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Wepwawet Hymnal

I have been granted the final permissions  I need to publish the Wepwawet hymnal!  I will send the book, Lord of Strength and Power: Ancient Hymns for Wepwawet… 27 more words


Not Alone

Not Alone

by JewelofAset

You are scared

You are all scared.

We know this.

So this is what you do:

First of all,

what can  you do? 112 more words


Nebet Het's Rage, Nebet Het's Pormi

Nebet Het’s Rage, Nebet  Het’s Promise

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

I am the Hidden One

I am She Who is Hidden,

I am Nebet Het… 364 more words


Seasons and Gods

My gods seem to have an arrangement. In the summer, when the air is thick and humid and the sun is an unforgettable presence in the sky, my Mother comes forward. 191 more words



So, as of now, I have published four books in 2016!  (Go to My Books Page for more information).

Here is a list of my future non-fiction projects. 179 more words


Appeal to the Gate-keeper Gods

I wrote last month about how I was thinking about adopting P. Sufanas Virius Lupus’s idea of using prayers to Wepwawet, Hekate, and Janus at the beginning of rituals to open the way for the other Deities being honored and to protected to sacred space. 344 more words

Return to the Priesthood

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Nekhen Ib Imau-sen has reopened in service to Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut. I have returned to w’ab priesthood now that my internships are done, and I look forward to continuing to serve and honor the gods. :)