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Stars (Wendy Darling, #1) by Colleen Oakes

Received from NetGalley for review.

Stars, the first book in a new series about the infamous Wendy Darling and Peter Pan, is a reimagined… 504 more words

Stars (Wendy Darling #1), by Colleen Oakes

This one sparked so much emotion in me that I have to explain with spoilers. Highlight with your cursor if you want to read them. 895 more words

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New release - Edison's Children: Somewhere Between Here and There

“Somewhere Between Here and There” is the third studio album by Edison’s Children, follow-up of the 2013’s “The Final Breath Before November…” Edison’s Children is progressive rock band formed in 2006, during the Marillion “Los Trios Marillos” tour, by Pete Trewavas of Marillion and Transatlantic and Eric Blackwood. 49 more words

The Danger of Losing Novel Threads

I find it very easy to come up with new novel ideas for blog posts/short stories and typically follow up promptly while the seed is germinating in my mind. 568 more words


Another Progress Report for Wendy - With Pictures!

Happy Wednesday, crafters!

I had hoped to have the first New Stitch Wednesday video tutorial up this week, but it’s been a tad busy at home. 47 more words


Tiger Lily Is No Wendy, Darling

Jodi Lynn Anderson’s Tiger Lily is Neverland reimagined: in Anderson’s novel, not all pirates are bad, not all Darlings are good, and Peter Pan isn’t always brave. 187 more words


Don't Be Late.


Monday Mash up: Last week I was asked to make a bridal shower invitation for a friend. I used what I had made and turned it into my mash up. 27 more words

Monday Mashup