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Enders and Weller...heroes of science??

So, vaccine advocates…Christians who believe we should praise God for the “miracles” vaccines and their creators are…I found an interesting and disturbing website today.  I didn’t think a pro vaccine site would be bold enough to state the facts so clearly.   454 more words


A Call for Arms

Though an elegant lady still honors the eternal resting place of Catherine J. Weller, her graceful arms outstretched to a cross have long retired to the basement of the gatehouse.  213 more words

Stone Stories

Murray Percival Company now represents Weller Soldering Systems

Michigan headquartered; national electronics provider Murray Percival Company has announced the addition of Weller Soldering Systems and Tools. Weller products are available for purchase on-line through the Murray Percival Web Store. 140 more words

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No, it’s not a misprint, my title is Title.  I wanted to explain why I chose the title of “Heaven on the ground” for this blog. 268 more words


Photographs of Children: poll shows majority favour criminalising photographs published without parental consent

An opinion poll has shown strong public support for a campaign to protect children’s privacy by preventing the media from publishing photographs of children without parental consent.  559 more words


Your old used soldering tips are worth $$$$

Recycle your used worn out soldering tip and get credit towards the purchase of new tips. Why just toss your old tips away in the garbage when you can save the environment and money!! 100 more words

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Three Bourbons Worth the Hunt

The bourbon world has gone crazy. Age statements are disappearing. Proofs are changing. Shortages are rampant. Bourbon enthusiasts have reacted by stockpiling as much of their favorite American-made whiskey as possible, as reported in a page-one article in The Wall Street Journal. Full story

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