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Genetics & HUWE1 Update

We just had another meeting with the genetics department in regards to the microarray and Exome Sequencing (WES) tests.

The WES test showed that there were minor flags in regards to the HUWE1 gene but nothing concrete. 324 more words

Global Developmental Delay

List of documents and things required POST ITA

If you are expecting an ITA (invitation to apply) in the next draw, it is better to plan now itself for all the required things. Prepare the following documents. 499 more words

Lottie: Tomorrow’s Engineer

By Emma Kent

Last week (6 – 10 November 2017) was Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is designed to help address the fact that 186,000 people with engineering skills will be needed, annually, through to 2024, so we need to do something major to inspire the next generation of engineers. 494 more words


I created a world for us in my mind and this is the background music, looping for all of eternity. It’s easy, come easy, leave easy. What devil tempts you thus?


Scalable whole-exome sequencing of cell-free DNA reveals high concordance with metastatic tumors

“software that quantifies tumor content in cfDNA from 0.1× coverage whole-genome sequencing data without prior knowledge of tumor mutations. 24 more words

The Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack Is Good Work Music

(Source: lifehacker.com)

Stranger Things

For a horror soundtrack, Stranger Things 2 feels very… productive. The rhythmic synths don’t evoke a Lovecraftian monster so much as a gently churning supercomputer. 121 more words


Subclonal Evolution of Resistant Cancer Phenotypes

Combating subclonal evolution of resistant cancer phenotypes

“track the genetic and phenotypic subclonal evolution of four breast cancers through years of treatment to better understand how breast cancers become drug-resistant. 44 more words