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Wesley Snipes Working On New Blade Projects With Marvel

The first Blade recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Wesley Snipes who starred as the half-human half-vampire slayer helped to legitimize comic book movies. During a recent interview Snipes spoke about upcoming Blade Projects, how it could fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even a Blade 4. 309 more words


Wesley Snipes said Blade could be coming to the MCU!

Wesley Snipes Blade film is really what started the superhero film renaissance in 1997. When Warner Bros was making Batman revert back to comedy, Marvel went the opposite route taking an obscure horror comic book character and making him a household name. 259 more words

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That time Rogan almost fought Wesley Snipes.

Back in the day Wesley Snipes ran into some money trouble, some IRS trouble. Leading to a future plan of taking on Joe Rogan in a fight for some quick cash, and probably an ass whipping. 24 more words


BQB's Movie Reviews - Passenger 57 (1992)

Always bet on black, 3.5 readers.

I caught this blast from the past last night after not seeing it since I was a kid and it is amazing the things you notice as an adult. 981 more words


Reeling: Spike

This week: One of cinema’s biggest trailblazers has a new film out in UK cinemas this week. To celebrate, let’s look back on Spike Lee’s illustrious career. 1,386 more words

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