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Paul Weller @ Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, 25.11.2015.

I’d had 5 more months of familiarising myself with Saturns Pattern since seeing him supporting The Who at Hyde Park, and the familiar comfort of knowing I’d have a good night was upon me despite the awful seats we had. 403 more words

Aussie Fuck! (A Sullivan Stapleton Short Sex Fiction)

Aussie Fuck

(A Sullivan Stapleton Short Sex Fiction)This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton
“Don’t you think it’s wrong?” Uncle Sullivan said as I straddled him on the couch, I smiled as I caressed his hairy chest, from the opening of his black shirt. 559 more words


Case Preview: Weller v Associated Newspapers, Appeal in "street photographs of children" case

On Tuesday 27 and Wednesday October 2015, the Master of the Rolls, Tomlinson and Vos LJJ will hear the appeal in the case of Weller v Associated Newspapers, which is estimate to last a day and a half. 594 more words


Proper Soldering and apparently, DeOxit is bad for pots

A few weeks ago I saw this series of videos from Pace (makers of soldering irons) that show how to solder properly. I think most everyone has the right technique when it comes to soldering, but in that series they discuss what a good soldering joint should look like, sizes of tips vs. 346 more words

Soldering on Sunday!

Soldering on Sunday!  Weller iron+Ron Paul instruction+scrap wire+solder wire = lots of tiny useless loops.    How do you practice mechanical musings? Feel free to comment below!

Science 7

Useless Review Dump & Ramblings - 1977 Michter's, Weller 12 Barrel C, 2006 William Larue Weller

Reviews of old bottles don’t really help anyone. Most of the time they just appear as bragging, or at best a conversation piece, but many of the less common vintage bottles come with some pretty interesting commentary to go along with the tasting notes. 2,220 more words

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