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Don't Be Late.


Monday Mash up: Last week I was asked to make a bridal shower invitation for a friend. I used what I had made and turned it into my mash up. 27 more words

Monday Mashup

Darling Liddell Lost Girls

Long ago, a girl named Alice Liddell told Charles Dodgson about a far off fantasy land of endless tea parties and singing flowers. Not long later, Alice found herself falling down a rabbit hole and winding up in Wonderland. 438 more words

Alice Liddell

Peter Pan--J.M. Barrie

I think I’m Captain Hook.

I was very excited to finally reach this book on my shelf, it has been a long time coming. But then something happened where, as a self-proclaimed child and fancifier of ridiculousness, I’m embarrassed to admit: 400 more words


I Read It First: Peter Pan

Those raised on the Disney canon (like myself) are already familiar with the basic jist of this story, but you are missing out on SO MUCH. 488 more words


Disney Reviews | Peter Pan (1953) ★★★★☆

Based on the classic play ‘Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’ by J.M Barrie, Disney’s Peter Pan begins in 1900’s London as Wendy Darling’s father informs her that the time has come for her to grow up and leave the family nursery. 945 more words

Movie Reviews

Peter Pan Syndrome

According to Urban Dictionary, the word “manolescent” is a noun and describes a “man of any age who shirks adult responsibilities.” Peter Pan Syndrome occurs when a male or female does not grow emotionally. 967 more words