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Retailers fight for compensation

Manner’s St retailers believe they should be compensated for loss of business while the council worked on turning the area into a two lane bus road reports STUFF. 70 more words


Some bus fares increase by 50%

Wellingtonians are not impressed with the large rise in bus fares since the GST increase in October reports NEWSWIRE. WELLINGTONIANS are concerned that they are being ripped off by October bus price increases. 50 more words


Manner's St may not be wide enough

The new two-way bus lane in Manner’s Street may be prove to be a tight squeeze for bus drivers reports SCOOP. Wellington bus drivers using the new Manners Mall bus lanes will need to hug the kerbs – there is barely enough room for two buses to pass. 17 more words


Cuba Street Bus stop closed down

SNAPPER alert customers that the Cuba street bus stop is now officially closed.

From Monday 27 September, for about 2 months, all buses that normally travel via Cuba Street and Manners Street will now continue along Wakefield Street, turn into Taranaki Street and then continue on their usual route. READ MORE>


Trolley Buses damage wires

WELLINGTONS new trolley buses are damaging the overhead wires, tells STUFF.

WELLINGTON’S new trolley buses are damaging the dated overhead cables and pushing up the cost of running the network. 33 more words


Monthly bus pass reinstated

A SCOOP press release from Regional Councilor Paul Bruce explains how GO Wellington have given in to public pressure and reintroduced the popluar monthly gold pass: 42 more words


Continued delays for Wellington bus commuters

THE DOMINION POST explains how work on Manners Mall will continue to cause delays for Wellington bus commuters:


WELLINGTON bus commuters will experience delays as inner-city buses are re-routed for two months while the council installs new overhead wiring for trolley buses in Manners Mall. 35 more words