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Herzog Child

I often referred to The Child as “skeptical baby.” Not once in his life has he been easily amused. Whatever that baby age is when you smile at a kid and they smile back, we skipped that thing. 113 more words

The Look of Silence

‘The Look Of Silence’ Turns A Compassionate Eye To Victims Of An Indonesian Massacre

A scene from Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary “The Look of Silence.” (Courtesy Drafthouse Films and Participant Media) 1,224 more words


The Secret of the Loch

There are many Scottish historical figures that crop up in multiple films. Mary Queen of Scots, Robert Bruce, Macbeth, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Rob Roy MacGregor are fictionalised in more than one film. 95 more words

A Visual Diary of Stunning Ambient Films

Fandor Keyframe’s latest video tribute showcases the ambient sounds of David Lynch’s films. But these scenes of “buzzing light fixtures, inexplicable roars, and mechanical hisses” are usually paralleled by Lynch’s ambient… 1,487 more words


Joshua Oppenheimer Discusses 'The Look Of Silence,' His Gut-Wrenching Sequel To 'The Act Of Killing'

In The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer’s Oscar nominated documentary on the 1965 genocide in Indonesia, we meet the memorable Anwar Congo, the former gangster who boasts about the ways he murdered a thousand innocent men and women in Indonesia’s communist community. 2,730 more words


Queen of the Desert

It is something that you and your world will never understand. It’s their freedom. It’s their dignity. It’s their poetry of life.

Queen of the Desert impresses with remarkable pictures. 117 more words


LOCATION SCOUT, Part 1: I Get a Job with Blut Branson, the Dodge City Werner Herzog

DEAD BROKE, BORED, LOST IN MY HEAD, I finally decide, after months of stewing in my Room, to put myself out there. Make myself available to someone other than myself. 2,362 more words