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Hero in the Making

A quote for our times? You be the judge.

Euripides apparently lived from 480 to 406 BC.
A tragedian playwright in Ancient Greece,
he has influenced drama into our modern times, 61 more words


Snow Day!

Woke up to snow this morning! So beautiful and completely unexpected (cause I didn’t check the weather).

Last week I wrote about slowing down. This week the universe answered with an invitation to just relax and drink tea, eat graham crackers and work from bed. 299 more words


Do I Need To Call The Police After A Car Wreck?

Car accidents happen suddenly without warning.

They often leave people confused and unsure of what to do first.

This leads to some very common questions following vehicle accidents, even a minor car accident. 142 more words


Seasonal Things To Do During Autumn

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! How have you been?

The darker evenings have arrived, and the orange vibrancy of leaves surround us as they fall from the trees to the ground. 400 more words

4 Simple Ways To Be More Sustainable

As I get older, I am starting to truly understand the importance of living a more sustainable life. This Earth is so beautiful and as it’s inhabitants, we have the responsibility of keeping it healthy and pure. 534 more words


TWENTY: Say Noes to Squashed Toes

I never used to enjoy peer pressure. But then my friends got me into it

Albert Einstein (probably)(not)

My psychologist asked only one thing of me when we first started our sessions together.

1,076 more words

386: What the Current Data Says About Viral Risk, Immune Function, and Herd Immunity With Dr. Chris Masterjohn PhD

This episode has been a long time coming, but I knew it was important to make sure we had reliable data available first! Now that some studies have come out, it’s time for a deep dive into COVID and who better to walk us through it than one of the researchers I highly, highly respect … 27 more words