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Wellness Wednesday - Healthy Tips for Holiday Eating

Thanksgiving starts off the month while Hallowe’en finishes it. And then along comes the December holiday season! This means lots of tempting sugar and fat laden food. 126 more words


Wellness Wednesday

Add a little cinnamon.
You’ve probably heard this one before but cinnamon helps reduce insulin resistance and may help lower cholesterol and blood fats that could contribute to diabetes risk. 15 more words


Wellness Wednesday #32: Discipline

My original health and fitness journey began in earnest in 2011. I had drive and determination and a plan. I made specific goals in short term (daily/weekly) and long term and longer term. 685 more words


Am I My Brother's Keeper? Wellness Wed


We’ve made it another week!! That’s enough for a dance break or maybe even a cupcake!! So, I’ve just finished washing Luke Cage!! Sweet Christmas, He is FIONE!!! 509 more words

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Wellness Wednesday...Healthy Kids

Whether you’re 30 or 90, there’s a good chance you have kids in your family. So, who are the kids in your life? Whether you have grandkids, your own kids, or nieces and nephews, my guess is you would do anything for them. 818 more words

Wellness Wednesday


Pumpkins, Comfort, Cooler Weather!

What does October mean to you? I look forward to all the fall ideas from crafts to cooking. Also, during this season, our physical activity may slow down along with our healthy eating too. 410 more words

Wellness Wednesday

September Favorites

I’m so late. I typed this up weeks ago, but am just now getting around to posting it. It’s like mid-October but here’s my September (errrrrr…… and October?) Favorites! 718 more words