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The Wellness Council finds Success with Wellness Wednesdays

EMMA McDONNELL // NOV. 16, 2016 //

For most of us, Wednesdays are known as “hump day” or the day that reminds us the weekend isn’t too far away. 655 more words


Serial Chillers & QuickPose - Wellness Wednesday Photos

On Wednesday 19 October, Fit for the Future ran not one but two events! And of course, we had a lovely day for the Campus walks too. 122 more words

Wellness Wednesday - QuickPose 19 October

I hope some of you have managed to participate in the Wellness Wednesday programme to date!

On Wednesday 19 October we will be running QuickPose. These are drawing classes kindly facilitated by Grays’ School of Art. 168 more words

Welcome to 'Eating 101'

If eating and knowing when to eat what seem like the easiest of all tasks, you’ll often be considered as one of a’lucky few’. To you, eating- and all related activities- might just be as easy as breathing or walking. 860 more words


6 Simple Healthy Eating Tips

We came across this infographic from the University of California, Davis campus’ Student Health and Counseling Services. This is a great resource for you all to apply these tips into your daily lives. 36 more words


Update from Fit for the Future

Hello! I hope everyone has had a lovely summer and enjoyed time off if you’ve managed to take it.

The Blog has taken a little bit of a back seat over the summer but we’re back now with an update of planned activities over the next few months. 178 more words

Sunscreen Protection

When you go outside during these hot summer days, make sure you put sunscreen on your visible skin! The sun emits harmful rays which can cause skin cancer. 59 more words