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105 Must See Films: King Of New York (1990)

Starring: Christopher Walken,

Director: Abel Ferrara

A drug dealing king pin is released from prison, and starts to take back his empire in New York, giving away a lot of the money to help the poor and keep an important hospital open. 291 more words

Expendables 3 World Premiere experience

As a kid I grew up watching action classics such as Rambo, Terminator and Predator and it’s safe to say Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenneger were two of my childhood heroes. 252 more words


My Latest Digital Painting: Expendables 3

After months of drawing, my reproduction is finally done. Read on to find out how I drew it. 382 more words

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Jeff Goldblum Will Star in Jurassic Park: Ark Encounter

Jeff Goldblum will play Bill Nye the Science Guy in the next Jurassic Park.  Based on Bill Nye’s recent visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, the film will tell an unbelievable story that pits two philosophically opposite men in an epic battle with dinosaurs.  117 more words


King Of New York (1990)

Crime lord Frank White is released from jail and sets about reclaiming the New York underworld and shaping it in his own image.

King Of New York can be seen very much as the Scarface of the 1990’s. 171 more words