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Wellness Wednesdays: Adult diseases linked to childhood obesity

(SocietyForScience.org) – According to Danish researcher Line Klingen Haugaard of University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the health of over 300,000 Danes born between 1930 and 1987 showed an increase in strokes in those who had higher BMI (Body Mass Index) by the age of 13. 84 more words

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Wellness Wednesdays: 10 Work Tips to a Happier, Healthier Life!

(ITNews.com) – With so much time spent at work it makes sense to maximize time spent on duty to create a happier and healthier you! Standing up every hour, taking the stairs, taking time to refresh and renew, minding desk clutter, watching junk food consumption and mindful eating are just some of the ways to decrease the health-sapping habits that weigh us down on the job. 14 more words

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Update from Fit for the Future

Hello! I hope everyone has had a lovely summer and enjoyed time off if you’ve managed to take it.

The Blog has taken a little bit of a back seat over the summer but we’re back now with an update of planned activities over the next few months. 178 more words

The Benefits of Barre Class

Over the last couple weeks, I have been taking Barre classes at The Barre Code near my house. For those who don’t know, a barre workout is a ballet inspired workout that involves small movements to create muscle tone and strength. 133 more words

Wellness Wednesdays

Sunscreen Protection

When you go outside during these hot summer days, make sure you put sunscreen on your visible skin! The sun emits harmful rays which can cause skin cancer. 59 more words


Juvenile Arthritis

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month! Juvenile arthritis is a type of arthritis in children. The most common form that children get is called juvenile idiopathic (meaning: “from unknown cause”)  arthritis, but there are many other forms of arthritis that affect children as well.   103 more words


Wellness Wednesdays: Wearable artificial kidney prototype successfully tested (via KurzweilAI.net)

(KurzweilAI.net) – The more than 2 million individuals who find themselves in ESRD or end-stage renal disease, may see a shining ray of hope in an FDA-approved exploratory clinical trial at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, for the wearable artificial kidney (WAK), a miniature hemodialysis machine!   73 more words

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