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5 Leadership Lessons from Master Yoda

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

I have always loved Star Wars.  When I first saw the original trilogy, I was completely consumed – good against evil, normal person who does heroic things, new images, concepts and characters, and the tension between the journeys of the protagonist vs. 795 more words

Wellness & Office Morale

Work/Life Balance: The Family Journal

When I was in junior high, my English teacher, who I had a crush on, suggested  we all keep a journal. Of course, I went straight home that night and got started. 474 more words

Jim Harris

Leadership Learning Moments: Admitting Mistakes

Leadership Learning Moments is going to be a three part blog series that walks leaders through the process of making a mistake (or as I like to call them, learning moments) with confidence. 293 more words

Wellness & Office Morale

Overcoming Mental App Overload

“That’s exactly it!” exclaimed my executive coaching client. “I have too many apps running in my mind and they are going all the time. No wonder I feel constantly tapped out.” I was reminded of a recent experience where my smartphone battery was draining inordinately fast. 794 more words

Wellness & Office Morale

Stay Healthy and Extend Your Life at Work

Sitting at a desk all day can leave you drained. Check out this infographic for ways you can stay healthy and extend your life at work.

Wellness & Office Morale