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Pa Beth yw Dyn? (What is Man?) by Waldo Williams (poem)

Today I thought I would suspend my usual Friday post of the countdown of the 100 greatest songwriters as determined by Rolling Stone Magazine and post, instead, a poem by one of my favourite Welsh-language poets – Waldo Williams. 1,299 more words


R.A.R.A. Returns To The Mackintosh Sports Club, Cardiff...11/01/2016...with pics by Paula Hughes

January came, as it does every year, and brought with it the first 2016

Co-hosted for the second time by…

Fran Smith and Bridget Leggy Tanner! 229 more words

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Taliesin, from The Mabinogion

And Caridwen put Gwion Bach, the son of Gwreang of Llanfair in Caereinion, Powys, to stir the cauldron, and a blind man named Morda to kindle the fire beneath it, and she charged them that they should not suffer it to cease boiling for the space of a year and a day. 748 more words


secret santa sonnet

Struggle does a crow against the dark winds,
Cry’s loud lonely and shrill for new murder,
Fighting its fury not unlike mankind’s,
Intelligent oily slick tree lurker. 67 more words


All Hallow

Hallowed be thy name

the name replacing

the retail obsession

of the last half century

they fitted me with baskets

instead of hands

at the end of telescopic arms/ATMs… 53 more words

Anglo-Welsh Poetry

Llym Awel, Improvisations on verse 11

LLYM AWEL verse 11( part 1)

Eurtirn am corn, cirn am cluir;
Oer llyri, lluchedic auir;
Bir diwedit, blaen gvit gvir.

“Gold rims about the horn, the horn around the company; 138 more words

Day 309: Photography & Poetry

I just can’t get over you
I try and try to forget
But your smile brings me back
Every single time

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