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William LaRue Weller-Cask Strength Pappy

Ok. So I found my favorite whiskey, what I would describe is as close to the world’s most perfect bourbon as you can get. The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection William LaRue Weller wheated bourbon at cask strength. 98 more words

Paul Weller - The Changing Man

Weller is a musical genius and this is one of his best. Enjoy!

Rebel Voice Music

A Compact Review of Weller's WT Soldering System

The first look at Weller’s new WT soldering systems immediately eases any worries caused by overly complicated digital soldering interfaces. Its front control panel, with a bold-type digital temperature display, gives immediate feedback at a glance and simple access to menus, presets, and the power main. 171 more words

Soldering & Desoldering

Tonight's Dram-Weller 12

It’s just so hard to get now. It’s like finding Pappy Van Winkle, because everyone found out it is the same mashbill. I was only allowed one bottle by my friends at Hokus Pokus. 350 more words

FEATURE- A Tasmanian AFL Team?

Words by Anthony Osborn

Will Tasmania ever have an AFL team? It’s a question that has been in existence for as long as most can remember, yet it remains a question without a definite answer. 1,601 more words


My Poor Man's Pappy experiment

Like most of us, I read about and watched reviews on combining W.L. Weller 12 and Old Weller Antique (OWA) to get something that resembled a Pappy Van Winkle. 937 more words


Buffalo Trace Antique Collection - Jr. Edition

If you missed out on your local lottery, or don’t feel like paying the exorbitant prices on the secondary market, these four “baby” versions of the BTAC range will have to suffice. 608 more words