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Herzog on Netflix

Werner Herzog is a legendary, innovative, original, and many would say, “Crazy!” German filmmaker. He is without a doubt one of the most prolific artists in the medium, having made more than fifty fiction and nonfiction features (often blurring the line between these distinctions), along with a couple dozen shorts. 461 more words

Current Events

Finding Altamira

I try to watch a film a day. When I can’t, I’ll go back to some recent ones.

What film or films did I see today? 485 more words

Moving pictures 2017, #13

The New Year’s resolution is still working. I seem to be averaging one US film per Moving pictures blog post. The films in this post were half-rented and half-owned, and two were rewatches (albeit one of them not since many years). 2,084 more words


"Nosferatu the Vampyre" (1979, dir. Werner Herzog)

Horror films are a difficult thing to peg down. They often are so sloppily put together and so cheap that they tend to be nothing more than C and B movies.  689 more words


Lo and Behold

Not Herzog’s best but certainly, as one would still expect, an insightful and elegant take highlighting some of the most disturbing and techno-ebullient aspects of this technology, a technology that surely marks  88 more words

Extended Mind

Serviceable sentences, 11/10,000

There’s something very sinister about LA that people don’t usually talk about.
—Ernie Brooks (as told to Legs McNeil), “Jonathan Richman: In Love with the Modern World… 25 more words


Stroszek (1977)

Dir. Werner Herzog
Premiered January 12, 1977

“So your car is kaput. And your girlfriend is gone. And thine house hey have sold.”

Stroszek, I can definitively say, is the first film that I have had to review which I truly don’t get. 361 more words