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Open Gym, Wendler 531


Row 1500m


Strict Press:

5 @ 35# (warm-up set)

2 x 5 @ 40# (warm-up sets) 152 more words

Daily Workouts

First Day Back - Work in Progress 

After the best part of a month spent consuming far too much food and copious amounts of alcohol on holiday, and not being able to workout, I had a spare 45 minutes whereupon I decided to reacquaint myself with the gym. 425 more words

Wendler's Building The Monolith - Day 1

It’s the “off-season” and that means it’s time to gain some size!

I’ve been using Wendler’s 531 for the past 6 weeks and have had some nice strength gains, but it’s time to ramp it up and start some serious hypertrophy training and eating. 591 more words


5/3/1 Week1, Day1

Bench Day

  • Set #1: 135×5
  • Set #2: 160×5
  • Set#3: 180×8 (5+)

Did no assistance work today.



I want to be strong and in shape. I have some reasonable fitness goals that I think I can reach in about a year. I have given myself a year because I want to add strength and mass slowly. 97 more words


Training Update

Well I’m midway through my third 5/3/1 cycle for this deployment. I am still following the “Blood and Chalk” supplemental lifts with some modifications. I did pull 335×1 yesterday so I will probably bump my deadlift training max up, because there’s big gap between my current max of 280, and 335. 308 more words

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