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Top 5 Cosy Movies

Its all well and good being a cinema intellectual, don’t get me wrong – I’d love to be one myself. Spending every waking minute of the day writing reviews and discussing directorial decisions and the dramatic effect of certain camera angles and watching nothing but gritty, dystopian thrillers that make your brain hurt, but sometimes people like me want to watch good films as well. 903 more words

Roald Dahl, Borges Style

This is an attempt to write in the style of Jorge Luis Borges, which if you haven’t read his work or ever heard of him, please do! 580 more words



My first Wes Anderson movie was The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was nothing like I’d ever watched. His style was totally different, he didn’t conform to the usual standards of Hollywood. 117 more words



Rushmore Pool Scene, How Wes Anderson Uses Mis en scene and Camera Shots to Convey a False Reality

I have chosen to analyse a scene from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. 1,462 more words

Film Studies

Wes Anderson // From Above

From Above from kogonada on Vimeo

Writer and director Wes Anderson might have the most distinctive style of filmmaking in the industry today. He was the creative force behind movies like Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom. 31 more words


Mise-en-Scène Analysis: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a 2014 comedy/drama film written and directed by Wes Anderson.

From the get-go, the audience is made aware that the scene they are witnessing taking place is one of a funeral and there are several things indicative of this; the woeful dirge coupled with the dark, artificial lighting sets a solemn mood of death in the air and the crowd’s equally as dark attire only further propels this. 737 more words