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5/3/1 Week1, Day1

Bench Day

  • Set #1: 135×5
  • Set #2: 160×5
  • Set#3: 180×8 (5+)

Did no assistance work today.



I want to be strong and in shape. I have some reasonable fitness goals that I think I can reach in about a year. I have given myself a year because I want to add strength and mass slowly. 97 more words


Training Update

Well I’m midway through my third 5/3/1 cycle for this deployment. I am still following the “Blood and Chalk” supplemental lifts with some modifications. I did pull 335×1 yesterday so I will probably bump my deadlift training max up, because there’s big gap between my current max of 280, and 335. 308 more words

Working Out

If you're lacking motivation

Check this out.

PS: More content will be posted in the near future.

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Cycle 2 down

A lot more to go.

I finished the second cycle of 5/3/1 Blood and Chalk yesterday and I like it, with a few tweaks. First, my training maxes for this cycle were as follows: 612 more words

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5/3/1 Cycle 2

3 weeks down, a lifetime to go

Well I have finished my first cycle of what I’m calling 5/3/1 Blood and Chalk. It was great. 228 more words

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Row, row, row your... pain?

Program ADD? A little..

I still haven’t really perfected a cardio program to compliment 5/3/1 Blood and Chalk lifting programming I’m currently following. The flavor of the last couple of cardio sessions is short, intense runs and whatever the… 192 more words

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