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Minimalist Lifting, Week 2 Training Log

I am about halfway through my second week on a more minimal lifting program.  Here are some thoughts and observations.

If you read about the Wendler 5/3/1 program online, you will see that each day has you do 3 sets of the main lift. 633 more words

Habit Cultivation

Training Strategy For The Competition

Training Reflections

For the last few months leading up to the competition I had to make a decision about my training. Should I use the HST approach that had so faithfully bought me this far with its slow but constant progression model, or opt for a program that uses similar training principles, but with a little more “intensity”. 913 more words

Contest Prep

NeanderThin/Paleo Effect...

It’s over four weeks since I switched to a caveman style diet. I started out very low carb and found workouts more difficult so added in a few root vegetables. 128 more words

Why it makes sense to OHP before you Bench

There’s something very important that I’ve learned about doing multiple compound lifts in a single day: it’s that, while strength preservation and muscular endurance are important, how you tackle the order of those lifts are almost equally crucial. 474 more words


End of Cycle 1

That’s Cycle 1 complete! Felt like a fraud after the deload week, not much done, but I guess that’s the point. Looking forward to next week when I begin Cycle 2! 257 more words

11-18-2015 Press

Elbow still making heavy loads a pain in the ass.  I think I see a plateau on the horizon.

Cycle 2, Week 2 (3×3)

Warm Up… 22 more words

Training Log

11-10-2015 Press

Pretty rough morning.  I always hate coming back from a deload because I feel underpowered.  The numbers definitely bear that out.

Additionally, a pissed off elbow prevented me from doing any dips.  35 more words

Training Log