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Tuesday - 150818

You guys did an AWESOME job!!! Last week, we set the bar pretty high. I did a little math and thought that 2000 lbs was aggressive, but it just seemed too perfect. 167 more words

Daily WOD

The Weighting Game.

There’s this fleeting moment at 0 Dark Hundred between dream state and near wakefulness when I feel like I have ALL THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING and the most creative solutions to every problem my mind is still ticking over even in unconsciousness. 864 more words


Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

It’s finally time to put on some mass. As of now (early August) I will be starting my bulk. After a somewhat successful cut, I truly believe that I’m lean enough to start a legitimate lean bulk. 307 more words


Still working it!

Long time no see.

I’m loving the wendler system more and more each workout.
Having a plan when getting to the gym is golden for me. 99 more words

Friday, funday.

Deadlift. First week of the wendler 5/3/1.
Last set was 155kg x5+. Managed 7 reps, felt too heavy.
I guess I haven’t gotten used to the new barbells or the new gym yet. 77 more words

Friday 15th May


Deadlift (Wendler) +5-10kg to your 1rm

1×3 @70%

1×3 @80%



For Time


Butterfly Sit ups

KB Swings 24/16 (upscale to 32/24)

Daily WOD

My Limited Experience With Rep Ranges

It’s been a little over a week on the new workout plan, better known as “out-train a crappy diet”, and a couple changes have become apparent. 447 more words