who would stumble on the right ones right off the bat. 462 more words

Cat Aver

Wanna fight?

I may not go to bars and pick fights (seems more like a guy thing to do, anyway) but I do like to pick fights with boyfriends. 550 more words


Almost 2 week update

So I’m almost 2 weeks into my new medication and thought I would give an update. I’m now on 300mg of Bupropion (Wellbutrin) a day. Right when I was getting used to the side effects too. 155 more words

They say don't wake the sleeping bear...

All day yesterday I tried and tried to figure out what to write, and, it wasn’t that it was hard to come up with a topic, it was that I had so much spewing out of my head, that everything would get lengthy and/or I’d gone off track so much, I felt bad posting it and subjecting anyone who stumbled upon it being tortured by my word vomit. 745 more words