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Give! Don't "Get Got!"

Who doesn’t enjoy lifting someone else up? Helping them out in a hard time? Giving your support? Most of us would raise both of our hands in agreement with this desire. 1,141 more words

Financial And Physical Wellness

Wellness Wednesday: Power Poses to Challenge Self-Doubt

Author: Sarah Donnell

I’ve heard it called Impostor Phenomenon or sometimes Impostor Syndrome, but it tends to announce itself more like…”OH MY GAH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING DO YOU?! 525 more words

Wellness Wednesday

take "cheating" out of your food vocabulary

I heard on the radio this morning that dietitians were recommending that people “cheat” or have a “cheat meal” when dieting.  I personally don’t like the term “cheat” since it sounds like you are doing something wrong.   300 more words


Wellness Wednesday - Get Up Stand Up

Not only do travellers on long-haul flights have to worry about DVT (deep vein thrombosis i.e. blood clots) but they should be concerned about sitting as well. 374 more words


how does your bit fit?

I’ll just say it – I am a nerd.  I love numbers and pedometers are great for nerdy people like myself to like to see how many steps they can get.   665 more words


Wellness Wednesday: Walk Your Way To Fitness

How many of you hate going to the gym? Can’t join a fitness class because of erratic work timings? But still want to stay fit and possibly lose a few pounds? 176 more words


Wellness Wednesday: Sea Salt Cleanse

Sea Salt has been used for cooking & fancy body scrubs for eons, but did you know it’s a great way to cleanse your environment? 186 more words