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Living la wet coast

Ahhh…the wet coast (aka west coast).  Today is a good day to use that description. When looking out the window to check the weather, my vision was blurred by the rain pounding towards me relentlessly.   214 more words

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hollywood Universal Studios

The organization I work for, Kaiser Permanente, gave all its employees an opportunity to experience Harry Potter World aka “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” before the grand opening. 248 more words


Beckoning Blues and the Wizard

The mesmerizing hue of blue was surreal, almost seemed like a blanket of a rich copper sulphate kachinpuram (indian silk) saree.  Nestled among the white speckled green hills it was beckoning us for a closer look.  350 more words

US National Park

Heading South?

Interesting what very different meanings the word “South” can have. Meaning in the sense of how it can make us feel depending on how it is used. 696 more words


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It's on my "to do" list to write a post in response to Daily Post One Word tag "South." Now I can check that off thanks once again to one of my favorite bloggers! Note that this post also contains a "funny" for my sort of weekly feature, Old Fart Friday. Look for it as you read these thoughts about the dual meaning of "Heading South." For me currently, South means the part of the US where I now live, in Tennessee. This state, however, is not in what we would call "the Deep South" for which I am forever grateful as otherwise I might be more openly attacked for my continuing support for Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular. I still want to head farther south from here on vacation sometime, as I've yet to dip my toes in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and see for myself the trendy Florida Gulf Coast beaches I've heard so much about since I moved out here from the West Coast.

Our Beer Notes Are Written In Hella Cool Moleskins: The Perfect Pour #150


Craft beer questions we ask ourselves this week: How do you manage your beer social media when you’re out with somebody that doesn’t care? Is craft beer in Target about to change? 129 more words

Craft Beer

Haying time at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

Billie Gilmar drives two teams sweeping hay with a Buck Rake at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch in the 1950s.  Larry Gilmar recently donated this framed photo to Parks Canada’s Ya Ha Tinda Ranch museum.