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You're Invited to a Night of Yoga

Did you know the acres upon acres of devastation families endured during the wildfires this year?

With a total of 8950 square kilometres as of mid-August*, with over 45,000 families evacuated at one point. 345 more words


The Real Killer Sugars and where They’re Hiding Out

Please don’t tell me that you’re an average American! If you are, that means you consume an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar a day – mainly from sodas, candy, cereals and yeast breads. 660 more words


Unfiltered Truth: The Side Effects of Being a Social Media Manager

My first Instagram post was in 2012. I left the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and was over the moon excited to get home and blog about my experience and interviews backstage. 1,413 more words


5 Habits Of Healthy Sleepers

For optimum health, quality and quantity of sleep is necessary, but many people don’t get the recommended amounts of sleep on a nightly basis. Sleeping regularly has positive effects on mood and mental sharpness, and can even help prevent certain diseases. 550 more words

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Peri-WTF?! (or, having the courage to be free)

So I’m slowly but surely coming to the concept that I’m actually in perimenopause and have been for a number of years. I mean, hell, minus the hot flashes everything else seems to match pretty perfectly, from my fucked up ovaries to my mood swings to my space-out moments. 669 more words


Into The Woods - Walking Meditation

Many people say they don’t meditate because they can’t sit still. Not a problem. Walking can be a form of moving meditation. People find walking meditation easier than seated meditation because the motion of the body helps them to stay anchored in the present moment. 560 more words