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Why You Should Opt for Hemp Oil?

These days, the non-psychoactive and remedial properties of hemp oil are created an incredible amount of interest in the product. There are many great reasons to opt for hemp extract oil such as the lower perception of pain, relief in cancer treatments, treats skin disorders, help in seizures, reduces anxiety and stress, and many more. 100 more words


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Hemp extract oil is a popular remedy and it can improve acne, treat cancer, and even slow down the progression of heart diseases because of its curative properties. 122 more words


Why Finding Friends is Harder Than Finding a Job & What We Can Do About It

Sis, yep. Hi. I know why you’re here.

I am also alone on a Friday night, eating ice cream, and watching the 3rd Hallmark movie with a crazy line up of the… 861 more words


Tulsi Gabbard on Veteran's Healthcare

The American military veterans are estimated at 6% of the general population as per the United States Census Bureau report. Veterans’ Health Administration (VA) is America’s most extensive integrated health care system that caters to this section of the society. 333 more words

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard on Military and Veteran issues

Military people are unique, considering their background and service experiences, but one thing is common in them is the fear of an uncertain future.

Today, veterans are treated as a number and at best second class citizens. 258 more words

Tulsi Gabbard

Lack of nurses is seriously plaguing our healthcare system

The U.S. is currently getting impacted heavily by the nursing staff shortage throughout the country. The lack of nurses is seriously plaguing our healthcare system. Patients are the worse sufferers, and this also burdens doctors who rely on nurses for coordinating their day to day activities. 263 more words

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Essential Oils: Where to Start

Oh the taboo little bottles of oils that some swear by and some love to hate on. After years of using them for everything from cuts and burns, sicknesses, cleaning sprays, and everything in between, I feel well-equipped to guide you through the process today for: 497 more words