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Opener of Ways

New in my Etsy shop.

A devotional necklace in honor of Wepwawet, the Opener of Ways in the Kemetic (Egyptian) pantheon.

A golden antique style key, on a gold bail, is the centerpiece for this necklace. 150 more words


A Prayer. 

A prayer I wrote to my gods recently, as I commuted to my internship site. Feel free to adapt for your own use with your own gods and ancestors. 94 more words



After eight years of knowing my gods I feel like I’m starting over.

I feel like I had reached a certain place with Them, where I knew my work and They knew that I would do that work and we were all on the same page. 332 more words

Sobeq's Story

Anubis Cuteness

I found this recently–I love Stick Gods and so finding ones I haven’t seen before is like my birthday coming early. When Anubis introduced me to Wepwawet, it was as his brother (I’m absolutely not in the camp that thinks they’re the same Person) and my understanding is that Anubis is the older sibling. 42 more words


Music Monday: August 17

Today is a special day, so today’s Music Monday is a very special song: “Spit the Dark”, by Empires. I’ve probably already posted this, but this song is very special to my relationship with Wepwawet and since it’s a special day, it gets shared again.