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Friday 15th May


Deadlift (Wendler) +5-10kg to your 1rm

1×3 @70%

1×3 @80%



For Time


Butterfly Sit ups

KB Swings 24/16 (upscale to 32/24)

Daily WOD

My Limited Experience With Rep Ranges

It’s been a little over a week on the new workout plan, better known as “out-train a crappy diet”, and a couple changes have become apparent. 447 more words

Wednesday 6th May

Deadlift (wendler) – Add 5-10Kg to your original 1rm
1×5@ 65%
1×5@ 75%
1×5+@ 85%

Snatch Complex @85%
Snatch Pull – Hang High Pull – Hang Snatch… 11 more words

Daily WOD

Not long left! 28/04/15

So I’ve not updated for a few days.

I’ve started a new training routine, Wendler 531. I used this last year with good results.
I’ve upped my calories to 2400 per day, around 300g carbs, 180g protein and 55g fat. 81 more words

The Cube Method - Cycle 2: Wave 2: Week 6: Heavy Squats

The Workout

I may not have mentioned this before but after this cycle of the Cube, I won’t be running it the same. I wont actually be running the Cube Kingpin anymore, instead it’ll be a sort of mix of elements that have worked for me. 481 more words


Getting to crunch time.

week 2 of the peak cycle for comp. Really trying to bust out as many reps as possible because time is ticking on and I’m getting a bit worried about my numbers. 346 more words


Wednesday 8th April


Deadlift (wendler)
1×5 @65%
1×5 @75%
1×5+ @85%


EMOM -6min
1 Clean pull (same weight as Monday/80%)
1 Hang Power clean
2 Split jerks… 8 more words

Daily WOD