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How You Dewwin?

Weather you’ve had the opportunity to watch her show or not, I’m sure you’ve all hear of TV show host Wendy Williams  (wearing wigs, 5″11 wo-MEN). 170 more words


Childhood boyfriend: Peter Pan

When I was still a babe in the woods, I dreamt of going to Neverland to play with the Lost Boys, fly with Tink and exchange bed time stories with Peter Pan. 427 more words

Bed Time Stories

I Am A Transplanted Tree: What "coming home" is really like

I do not know what “coming home” means anymore. I step off the airplane, that wormhole between one world and another, and suddenly I am in a space where I haven’t been in 4 years. 528 more words


Heyo Kakak~

Setelah akun rp kedisable dan bikin baru, Note FF Life series ngilang 256 more words

Choi Minho

The thing is…he’s just like Peter Pan—the one who doesn’t want to grow up and is very afraid to. And maybe, I don’t want to be his Wendy anymore; for Peter Pan is still a boy and Wendy needs a man—someone who can look after her and not some boy who’s still busy looking for treasures, fighting with swords and looking for never-ending adventures.

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