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Happy Wesak Day!

Happy Wesak Day

We wish you all a happy Wesak Day. May this Wesak bring you peace & happiness.

Happy Wesak Day

Buddha's Word on Wesak Day

BUDDHA says to all Sentient Beings on this Auspicious day, “Human are not born into perfection but they are given a lifetime to learn. Just as the Vast Cosmoses are growing so shall all Sentient Beings, may they strive for growth and perfection. 50 more words

Wesak Day Celebration

Wesak Day or Buddha Day

A day observed traditionally by Buddhists to commemorates the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of  21 more words


Buddha's Birthday or Wesak Day

Last Tuesday in KL we celebrated Wesak Day or the Buddha’s birthday and it was brilliant to discover how cool this festival was!
It all starts in Brickfields where the largest Buddhist temple and association is, at the MahaVihara. 222 more words


Wesak day, candle-light procession

Every year, Sis & I will join the Wesak light procession.

We can enjoy the beauty of each float, how much effort and time that the devotees are taken to beautify and decorate the float. 344 more words


Is wishing "Happy Wesak" a display of misunderstanding the Buddha's message?

Well-meaning people all around the world are wishing their Buddhist friends and acquaintances a Happy Wesak.

The conventional wisdom is that Buddhists should be happy as they joyously celebrate the birthday, Enlightenment and death more than two millennia ago of one Siddharta Gautama, the “founder” of Buddhism. 408 more words

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