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Feminism and gender equality seems to be receiving a lot of coverage within mainstream media lately, rightly so. With the rise of social media and celebrity culture over the last decade and especially within the last few years a new platform has provided the opportunity for many to communicate a message in a totally new way and introduce this way of thinking, though how it isn’t just called common sense in a totally different story, to a new & widespread audience.

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CWNA Summary Notes: Legacy 802.11 Security | Static WEP Encryption

Static WEP Encryption

This is a layer 2 encryption method using RC4 streaming cipher.

Main goals of WEP Encryption were:


Women's Equality Party held first ever fundraiser in London

On Tuesday 9 June 2015, I attended the first ever Women’s Equality Party fundraiser at The Conway Hall in London. I had plans to go with two friends but for various reasons which occur when you’re ambitious, hardworking and busy women; it turned out that I would be going on my own when the evening arrived. 1,089 more words

CWNA Summary Notes: Legacy 802.11 Security | Legacy Authentication

Legacy Authentication

Legacy authentication methods were more of an authentication of capability (verification between two devices that they were valid 802.11 devices) and not so much an authentication of user identity. 486 more words

CCNP Wireless

HACK: WEP Wireless Network

I am very well aware that finding a wireless network with WEP authentication is impossible these days. But believe me some people still use that. This tutorial is about breaking a WEP wireless network but this approach could be used to break WPA2 authentication as well ( Obviously with little more efforts ). 329 more words

Security Updates

"Hack" Facebook account from Android ?

It’s possible and explained here: today I’m gonna show you how to “hack” a Facebook (or many others social networks) account from your Android device !! 183 more words

Penetration Testing

Wi-Fi security software chokes on network names, opens potential hole for hackers

A bug has just been announced in an open source program called wpa_supplicant.

Many of us use this program on a regular basis, often without even realising it. 810 more words