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Bend or Break: The Benefits of Yoga

My Yoga Mom Experience

I bet you wanna know why I’m hitting you up late night with a wellness Wednesday post. Well, the kids are sleep. 791 more words


Lemon Essential Oil

I am back this week with an essential oil that I use a lot around my home. Who doesn’t love the smell of lemons?

From Young Living: … 347 more words

Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

Where do I begin with this oil? It is the single most useful oil in all of creation. That is my opinion at least. Did you know that this is the most popular product that Young Living carries? 410 more words

Essential Oils

20 Things Mommy Can Do In 1 Hr.

Mom Creatives Making the Most of An Hour

We recently touched the surface of Moms finding creative ways to be healthier. One of the most important factors of motherhood is your emotional well-being. 742 more words


Let's Turn Up' To Musical Therapy!

Hello Mom(me)s! Have you ever been having the most chaotic day in the middle of week where you’re late for work because your child’s school bus had a last minute cancellation, then get stuck in traffic after dropping off your child, and as soon as you get to work you’re ready to go right back home because¬† your boss is on your back about a pending assignment that’s due¬†next Monday, and you feel that you’re at your wit’s end and ready to explode….

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Wellness Wednesdays

Introducing Wellness Wednesdays

7 Ways To Be A Healthier Mom Creative

Being a busy mom is one of the biggest reason many of us agree, we don’t have time to work out, eat healthy, or sleep well. 1,169 more words