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How are the dead raised up?

How are the dead raised up?
And with what body do they come?

Damian Walford Davies, Witch (Clemence Addy)

Author: Damian Walford Davies (Welsh)

Title: Witch

First Published: 2012


Poem: Fragments From a Welsh Cottage

Mist communes with a pine-covered mountain,
A snail shell hung, just-so, on branching wisteria,
Clinging to the door frame of a hill-hidden Welsh
Cottage, swaddled in the fleeces of trees and… 175 more words

Poem: The Ballad of the River Usk


Wild demons are abroad tonight,

Feasting upon the absence of light,

Lurching, and twisting, and pulling wry faces,

Seizing the energy your fear displaces… 669 more words

Poem: Cardiff Central - A Poet's Journey


Cardiff – you have soothed and slayed me;

I need only inhabit you for the space of five

Minutes to assure myself that the madness… 1,314 more words