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Everything is going to be okay and all your wounds are soon going to be healed.

Wellness Wednesday

Nothing is perfect, just as there days of pain there will be days of glory.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday - Not just for baking

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda has many uses beyond baking.

Add some to your bath to help soften skin. (It is also believed to have a detoxifying effect when added to baths.) 121 more words


“There are people who are always in love with the sky, no matter the weather. One day you will find someone who’ll love you the same way.”

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday Wellness

Want to increase your brain power. Try reading good books that not only educate but that you can enjoy. If you are unable to get the time to read, then listen while you work and still get the similar impacts. 15 more words


[Wellness Wednesday] How's Your Environmental Wellness?

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! If you missed the first post in this series, you can find it here. Last week we talked about the Wellness Wheel and how it represents the different dimensions of wellness, and how wellness is so much more than just our physical and mental health. 671 more words

Chronic Illness