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Review // Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s oeuvre is a genre unto itself, with the name of the director serving as a shorthand for an accessible mode of twenty-first century auteur filmmaking. 918 more words


April starts with a whimper - NO JAM SESSION ON EASTER SUNDAY good lord!

I walked in to the Gold Street Gossip shop, bang on time, to be greeted by a fine selection of old friends – Marg and Mark Allen brung along a table or two, Steve Bray setting up his drums, Land lord Glen in jovial mood and a bunch of regular musos. 320 more words

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Windsor Elementary students show off their scientific skills

Recently, students at Windsor Elementary School showed their scientific skills at the school’s annual Science Fair on February 27. Students prepared displays showing how they completed a scientific process. 35 more words

Windsor Elementary School

Childhood Cancer Genomes

The landscape of genomic alterations across childhood cancers

“a pan-cancer cohort including 961 tumours from children, adolescents, and young adults, comprising 24 distinct molecular types of cancer.” 90 more words

Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton - Say Something Lyrics

Mhmm, yeah, alright

Everyone knows all about my direction
And in my heart somewhere I wanna go there
Still, I don’t go there

Everybody says, “say something that says something… 390 more words


Dearly Drivers of Breast Cancer Mets

Integrated RNA and DNA sequencing reveals early drivers of metastatic breast cancer

“matched primary and metastatic breast cancers from 16 individuals and performed RNA-seq and DNA whole-exome sequencing on the primary tumor, 67 matched metastases (2–7 per patient), and a matched normal tissue comparator for each patient.” “predicted metastatic drivers by integrating known protein-protein networks with gene expression and DNA-seq data and the clonal evolution of metastasis within each patient.” “most genetic drivers were DNA copy number changes, the TP53 mutation was a recurrent founding mutation regardless of subtype, and that multiclonal seeding of metastases was frequent and occurred in multiple subtypes. 43 more words

3rd graders at Windsor Elementary get into the Olympic spirit

Third graders at Windsor Elementary School held their own Windsor Olympics to coincide with the 23rd Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

According to third grade teacher, Natalie Slaby, students and staff started with a parade of nations on Monday, February 12. 125 more words

Windsor Elementary School