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Let's replace the street lamps with chandeliers.

If someone were to ask me right now what do you want to be when you grow up? I would say: “an artist.” I love art. 152 more words


Werner Reiterer's Fancy Street Art

Werner Reiterer of Austria created this incredible installation in 2006. Successfully mixing fantasy within our reality, Werner truly makes spectators stop in their track. He “evolves on the edge of nonsensical” … 34 more words


Guerilla Art

I happen to be in love with using things in unexpected ways and settings.  Cue Werner Reiterer who has been putting up chandeliers in public spaces, I mean how cool is that?! 66 more words


Schmerzensmann (Man of Suffering) (UPDATE met filmpje)

Niet normaal

Berlinde de Bruyckere, J.L. (Installation view), 2006.

Donald Rodney, In the House of my Father, 1996-97

Werner Reiterer, geen titel, 2005

T/m vandaag vond in de Beurs van Berlage te Amsterdam een grote, publieksgerichte kunstmanifestatie plaats, getiteld: Niet Normaal. 28 more words


Werner Reiterer - Exhibition

EXHIBITION – artist: Werner Reiterer, location: Nicolas Krupp Galerie Basel, date: 08.05.09 / current exhibitions at: Nicolas Krupp Galerie Basel 2008. Artistinformation and biography-text from: Werner Reiterer Nicolas Krupp Galerie Basel 35 more words