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"Hack" Facebook account from Android ?

It’s possible and explained here: today I’m gonna show you how to “hack” a Facebook (or many others social networks) account from your Android device !! 183 more words

Penetration Testing

Wi-Fi security software chokes on network names, opens potential hole for hackers

A bug has just been announced in an open source program called wpa_supplicant.

Many of us use this program on a regular basis, often without even realising it. 810 more words


Tampering with US voting machine as easy as 'abcde', says Virginia report

Until Tuesday, the state of Virginia was using what one expert dubbed the “worst voting machine in the US” – one with security so appalling that all it would take to compromise it would be a laptop with a wireless card and some free software. 945 more words


How secure is your Wi-Fi? 3 things small businesses need to know

If you don’t have a wireless network in your business, you might as well be in the dark ages – or that’s what your employees, customers and guests will tell you. 1,038 more words


Exploit used in Hacking WEP

Wired Equivalent Privacy, (frequently mistakenly called Wireless Encryption Protocol) was invented to do exactly what its name suggested, provide wireless access to the internet with the same amount of privacy that a wired connection offered. 582 more words


Cracking the WEP Encryption in 5 steps

This is a tutorial on hacking the WEP key using the aircrack-ng suite on KALI LINUX.


  1. .Open the terminal and type your first command.  
  2. 291 more words

Winter is Melting Away. . .

I refrained from posting too many photos of our winter activities – especially the beautiful snow – knowing that they could continue for much longer and I might end up taking prettier pictures after I had already posted so many.   162 more words