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Muscle Testing and Essential Oils for Emotional Healing

One of the beauties of essential oils is that each one has multiple properties and uses—both physical and emotional. Another marvel is that different oils may suit the same purpose. 616 more words

Essential Ideas

Your Brain, Your Gut, and Your Sleep (Insomniacs! Listen Up!)

Sleep is basically the most important thing besides food and air and water. I personally love sleep.

Lack of sleep can cause a whole host of issues such as: 526 more words

The Healthy Hustle

Keeping a one-sentence journal

As April winds down, I’m in the process of reflecting upon my current monthly resolutions. What do I want to continue into May? What resolutions should I abandon? 355 more words

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday - Laughter Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine.

World Laughter Day May 1, 2016

I always laugh at ridiculous situations and stressful ones. Perhaps my body was trying to tell me something all these years.

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Wellness Wednesday!

Dance with your partner.
Research shows that romance reduces the production of stress-related hormones. Dancing around the house for a few minutes leaves you feeling youthful and happy. 18 more words


My Go-To Healthy Breakfast!

Breakfast is one of my favorite and most important meals of the day. If I skip or have a very light breakfast I find that I am much more sluggish and slow due to a lack energy – which is 100% not OK for my lifestyle. 268 more words


How to Prevent Enzymatic Browning

We’ve all seen it. We cut up an apple into slices and sometimes almost immediately the apple begins to turn brown. This is due to a chemical process which occurs in fruits and vegetables called enzymatic browning. 455 more words

Wellness Wednesday