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Wellbutrin Update

I have been taking the generic form of Wellbutrin, buproprion, for just over a month now.  I started it because my old antidepressant wasn’t cutting it anymore.   112 more words

On Medication And Dysthymia

A version of this post originally appeared on tumblr here in May 2014.

I’ve been on medication for my depression for the past two years of my life. 2,340 more words

Mental Health

A Discontinued Mess

Arggggg…. my head is complete mush today.  I`m spaced out, have brain zaps, can`t concentrate, feel restless and agitated, and (overshare) I can`t go to the bathroom.   458 more words

Day 9

The big, black dog.

I was wondering when it’d make its way back into my life.

Today is a hopeless day. I’m feeling anxious again, my nail-biting habit is out on full force today, and both of my thumbs are bleeding. 112 more words


Day 8


That’s the name of the game.

No zyban, no sleep. Not being fully awake during the day, and certainly not being fully asleep at night. 23 more words


Day 7

Those are hand-pulled noodles and yes, food has started to become an issue.

Now I weight 56.7 kg. I’m a very compact 154 cm, which means that my volume is basically spherical. 171 more words


Day 6 bis

Funny enough, bupropion seems to be the happy, sexy, skinny pill, but I felt rather asexual for a long time while on it.

These six days have been… Interesting. 33 more words