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Screen | Wenatchee, WA | 2013

Our south-facing office window had a permanent screen that blotted out bright sun. At quitting time, we’d sit at our desks staring at a blurred cityscape. 97 more words


These Rottweiler puppies are weeks old and growing!



Shadows | Wenatchee, WA | 2013

Waiting outside J.C. Penney’s, I watched leaf shadow creep eastward along a wall as the sun tip-toed west. This juncture of cosmic and earthbound (sun, tree, building) hinted that I, too, might 52 more words


Nomad On The Move Again

For someone who despises routine, I apparently do have one that includes packing, moving and unpacking. And it seems to be done on quite a regular basis. 392 more words

Appreciating Local Landscapes

Sometimes as I scroll through my Instagram feed, I find it difficult not to be at least a little envious of the people who are visiting famous locations. 504 more words



Rolls | Wenatchee, WA | 2013

I wandered down the office hallway to find a cluster of galaxies spiraling across the break room table. Homemade sweet rolls, each one a whirl of flavor, a full pan baked with care by someone who … well, I never got their name, just their irresistible offering. 47 more words



Empty | Wenatchee, WA | 2013

The convention ends, the bustle wanes, and the tables are cleared of registration forms and brochures. I relish the contrast from before — the crowds, clamor and confusion — and delight in 61 more words