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The Danger of Losing Novel Threads

I find it very easy to come up with new novel ideas for blog posts/short stories and typically follow up promptly while the seed is germinating in my mind. 568 more words


Another Progress Report for Wendy - With Pictures!

Happy Wednesday, crafters!

I had hoped to have the first New Stitch Wednesday video tutorial up this week, but it’s been a tad busy at home. 47 more words


Tiger Lily Is No Wendy, Darling

Jodi Lynn Anderson’s Tiger Lily is Neverland reimagined: in Anderson’s novel, not all pirates are bad, not all Darlings are good, and Peter Pan isn’t always brave. 187 more words


Don't Be Late.


Monday Mash up: Last week I was asked to make a bridal shower invitation for a friend. I used what I had made and turned it into my mash up. 27 more words

Monday Mashup

Darling Liddell Lost Girls

Long ago, a girl named Alice Liddell told Charles Dodgson about a far off fantasy land of endless tea parties and singing flowers. Not long later, Alice found herself falling down a rabbit hole and winding up in Wonderland. 438 more words

Alice Liddell

Peter Pan--J.M. Barrie

I think I’m Captain Hook.

I was very excited to finally reach this book on my shelf, it has been a long time coming. But then something happened where, as a self-proclaimed child and fancifier of ridiculousness, I’m embarrassed to admit: 400 more words