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Precarious Existence

There’s something to be said for humans and their ability to withstand a constant barrage of soul crushing bullshit. Some folks are like well trained dogs, or perhaps horses. 579 more words

Sort of but not really

It’s been eight days and I am one horny horndog. Especially because one of my favorite bloggers from back in the day has resurfaced after years… 824 more words

I'm terrible at this...

I’m so bad at forcing myself to update my blog regularly. I’ve been meaning to post an update for like the last week or so. A couple of days ago, I turned on my laptop, opened up my wordpress page and just stared at it. 785 more words


Is Your Child or Teen Depressed?

Well, take some fucking responsibility! 

How much TV do they watch?  How much TV do you watch.  How much sugar do they eat? How much sugar to you eat?  848 more words


Reply All

…And I was having a good day to.  Screw the em dash and all the dashes i will put them in hell with an inferno like dante so people can laugh at all his enemies for CENTURIES… 444 more words


My Struggles With Anxiety, Depression, And Being A Stay At Home Mom

I think that there are so many other mothers like me that have daily struggles with anxiety, depression and the challenges of being a stay at home mom. 1,173 more words


The Bizarro Dreams of Escitalopram

Since my seizure in early November 2016, I’ve been taken off Wellbutrin and put on Escitalopram with the promises that a) it’s just as effective in its much lower concentration and… 1,145 more words