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Wellbutrin XL 300mg - Week 1

Last week I’ve decided to finally fight my chronic depression. I wanted to actually get help instead of hope that someone will notice. The first time I contemplated suicide is now 12 years ago. 279 more words


Decisions, and other words that start with D

I started writing this post about a month or so ago. It’s funny how some blog posts seem to pour right out of me like a thunderstorm, and others are like so many of the storm clouds I see around where I’m living right now. 1,602 more words

Soul Searching

Journal Post 2.1

It’s been a fun day dealing with WFKAW…

She sent me a text earlier asking me if I had one of the kid’s sleeping bags at my house. 690 more words

Journal Post 1

Weight: 291.4

I start Wellbutrin XL 150mg tomorrow morning. I am already taking Losartan 50mg for my blood pressure. That amounts to two prescription meds I am going to be on for potentially chronic conditions. 376 more words

My life in two bottles.

One became two. For the past 7 months I tried to overcome the near unbearable sadness, I tried to rise above the forces that were causing me to drown, I tried to think positive, meditate, appreciate, exercise, and rest – but I kept sinking. 1,084 more words


Zoloft, end of day 1

Peter, my friend, came to see me today. That was at around five-ish and by then, the nausea and dizziness were gone.

He helped me install some blinds that I’d been longing for – yes, I know, who longs for blinds? 122 more words


Zoloft / sertraline and nausea

Oh boy. Oh boy.

Nausea and dizziness, some of the most common side effects of sertraline. They didn’t take long to kick in.

Then I burped (I know, how fucking ladylike) and the taste in my mouth was of aged fat, the kind of taste that you get when you’re eating a fatty steak and the fat has gone cold and you still stick it in your mouth because, why not, it was probably an expensive meat cut. 18 more words