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There's No Place Like Home.

Now, it may appear that I am on Facebook all day, well darlings there is such a thing as multitasking- that honey, is what I’m doing, multitasking. 878 more words

We're Not Alone.

Happy Birthday GUERRILLA GIRLS! 😘

Most of my email accounts, or which I have 3, and still don’t know why, or have I taken the time to downsize then to one. 223 more words

We're Not Alone.

Mhairi Black

I’m looking forward to Miss Black standing up to Cameron in parliament.

Miss Black

We're Not Alone.


It’s been a while mes cherie’s, and a bit quiet on the western front. Partly due to a couple of other projects, that I hope to share the details with at a later date, and partly due to being seemingly nothing new to report. 474 more words

We're Not Alone.

Jupiter Ascending

It may not have stunned critics and the box office but Jupiter Ascending was a fun movie in my humble opinion (and who doesn’t like looking at Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, Family Guy be damned). 497 more words