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We’re back, sir. Who? The people with incredibly high standards who are still unaccountably food reviewers...

Hold onto your horses.

We’re gearing up to reignite our blog.

We’ve been gone a while.

A very long while.

And although we promised to report on part 2 of mother’s birthday some lazy 2 or so years ago, we’ve decided we’ve had enough fun in the sun and we’re truly committed to sharing our deepest and darkest thoughts with you. 48 more words


The Monday Catchup

Wow! Amy Leech ’19 came back from her first semester with bangs and she thinks she is the shit.

The McBride resident wasn’t sure about taking the plunge and snipping off her locks. 224 more words


And we're back... (in the MUD again)

It’s been a long time! The holidays saw a lot of visitors at Jugtown so I’ve been laying low and hunkering down to avoid the lack of sunshine and brutal cold. 79 more words



We’re back HumanFriend …

despite the cold and stormy weather!

We know together we can make it home again!

– the Great Titmouse couple

How I Grew Into My Soap Dreams

Soap Dreams…….what is that? People have pipe dreams, so I felt I could have soap dreams. :) Have you ever had soap dreams? I bet if you haven’t, you may very well want to experience some soap dreams. 385 more words

We're Back

We're up and running

Hi everyone. We’ll be back on line beginning tomorrow. Just got power this afternoon – 3 p.m. Will try to catch up.


St. Johns

We're Back!

Welcome Back!

On behalf of the Clark University English Department, the Clark Writes Board of Editors would like to wish you all a successful Fall 2017 semester! 535 more words