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Big Data Gives Insight to an Effective Wellness Plan

Insight on Effective Wellness Program

Employers are being attracted to the effectiveness of wellness programs because they want their enterprise to be the business of choice. 375 more words

Big Data

Wellbriety Column: Staying In Recovery During the Holidays

Hello Again!!  Welcome to my third article in this current series.  As the holidays quickly approach most of us will be attending those wonderfully festive events with co-workers, family and friends.   317 more words


Take Time Out To Sit And Rest!

This week I have noticed how tired I am, so dreadfully tired. My body has been demanding that I take time out to rest. Yet I have been feeling guilty about my lack of productivity. 334 more words


I got to meet a real life healing inspiration!

In September I went to London for Toby Morrison’s CFS health seminar.

Toby Morrison is one of my healing inspirations.

So I just had to go! 905 more words


Creating a Wellness Plan : I've Got 99 Problems & Discipline is Certainly One.

I have a theory. Nothing profound, so maybe it’s more of an observation. The reason why most (or more) people don’t act on some of the changes they want to see happen most in their lives is because the space between where they are and where they want to be is too great, and getting there is filled with seemingly overwhelming obstacles. 617 more words

Working On Wellness

What is your wellness plan????

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately.

All off a sudden i feel like it’s just clicked into place like its the most logical thing ever, that never occurred to me before. 706 more words


The Waiting Room

Today I started the morning in panic mode. My young Mighty Mouse had a cardiology appointment at the hospital. Now my son has lots of appointments for lots of different things. 387 more words