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3 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Skin [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

You have about 21.5 square feet of skin that covers you. With that said, it’s one of the most important things on your body. Listen to the audio player to hear three ways you can rejuvenate your skin and body! 94 more words


The Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

There are a lot of health benefits to using apple cider vinegar. Potassium, iron, magnesium, malic acid, calcium, pectin, alkaline and more are all found in apple cider vinegar. 161 more words


How To Maintain A Clean Eating Diet [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yolanda Adams recommends eating clean 80 percent of the time. Listen to the audio player to hear things you should add to your diet and what Yolanda does to maintain a clean eating diet! 102 more words


Why All Calories Aren't Created Equal [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Unfortunately, all calories aren’t created equal. That means a hand full almonds and Doritos don’t have the same nutritional value. Listen to the audio player to hear  100 more words


It's Summer, How do you fit your workout in?

Summer holidays, how are you fitting your workout in?! No matter if you are actually away on holidays this summer or your kids are home more or you’re busier being more social, it can be tough to get your workout in. 80 more words

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How Water Can Affect Your Workout [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

There are endless benefits to drinking water, but it can directly affect your workouts. Listen to the audio player to hear Yolanda Adams explain how it can help you get through even the toughest workouts! 97 more words