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Interesting Facts That You Probably don’t Know About Vladimir Putin!

​Vladimir Putin, being the most powerful man in the world. He has been the Prime minister and the 2nd and 4th President of Russia. He has seen both the good and bad times from poverty and helplessness to fortune and power, everything has met him. 7 more words

Donald Trump's secret weapon: It Was Wendi Wot Won It!

How Wendi Deng Murdoch influenced the course of the US election. An unhappy intersection with Panama Papers

In the fading fruit bowl of global media memes, Wendi Deng Murdoch is the perfect peach—the story so eternally delicious that if she didn’t exist we would have to make her up. 2,272 more words

The Chinese owner of Grindr is paying his wife $1.1 billion in a divorce settlement

Zhou Yahui, a Chinese billionaire who purchased a controlling stake in gay dating app Grindr, is paying his wife Li Qiong $1.1 billion in one of China’s costliest divorce settlements ever. 252 more words

How Wendi Deng, Ex-Wife of Rupert Murdoch, Reunited Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

I’ve said this before on no less a breaking news site than my own Facebook page, but I am genuinely convinced, to the bottom of my soul, that Wendi Deng is the most terrifying woman on the planet. 245 more words


VICE Fiction: When Wendi Met Vlad

Illustration by Dan Evans.

As the sun descends on the city of London, Wendi Deng wakes up. Rolling to one side, her eyes adjust to the fading orange light spilling into the luxury hotel suite atop The Shard. 1,522 more words


Wendi Deng with Putin? She’s taking on Rupert Murdoch in a romantic arms race | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

Three weeks after the media mogul married Jerry Hall, his ex is spotted holidaying in the Caribbean on a Russian yacht. It’s better than Dynasty… 21 more words


Wendi Deng dating Vladimir Putin, Us Weekly claims

Two weeks ago Rupert Murdoch’s ex wife No.3 Wendi Deng was arm-in-arm with hunky violinist Charlie Siem, 17 years her junior who also dabbles in a bit of underwear modelling. 9 more words