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We're back.

We, the students of Seattle Central College, deserve better.

We have seen too many quiet injustices go unquestioned and unreported.  We have seen the costs of our educations increase while their quality decreases.  68 more words

New City Collegian

Product review: Prodos Games Amazon Riders

It’s no secret that I gave up on Games Workshop a while ago, with their constant re-doing of their codexes, the new edition of 40K dropping while I still hadn’t taken all of the previous edition’s pieces out of the box, and their just downright egregious pricing of the new plastic minis cemented the demise of GW for me. 1,249 more words

Guess Who's Back!?!

Hi all! I know it’s been very long since I last posted. I got busy and then kind of forgot about this great blog. :( It’s time to turn it back up to Volume 11! 74 more words


Sikbitz reboot!

I created SikBitz about 5/6 years ago as a way to share things that I enjoyed with the web.

It originally started on blogspot/blogger and about 3 years ago I transferred all the posts over to wordpress. 59 more words

The Past Year

Hello again!

I am very sorry for not updating! It turns out i had forgoten about my blog! But that does NOT mean i do not have a TUN of things to tell you! 67 more words

We're Back!

Back again and better than EVER!

Okay, maybe “better” is a relative term, but we are definitely back! So hello once again to the blogosphere — how you have been missed. Mostly, anyway. 603 more words


And, we're back!...

After a needed break to take care of other matters, we’re back online.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all new friends and thanks to all friends for your amazing support… Floods and fire, this side of the world, extraordinary snow falls, the other, wherever you may be, we hope that you are all safe and well and have a peaceful 2016.